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JOICE MQF Apr 2017
why not to thinking about hope?
when the sun meets monday ,it seems so near and I just can't feel that it's working.
why not to thinking about comfort ?
Finally in home It seems to be everywhere but I'm never glad with nothing

Sometimes I just need to believe that there's a miracle or a trick.
or just keeping breathing on this rhythm could be enough
Why not think about effort ?
when the sun crashes down on my feet ,I've got everything and I always end with nothing
Why not to keep dreams?
When I'm on knees and I can’t barely breathe
I want everything but overcome this is enough
#panicattacks #deprresion #
JOICE MQF Apr 2017
Dancing with you
In silence, You should not be here.
Swinging to the left there is a light
Swinging to the right, there are shadows holding us so tight.
Under our feet is everything I dared to love,
That I dared to desire, is where I lost my sense of freedom.
Dancing with you in silence, You should not be here
Swallowing those words I could not say,
On the hourglass what falls is all the time I wasted in in vain, in second thoughts...
Turning and turning all the time I'm trying to gather my pieces
Above us ,I just can't see unless you keeping walking with me
JOICE MQF Dec 2016
No matter what happens inside or outside ,
my lonely dark heart will always follow you
as a homeless ghost
'cause inside it you're the silvery shine
even when there's no light to signal ,
Even in a way with no return.
Well for sure I'll hit the road to hell tonight
along the evil ways ,
along the corners of tomorrows and yesterdays
I’ll always meet you again
No matter how deep I'll sink this time
‘cause my mind is place where angels won’t overfly.
I said your name once to change this taste of bitterness
so can breath should be enough.
JOICE MQF Dec 2016
All corners of the house are haunted by old memories.
I lost control and the imaginary point of support .
All that's left was the silent,even the tears dried.
And the ghosts of what I might have been suffocates me late at night.
The worst days always pass slowly.
I won't be another face on the crowd.
I won’t be nothing at all
clinging with what I might have been 
I'm trying to get more lucky this time
I am trying to be stronger this time
I'm trying to have a little more of time
I'm waiting for the next moment . Not to die.
All is a dive in a black lake with no sirens singing .
I lost control again ,inside the the walls is not safe but out there it's not safe anyway.
All that's left was the need a little more sleep
fear of imminent future and how much more I’ll pay to get there

— The End —