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Why did Liz jilt the Frobe?

And why was I seated between them?

Was it because we all came from the same island?

What would Liz reveal?

And how would the Frobe disagree?

And if she gets too loud?

And he got too mad?

Like his sixth glass always promised?


I was wearing the comfortable shoes

Of any good savateuse
John MacAyeal Aug 22
Olive-drab dress, black
Gloves: a brief mambo, prelude
To her last heartbreak
John MacAyeal Aug 11
In and out of a
Patch of sunlight dragonflies
Flit, backs emblazoned
Woman holds sign that

Says "A Little Kindness Please"

I just stare ahead
John MacAyeal May 24
On the skywalk

I saw
Two men greet
Each other with smiles
On the crosswalk

I saw
A young man and young woman
Holding hands
On the sidewalk

I saw
An old man
Cradling a baby girl
On the boardwalk

I broke
From my pause
On the skywalk
John MacAyeal Mar 2019
The man in the red party hat
I don't know if I'm wearing a
Party hat that's red
Or a hat for a red party

Someone said
Throw him a hyphen

He caught it with his right hand
Tossed it up
Caught it with his left hand

He turned it upside down
He turned it around
He looked at its underside
Then twirled it and tapped it on his palm

Then he threw it back to us
And said
"I'll just see what happens."
John MacAyeal Mar 2019
Everyone was told to stay indoors

The fish were “humaning”

Baiting hooks with Xanax and ******

And other pharmaceuticals to help us get through the day

Working stiffs wanting a little surcease

Found themselves descending through water

To who knows what fate

As pets maybe?

But do we put trout in aquariums?

I made the decision

To stop hydrophobically cowering in my apartment

And set out

Forswearing all chemical crutches

Sad to see too many of my fellow **** sapiens

Getting wet against their will
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