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I came home from work and showered as I usually do, but it felt like a Friday shower, that one which washes the week away, it's still Thursday and soon it'll be July, where did June go?

who needs time travel when time itself starts to unravel and every day gets tangled up in the minutes and hours that make up the weeks, the years, I have fears for the future,
what theory covers this?
seagulls with buckets and spades
crows wearing spats
Pigeons with shades
ravens with kiss me quick hats
and they're all flying off to the sun

when Thursday is done I'll be joining in the fun
a knotted kerchief to rest on my head
a deck chair and lotion
( by the ocean a lotion stops me getting red )

and She,
with a hairnet wanting a 99 cornet
knitting a sweater for Winter.

it must be nearly Friday.
Should I have told you what was going through my mind?

everything has a psychological impact,

I am cognizant of that fact
but little more
Imagination is the key that opens up the magic in everything we see,
there is much more than beauty in the eyes of the beholder and the older I get the more my eyes open to see.

He, of the laughing daffodils
among the carnage
that was his war
knew more than I'll ever know
saw more than I'll ever see

imagination is the key
I think he may have taught that to me.
I dipped into a lucky bag
and all I got was Wednesday.

way to go Haribo.
It's just a wave washing over me,
peculiar really
because I'm nowhere near the sea
and yet I have a cold,

which is not my pet name
but is something that I have,
irritate me.

There's also an ache
as yet undefined
perhaps it's just a shadow
clouding my mind.

Coffee could be good
but that would mean
getting out of bed
and I'm not sure
that I want to do that.
When you're missing a link in the chain
the outcome, if any, would not be the same
as it would be when you're the full complement,

now some will tell you it's not complement
it's compliment
even Grammarly may have concerns,
either way
whatever you may think
it's still a chain that is missing a link,

the wheels on the bus do not go round and round when it's standing at a stop do they?
it's just a memory.
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