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John Kuriakose Dec 2013
Thoroughfares! Lives! They meet as if by chance;
Starry lights, in legions, smile and smile all around;
The earth, beneath, exudes her summer thoughts;
Wheels smile and push themselves back and forth,
To the unknowns, to vanish, then to emerge again,
Creating unnumbered, fortuitous moments of joy!
John Kuriakose Nov 2013
Peace! God’s Peace upon you all! The Bishop blessed
The dyed-young congregation: dyed fathers ‘n mothers,
Grandpas ‘n grannies, great-grandpas and great-grannies.
The demons of decadence--Hair dye, ****** and Spirits –
Chuckled and giggled, crouching well under the pulpit.

Dyed gurus ‘n financiers, dyed lawyers, doctors n’ nurses,
****** entrepreneurs and ****** entertainers, dyed judges
Dyed ‘n spirited evangelists, priests and vergers on ******
Peace be upon thee all! Blessed the Bishop from the pulpit.
Now, the demons in the hiding iterated and reiterated it.

A Sunday spirited chat—all smiles! -- in the church portico:
The ******-dyed banker in later life smiled a dyed smile
At the elderly dyed mother of three; and she said: they say,
In spite of my age, you know, I look so young and pretty!
And the thick flanks under her chin jiggled in approbation.

The ****** great-grandpa said to the dyed Justice of spirits:
Milord, they say: “The stuff brings cancer;” Fools! Idiots!
“The gloves—the ******-like device—that’s our safety!”
“Milord! This trinity wizard, they bring a million crores
To the exchequer of this famished democracy, milord!”

“Milord! The nature lovers say, we wash billions of bottles
Of these magic stuffs into their rivers and the seas, milord!”
“They say we all-- dyed ****** men-- are sissies and doofuses!”
“Milord! Our tubby women dye young, lest they’d be labelled
Mammy, Granny, Grandma, Old Granny, the decrepit ‘n that!

Now, the dyed media reported: father mated with his daughter,
Mother with a teenager, grandpa with an infant; and Ministers,
MLAs, MPs—all spirits-******-dyed-- are in a ******* spree!
Now the Dark Trinity cried “Wow! In this world of ******,
The Kingdom, the Power and the Glory--all are ours! Amen!
John Kuriakose Nov 2013
The Red Sea! It lay like a distressed soul, unsettled, deserted and restless;
On its tile-paved shore, I leant against a lamp post, in the desert land;
Women in burkas busied themselves with their kids and picnic baskets;
While cats searched voraciously, among the rubble, for the left over bones.

On my left lay Sanaa, the once upon a time city of Shem, first-born of Noah,  
Whence Queen Sheba embarked in all majesty with gifts for King Solomon.    
And far, beyond the saltiest swelling Red, lay the darkly exploited continent.
Now, a warm gust of wind slogged its way into my lone distraught self.    

Tides heaved, flickered their wet tongues across the rubble, and licked me,
Then withdrew themselves tired, but again and again returned half-heartedly
With much salty tears and sweats of ******* and sufferings of bygone ages:  
The assorted agonies of the Mediterranean, the Indian and the Pacific deeps.

Through the dull splashes, waded to me, Moses and Aron and the Pharaoh;
They said: “Visitor, listen to the voices of the depths!” And I heard well
The abysmal rattle of chariots, wheels and bones, uncarbontestably ancient.
And in the splash of the Red, I scarily tasted the tears and blood of torments.

Then they cautioned me: “Beware of the pseudo-democrats and pseudo-reds:
The gunpowder brokers!” and quoted: “In this world, you’ll have troubles.”
And now, the Sea sounded: “Sorry my dear son, I’m here to bear all these.”
I sighed in pain, but the Sea, through the burning lamp posts, smiled at me.
John Kuriakose Nov 2013
On Nunday morning came at my door,
A Pharaoh  ant of Elephant size.
A   thorax, six legs, two antennae
A form well - shaped, flawless, textbook
With  perfect beginning, middle and end

Over and over I rubbed my eyes
The ant, it stood still at my door,
And bracing itself for all my wrath,
Annunciated at the highest of pitches
The nonsense of all my senses
John Kuriakose Nov 2013
“Please try these yellow glasses, sage.”
“Yes, things are now yellow,” says he.
“Now try these blue ones, you patriarch.”
“Oh, things are blue now,” cries the Pater.

“Then what color is the blue sky, you sages?”
“We don’t know, they say it’s not blue.”
“And then, the blue ocean? Really blue?
“Respect our wisdom, you idiot!” they yelled.

If color is no color, then Black is no black;
Then crow is no crow, and death is no birth.
‘Beauty is not truth, and truth no beauty’
Bodhi, mirror and void—all are just illusions!
John Kuriakose Nov 2013
Heed, you humans on this land of my making:
With trees you shall dwell in mutual amity,
And fairly barter with them CO2 for O2.
And I deliver you this command never to violate:
Go to sleep when the Sun descends and the Moon climbs;
The day you violate this law you will surely die.
John Kuriakose Nov 2013
A bird is not just a winged animal,
which’s red, yellow, green and that;
It peps up and paints the woods,
And it makes the branch a bough.

Then, it perches on the branch,
And wings well over the lake;
And it’s more than a forage,
It makes the lake more of a lake.

It chirps and twitters well too,
And rings out the joy of life;
And it’s more than a birdsong,
It’s the voice of the woods.

Hues, tones, form and sways,
Attitude, class and demeanor,
In all, it excels us all
And merits o’er this babble.
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