He had given her nothing;
she was giving it back

If profound insight
or fresh perspective eludes you
say something commonly known

The so-called "lazy"
merely have the foresight
to rest before they get tired.

Am told that when The End comes
the dead will resurrect. This event could have
a far greater impact than most realize;
some of the deadest people I know
are still walking around.

My life is beer, cold pizza
and sad little affairs.
Had I been granted you
all would now be
transcendent elegance
rich red wine sips
amidst the sweet perfume
of countless white roses;
a continual and joyful tribute
to your angelic presence.

 Mar 17 Frank
Melissa S 

I don't need any flowers
the flowers will only die
All I want is beautiful words
Spoken from hearts melody
As if poured out of
Raindrops from the sky
Wet and weightless rinsing
Away all my pain
Permeating through my very skin
Leaving only sugary alphabet stains
Filling up a place inside me
that has long been desolate and dry
Leaving me no choice but to close my eyes
Take it all in and breathlessly sigh
Let all the honey notes wrap around my ears
Resonating only good thoughts
Calming away all my darkened fears
Whispering to me a symphony
of sound in such a beautiful hush
That when I finally do open my eyes
All I can do is blush

 Mar 17 Frank
Joel M Frye 

The silence of solitude
sings to me at night;
words whispered
for my ears only
while the house sleeps.
I draw from the well
of my self, and savor
each drop thirstily.
The starving beast within
gnaws at every fresh
crust of aloneness,
melted butter soothing
scalded hands,
until my rumbling gut
is sated, and is at peace
with itself and the world.

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