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22h · 48
He lays there
the blue burnt from his eyes there
and though the sun still shines there
his mind has moved on elsewhere.
1d · 67
Heating up
She was hot
it was steamy,
let's strip off
did she mean me?

then I woke and
it was clear to me
this was a dream
never meant to be.

aw *******.
1d · 94
Takes notes.
Trying to explain to myself
that the weekend is the time
to renew myself,
but I threw myself into it
as if there was no tomorrow,
but there was and now it's
2d · 53
Unit 9
what is it all for
when you have to struggle and be seen to be struggling just to keep in the struggle
and most of us have been there
trying to catch our breath
wondering if death is the only way out

but we have risen beyond that constant stream
found dreams that we believe in
and they could be as simple as
breathing deeply and
letting things go.

what is it all for
what does it teach us?
that life's not a picnic
not a parade in the park,

I'm still in the dark
but the answer is somewhere
between catching my breath
and ******* in air,

just waiting to be found.
2d · 161
Still editing
..and so
I wrote it out as poetry
the way
that she would love me...
He was so happy she
got rid of that ******
to the point
3d · 211
All there
Nothing dropped off in the night
I checked myself in the mirror

nothing dropped off in the night

you may laugh
but at a certain age
one has to check
just to be sure.
4d · 49
Memory error
I really did try
but it still came out
as Fryday
and probably because
it's already sizzling
out there

everything is slow
even the taps won't run
the water barely crawls out
this is not fun.
What about the next time and the time after the next time,
it's wearing thin like old Hubbard in the nursery rhyme,
and yet
only the dogs prosper throwing you the occasional bone

I'm going home
had my fill
going to choose
between the blue and red pill

or I'll end up choosing whiskey to wash me

upping sticks is one of those disappearing tricks
and I am famous for those,
moonlight flits,
them too.

too hot to argue and
and I'm too old to care.
Oh Jeez,
when you realise that Joseph and Mary
were just the new age, Adam and Eve.

someone must have whispered to God Almighty,
get rid of the original sin or Heaven will be empty
because we'll let nobody in.
5d · 87
Tilt #2
Global warming is
doing my head in
ruining the bedding
as I sweat through
the nights
6d · 76
Death by toxins
We all need to carry anti-venom
because some people are poison.

that could be the title but it's not
it's just one of the thoughts that rot my brain,
same again bartender,
alcohol's another.

you're ****** if you do and
****** if you don't
and some people won't
do either,
I'll do it for you and
lay down before you
because I adore you

that is probably love.
6d · 93
Wednesday and that's the way the cookie crumbles,

the young me rises gracefully
but he
falls out of bed
stumbles to the bathroom
mumbles something to the mirror
about how we'll never meet again,

the cookie crumbles that way too and
the young me never knew it.
Why on earth did we move from Pangea
what possessed us to leave and end up over here
and don't say tectonic plates.

dissatisfaction is at the heart of things
and every day we wake, we wake to see what the new day brings and it's usually more of the same old same

and the neighbours are sending out an S.O.S
no one takes any notice
it's just the Same Old Same

she's at the pinnacle
the ice maiden miracle
I wait below for the melt.
7d · 86
Up North
The town tucks itself into its hoodie which for arguments sake we'll call a valley and up atop the surrounding hills where Victoria still lives by the spindles are those magnificent crouching monsters of houses which dwell half in the moonlight and half in the light of day.

I had my fill of cappuccino in the faux cotton mill and slogged my way through gawking tourists to the  old tannery yards passing by the second-hand shops where history was being sold cut price,
Meat pie sandwiches as my brother says is what bread was made for, not being sure about this I ****** on some Kendal Mint Cake and still looking for 'Spanish Gold' I came across Tiger Nuts (remember them?) I can remember when my teeth numbered more than the nuts in a penny bag.

Aren't these what we are made from?
layers of where we came from.
sandwiched memories.
Kendal 2017
7d · 57
I fancy a day off
a week off
or maybe
I'll nod off

someone shouts

I pretend not to hear.
Aug 8 · 56
Tb or not Tb
Everyone's got an answer

that wasn't the question

ask Polonius
she was there
smoking a cigar
and as usual
taking it too far

I was with King Lear
having a beer
waiting for Shakespeare

who's Hamlet anyway,
that clever clogs at the back
ask Polonius
she's smoking one.
Aug 8 · 58
The ace and hearts
and She with a capital S
because I love her
was still asleep
and dreaming
probably of Rachmaninov
asking to borrow her sunglasses

and I watch Her
and time passes
like Her breathing,

She's still dreaming
I hope
about me
must be about me
who else could it be?

I know

I should learn to play the piano.
Aug 8 · 87
For Christmas
I got a clockwork mouse
and a clockwork cat
I forgot to wind the mouse up
and that was that.
you and me
waves crashing
on the shore
In the olde days
babies were made this way
according to Hollywood
Aug 8 · 70
On the wall
Blue is cool
but that's just them
trying to fool you,

they scrawled it in red paint
that ain't cool
but again
it's just them
trying to fool you.

Monday's blue
and that's true,
I'm hot and bothered
but I usually am.

I wish
She was here
whispering in my ear
'stop whining, the sun's shining,
what more do you want?'

I have a long list.
Aug 7 · 107
The mapmaker.
what fun,
it's a make hay day
Morecambe Bay day,

but London lit on me
and the North West's beyond me
I can only think fondly of those
things left behind.

I'll be off down to Hackney to
mouth off some poetry and sit in on
a workshop.

First thing in the queue to do
is to make coffee.
Aug 6 · 104
Losing track
Putting my time in
doing some rhymin'
which is just fine in
this chaotic brain,
had it been ordered
I could have recorded

forgot them
I had a lot of them,
definitely forgotten them,

decay's setting in
I'm betting in
a few years that I
won't remember my name.
Haemorrhoids itch
and Polaroids
do not
It's a Polaroid
I've got

gott sei dank.

The Nurse said
it's amazing what people sit on,
but we won't talk about that.
Aug 6 · 103
I used to grow red cabbages,
but now I just grow old,

there are advantages,
old is easier to grow
you just dig in
and let things go.

I used to grow red cabbages.
Aug 5 · 418

every day is like
someone says
Merry Christmas
to me
and I have the presence of mind
to find
those things that I am thankful for.

She knows
what I mean.
Aug 5 · 60
Still undecided
need more time to think,
do I try and move past this
or do I stay here and sink?

In these early hours
when my superpowers
are at the lowest ebb
it is then and only then
that I get caught up
in a web of my own making.

I should take supplements
maybe some home brewed
I am lacking in something or
something is lacking in me.

But I am a man
so I put on a brave face
to save face
and realise
that this kind of thinking
is basically another way of sinking,

we're all hanging on to the
waiting for the end of the world.
Aug 4 · 97
When everyone is on the take
something has to break

society disintegrates into
empty eyes of reprobates
and it's true that he who
laughs waits longest in the queue

education's up the spout,
ask kids a question
and what do you get?
****** all in there
except for Minecraft
or witchcraft
and daft looks if you mention
story books,

but life's a funfair where some get sick
on the merry go rounds
which sounds unfair,
but it is what if not what it is?
which is a roundabout and
probably in
Milton Keynes.
●███ ███▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▄ KA-BOOOOOM!
Retaliation Sequence initiated.. Poke bombs enabled.... FIRE!!!
Aug 4 · 84
X marks the plot
Those not plugged into the grid,
the trouble makers
the festering questioners
the old age pensioners

we're getting rid of them.

You won't see it on the manifesto
but make no mistake
they will go.

Thursday begins to unwind on the blind side of Friday to come,

everything is done by the clock
timed to the Nth degree
it's beginning to feel like a prison
and some of us want to break free.
Aug 3 · 62
Round four.
If all this time is orchestrated
I think
that the conductor's been impersonated
by someone with a warped sense of humour.

on time, early sometime late as
if that alarm clock cannot wait
what's the rush?

sleep in and why not?

I'm already worn to a frazzle
stooped and
lost a bit of that old razzle dazzle,
but as long as the music goes on
whoever the conductor may be
She will dance in time with me
and that's good enough.
Aug 3 · 198
Cruise control.
I might be
but only slightly.

that's just an opener
and not for tins

Aug 2 · 96
Random #190
..and that one could be anyone
except for this one which isn't that one,

are you still unglueing your eyes?
get wise
sleep with them open.

it's about four thirty
daylight hasn't yet arrived
I'm hoping that it will.

The glum chum.

Friday's a mile away
today's only Tuesday
it's not even Christmas,
I want to cry.

Second cup syndrome.

another double espresso?
I know
not good for me,
but what's a shot anyway
if it's not yet Friday.
Aug 2 · 65
How to stay awake
If it falls on a Tuesday
in the UK
does a tree grow
in the Amazon?
Back to work day
the day after
not at work day

pray for me

at my age
I need all the help
I can get
if you can't mind your own business
how in the hell could you
Mind the Gap?

we're being had over
we're drowning in *******
and being told that
we're living in clover.

There will come a time
( yet again )
when the peasants will revolt,

Book of life.

it's like someone's turned the pages
and we're back in the middle ages
doffing our caps
and yes,
minding the gaps
gasping till death
because they've taxed our breath

I'm going fishin' and not going mad
and we are
Jul 27 · 33
Maside 36.
Off the beaten track
and that's where you'll find what's what.

Santiago, I'm
mooching around and found myself a cosy little bar
not too far from the hubbub but far enough away from the centre to call this a real pub...

oh and the name is:


A beer, chicken, potato salad and bread and all it cost me was 1 Euro and eighty cents, if  that's not a bargain then I'm a Chinaman.

great service too but what would you expect from a welcoming establishment.

I'm coming back but really I'd like to stay,
still we can't have everything we want, can we?
Jul 26 · 80
Maside 35.
Acute angles.

On the wall something was glowing, moving slightly and me in the middle of the night not knowing what it could be  lay breathing silently, ( that would be the frightened me)

The brave me got up to see what it was and found nothing, but when I lay down again there it was again, the mind playing tricks perhaps.

I made coffee and kept the lights on,
one never knows what form monsters take.

because it has to be at least once a week when fancies play hide and seek with what is real, when it's no big deal at 4:15 and it's Henry Ford black as you look out the back and see your face in the window looking in on the shadow.

But all is well
things come and go
it's just that sometimes
I'd like to know
what they are.
Jul 25 · 65
Maside X

is of little significance.

societally imposed barriers
ideal for the lackadaisical
and food for the worriers

they will change as Monday
until then
read a book
have a beer
send a postcard
'wish you were here'


everything becomes a blur
spokes on a wheel disappear
but we know they're still there
holding it together
whether we see them or not.

Monday and it always is if you think it so.

We go down into the tube
to be fired out of the tube
at our journey's end.
Jul 25 · 90
Maside 33
The return.

I have been here in a previous life
and can now look at it differently
if it is an old friend that wounded me.

am I different too?

turned around and looking back at all the sound I made and for what,
the mocking embers of a smokeless fuel,

that wasn't a question.

I still think that this is a guessing game
guess my number
guess my name
guess my fifteen minutes of fame,

Nobody knows and there's nowt we can do
I'm guessing that this is the colour of blue.

Sleepy is not only one of the seven dwarves
and possibly politically incorrect
it's also how I feel,

goodnight diary
24/7/22. 21:43.
Jul 24 · 110
Dustbowls and diaries

Hardly a sound now
apart from
the crickets
the rustle of leaves
the falling acorns
the birds
and me
scratching words on
a slate

life is this great?

I ponder on the imponderable
wondering about the impossible.
At the evening's end
night drops in,
like an old friend
for a nightcap

we chit chat about the way
the day went
how our time was spent
and how you, the night,
lent urgency
to our conversation.

Falling under your spell
knowing that
there are worse things
than monsters that dwell
under the cover of darkness

who saves who?
Jul 24 · 62
Maside 31

worship the hardships.

harvest the sweetcorn
slice up the parsnips
dice the meat
sit down to eat.

Do it joyously
do it religiously
do it on sunday because
there's no rest for the righteous.

throw out your scraps
for the mongrels and cats
that never stray far from home.

I say that I pray
but I just like to play
make believe.
Jul 24 · 71
Maside 30
Gyroscopes and string.

Although daylight here comes in a bit later
the days seem to be longer and
the sun, a bit stronger

ill go out in the garden with a *****
sit on the deckchair in the shade to
think about the possibility of working,
or think about breakfast,

afterwards I'll head towards whatever springs to mind but at the moment I'm conscious that the kettle is on the boil.


takes more practice
I have the time for,

but what is time for
if not to perfect?
Jul 23 · 55
Deep currents
and the waves are just fragments of you,

on a schooner to Tristan da Cunha
and I'm happy to be with than without her
on this ocean where blue is the currency
Jul 23 · 75
Maside 29
Clear as...

The thermostat, that thing which regulates, seems to have slipped out of town
and here, a bit further North than La Mancha
it's tilting a bit more to the Sun while I'm wilting a bit more underneath it.

Either it's Ceramic or Cervantes,

the Spanish  inquisition knows the truth but haven't arrived at it yet.
Jul 23 · 86
Maside 28

Time for a spot of
' it ain't' arf hot '

so exciting
when we let the light in
and the day opens up,
bloomin' luverly.

Then I went and banged my head
She said,
go and lay down on the bed
I said
if you insist,
who am I to look a gift horse
in the mouth.
Jul 22 · 83
Pre the big day.

I dream weird,
oh sorry, I mean
wired to the escape hatch
or the off switch
whichever is nearest.

Sleep gives you a chance
to edit your way into or out of
romance with no regrets.

The reception.

But for safety reasons
it's always best to keep
one eye on the liqour,
the parson is partial to
a tot or two and the vicar
is quicker than him.

Keep your bride at your side
everyone wants romance
and some, notwithstanding
the occasion, would take a
chance and try to steal her away.
Jul 22 · 88
The door's ajar
which it very well could be
if you believe
that everything is made up of
differently arranged atoms.
Jul 22 · 50
Maside 27
Creepy-crawly things that freak men out

travel at the most sensible speeds
they're in a class of their own
men can deal with them
they don't make grown men groan,
the other crawlies dance here and there
all thinking that they're Fred Astaire

they get on my ****
oh wait,
the moderator says
no ****
this is a public forum.
Jul 22 · 89
A random childhood
Riding on a clothes horse
sliding down the banister
boiled ham for tea on Sunday
the family in the parlour.

Memories make us who we are
and some memories
are by and far
the best.
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