The explosion was heard by the entire platoon,
Bodies and injured lay helpless debris was strewn,
Utter carnage, from the device, it had maximum impact,
Numbers dead, could not say to be exact,
Mostly civilians though among the dead,
Some just stood queuing, for a loaf of bread,
A car was parked on a busy street,
The market full of people was less than twenty feet,
Soldiers were quickly sent to the town,
In an attempt to hunt the perpetrators down,
An eye witness described, exactly what she had seen,
Which has now became an all too familiar scene?
Smiling at passers by
Four men were sat in the car,
She then asked why?
A huge explosion then occurred,
She again asked why?
A Local Police officer,
And two patrolling soldiers were among those killed,
The attack planned with precision,
For maximum blood to be spilled,
The insurgents had won this particular day,
Never planned to ever get away,
They too were there to die,
Suicide bombers!
That’s your answer,
Still trying to establish why!

Had a conversation  with a fellow poet today that says this is becoming a way of life back in his homeland, hopefully by writing this it will raise awareness.

Just cross the road,
At number twenty four
Lives this single man,
Who has me troubled for sure?

The other day,
As he climbed out of his car
He dropped what looked like,
A sample jar.
Haven’t quite worked out,
What he does for a living,
Possibly something in that pot,
He could be giving,

I said Sam,
What’s that?
There on the floor,
it just fell out,
From under,
Your door.

He said,
I get forty quid,
For giving a sample,
Providing in this pot,
That there is ample,

A sample!
I said!
Sam said guess.

Bodily fluids?
Sam replied yes,
Just doing my bit to support fellow man,
So that’s why I called him Sperm Donor Sam

Strange some people,
But it just goes to show!

Hard to believe you get!
Forty quid a go!


when it came to the tags had me stumped

Jimmy was his name,
To frighten was his game,
His mission is to keep  birds at bay,
A true professional of his day,
Though out in all kinds of weathers,
Trying to deter those things with feathers,
Considered a master in his field,
Scarecrow Jim had the job well and truly sealed.

 2d JOHN
Ashly Kocher 

The feeling of being alone
Even though your surrounded by a million people...

Wrapped up inside the duvet,
A dangerous game,
They were about to play,
Lovers all but so very young,
Started with a kiss and now it’s serious fun,
His arms wrapped around her torso,
She held him tight not wanting to let go,
They kissed and gazed into each other eyes,
His hands start fumbling around her thighs,
Are you sure? He asked her politely,
She says yes oh so quietly,
This was it the moment was theirs,
Until they heard footsteps,
Coming up the stairs,
I’m home love,
Do you fancy a cup of tea?
Normally late home mum,
Though today she’s early,
Mum stood standing,
Outside her bedroom door,
He reaches for his boxers,
That were laying on the floor,
Shall I bring it up,
Or are you coming down?
She wraps her naked body,
Into a dressing gown,
Oh I will be down,
In just a minute or two,
He says shit!
Now what are we going to do?
His heart now pounding,
In a state of fear,
Her dad would kill him,
If he knew that he was here,
we are out of milk,
So I am just nipping to the shop,
His heart rate racing now started to drop,
Better go she says,
Mum won’t be very long,
She hustled him out that back door,
And said see you later on,
There on the side,
A pint of milk now in full view,
So now it was no secret,
Her unsuspecting mum really knew.

The water ripples,
The shore,
Like two lost lovers,

Those trees,
As they catch,
The breeze,
They dance together,
So gracefully,

Watching all this,
Is the peering sun,
Who can’t do nothing but blush,
It brings out,
A warming smile,
Created with the minimum of fuss!

JB x

A once only visit,
To see the future me,
Only one problem with this,
I did not recognise who I could see,

Living in a lost world,
Were lost folk are rarely found,
We ride this roller coaster life,
Having highs and many downs,

So find an empty suitcase,
It’s time to pack all those sad times away,
In the Future I have seen,
It is smiles all the way.


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