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You put your password in
if you want to begin
and you can surf the net
but it's a certain bet
that the site for which you're searching
is the one that you will find
and then you can log out
if you'd be so kind

I'd  do the hokey cokey
if I could.
the cobwebs have gone
not even spiders like Tuesdays.

I don't mind them at all
got them on rewind,

I also collext connections
(collext because it's a cartoon life)

This could be good
but it's unlikely to be,
the kettle's boiling
and I need to ***,

seeya later.
What lovers, these lovers, the last lover, the lost lover, those lovers,
got to make it look like a full black book to please the dinosaur that still hides inside me,

She'll probably **** me
possibly with kindness
or more likely with

men should never forget them
however many or few
and should not dream of telling you
anything about them.

I woke with this thought on my mind
but that was years ago
before the asteroid struck.
There are many things that we must think of when we think of thinking out loud and this is why most thoughts are silent ones.

Old codger cogitating
when the reaper comes
to take him and unaware
that she was waiting with
his dinner on the table.

residual energy
becomes one
with the universe,

( pardon me while I google that )

in a boxcar at flat rate
moving on from state to state
the railway's always running late
but not this time.
..and then we forget that we're just pegs in a board full of holes filled with pegs and at the edges and the corners there are spaces to move,

not too many spaces,
just enough to make us think we can do anything in a world filled with pegs,
the board is fixed, the odds are fixed and it's even money that we'll be fixed too.
I've been awake for an hour and it's still Monday,
this is not the way I imagined it to be.

there is a part of me that says, why not call it a day,
and another part that thinks, it is a fukin day

the war begins.
One more manager and another meeting
to hire one more manager to get another
pair of feet in and under the table,
and while we are hardly able to breathe
what is it they want to achieve?

they want total control
they want us to roll over
and play dead
they'll show us the river
and let us die from our thirst
but we'll starve to death
before that happens
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