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Forge in me a life
That dies for every sin
But lives for every hope
As to a wreckage
Burned, mangled
And head bowed down
Then as to a beast of burden
At dawn watching
The break of light
When Master would ready
A day of grazing
Over hills
Through fields
Down edges
You measure days
With fire and shadow
Taking me in, a fool
And the traps I make for me
And making them as milestones
To assure me for the days
Because the horizon
Explodes as You see it
As Glory in You
p    i

 e      c       e

  s        o

       f      m  e

sheds petals
by every swish of wind

memories of life
tucked in the past
as time goes by

the petals fall
on a nearby river
calm but elegantly flowing

going away it seems
yet inspiring, yet reviving

the river marches away
with the pink petals
adorning the quiet march

somewhere memories
will go and stay there
but never gone
worlds converge in a papercup
come, come you on the tambourine
me on the harmonica
let's make music without the adjectives
let's live on the jingle-jangle of coins
tara na! this pavement
is our carnegie; metaphors
sans adverbs -- no illusions, no fantasies.
you and me and this street --
dancing like gypsies on a prairie
later tonight, while the moon watches over
we'll upstage the stars
with **** adverbs & adjectives
when we first met
i likened you to wine
intense, intoxicating
after years of marriage
you are now
like everyday rice
(i wanted to say caring, guiding, protective, devoted, kind, tender, gentle, affectionate, loving -- but they nowhere define rice)
white (****)
just some basic can't-live-without-you & never-gonna-leave-ya
irresistible (like rice) kind of love
slow cooked by fire
a clairvoyant sketches a gravedigger
retrieving a dead child
it was midnight inside his heart
and in the drawings
a limo hints at a tale
murmurs in the crevices of night
trying to find a way out of
or onward beyond
the cul-de-sac
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