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John Gallant Apr 18
The pale frown
of this porcelain mask
is next to fire in a thespians cold kiln.

An actor bearing no striking match.

A fun house reflection
jailed between walls within the mirror.

This sideshow spoken in tongues
upstaged by the man quietly talking with his hands.

The pop of that whipping white flag
clips the loudspeakers amplitude
while failing to smother my keystroke punches.

Take that weak font face and move on.

That type no longer suits me!
John Gallant Apr 15
Two feet ahead
toe to ankle in line,
just twenty four inches...
plus or minus point nine.

My arm outstretched
sans a measuring tape,
zero air space between
no gap or gape.

Size thirteen's crushing a clod,
leaving prints sole deep
bending over the sod.

Dirt from the roots
caked in cross hatch treads.
Thirsty mosquito's
swarm 'round my head.

Holding still in a garden gnome pose
pant leg is wet
from the split leaking hose.

Two feet ahead
an upturned rakes tines
twenty four more inches
toe to ankle in line.
John Gallant Apr 13
Star glitter charges the air
pelting my corona
as I soar through the Pegasus's turbulence...
wing thrusts of the airborne steed
flinging meteor chips over me.

As the griffin swoops past Orion's belt above,
Poseidon thrusts his trident
through the gargantuan squid's tentacle
beneath the Caspian sea.

Medusa's serpent dread's are in a frenzied whip
as she wallops me with her flaming scepter.

Hercules chariot now racing me from
Pompeii as the volcano erupts,
filling the streets with molten lava
and blanketing the sky with smoke and ash.
John Gallant Apr 5
Geriatric despots regurgitate
fairy tales ad nauseam,
entombing pliable offspring to shrivel
just like their crypt keeper faces.
Pickling in the salty sweat of slaves
for self preservation.

Grifting spawn **** the coals
and squint for diamonds.
Their plastic faces may melt
lurking near the pit,
alongside neighbors roasting on the spit,
the fatty drippings fuel their warped drive.

Orphans swindled by shepherds;
obey without inquiry or summon
the ire of a charlatan!
John Gallant Nov 2021
Knotted work-boot laces diverted past
loop-holes clogged by Armani and Italian leather.
Minivans in traffic jams
on the limousine packed beltway...
workers scrounging for coins taking it's toll
as lawmakers are escorted 'round the booth.

Polishing marble floors scuffed by
lobbyists dragging heels in the capitol halls.
Unpaid lunch break doctor's visit...
out-of-pocket treatment leaving little dough
for evening bread, while freeloaders
eat cooked alive crustaceans and sip fizzy wine
after a toast to cutting the safety net.
John Gallant Oct 2021
Ah baloney
that's not abalone
stinks less than the
rank halitosis
I got from
eating this sausage.
Italian bologna
or mollusk snails
cost too many clams
for me to shell out.
John Gallant Oct 2021
Standing still and the compass dances,
a rattling needle and no north star...

clutching scoops of air... as if this
road-trip is held within a tightly clinched fist.

It's like a cyclone spun roulette crossroads
and it only stopped pointed at green lights.

At this roadhouse table tracing lines on a map,
this food is bland on buds without salt.
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