Can’t wait for the,
Coming of spring,
Excitement in their voices,
As those little birds sing,
Tulips and Daffodils,
  will soon be in full bloom,
We have some already,
In a vase in the room,
The pollination of plants,
By those butterflies and bees,
Tree’s growing buds,
That will burst out into leaves,
An array of colours,
A marvel to see,
On ponds and rivers,
And tiny streams,
Ducklings appear,
In yellows and greens,
Waking up those sleepy animals,
From winter hibernation,
A sense of well being,
Echo’s around the nation,
Over in the fields,
Ewes with their lambs,
Quite a lot of new mothers,
All pushing prams,
Spring cleaning and gardening,
Are jobs that come next?
Can we visit a garden centre?
She asks in a text,
No doubt we will buy shrubs and plants,
Plus, something to get rid,
Of those troublesome ants,
Might buy a creeper,
To grow up the wall,
Colour for summer as well as fall
Add some hanging baskets,
Cuprinol that fence,
Cover up those plants at night,
If you’ve got any sense,
You never know,
We may still get a frost,
It would be a terrible shame
If these plants were lost,
With a bit of light rain,
Add a warming sun,
Springs fragrance and colour,
Will still be there,
For when summer comes along.

JB x

You get fed up of Winter but you know Spring is just around the corner... so no need for despair... JB

Those eyes
So sad
So loving, loyal and true.
Who can resist that look
From a dog?

Best family member
Of the animal kind.
So devoted to his Mum and Dad
And even uncle.

No fickleness here:
Unflinchingly faithful.
Loving to run and fetch
For his master or mistress.
Even bring in the ‘paper.

See him jump for joy
As you grab the lead
That he’s brought you.
It’s “That time”…

If you let him,
He’ll lick you all over
Before rolling on his back
For a belly rub.
(And his Missus is just the same)!

But those eyes have it:
Bottomlessly sad
So you just have to give him
Strokes and cuddles.

Paul Butters

© PB 21\1\2018.

Inspired by Stacy's dog Vinnie. Another one for Dog Lovers such as Pat Jackson, Stacy Taylor Prev Crossley, Alecia Bamford, Jane Chaplin, Jo Edwards, Joan Priestley...

Ben was out jogging,
When last nights curry escaped,
Pooh pants Vindaloo.


Smile time ! x

Through The Leaves
The Sun Allows
Golden Shreads Across
Her Boughs
While Around Her Roots
Where Nectar Reigns
There's Jam On Tap
From Marmalade Veins

We write about pain,
Or having that feeling,
Maybe experiencing loss,
Has sent one reeling,
Expressive pain in whatever form,
Depicts the feeling of trauma,
Giving that sense of being forlorn,
Lost in love, abandoned souls,
Situation created, scoring an own goal,
Despair, distraught,
A perilous thought,
Pierced hearts, shattered dreams,
Life just isn’t fair,
Or so it seems,
A box of tissues,
To soak up those pearly tears,
Though this pain may last for days,
And sometimes years,
Visit the hotel of sadness,
There is always a room,
You can only checkout,
When clear of the gloom.


Reflection.. x

Primrose Stirs Lifts Up Her Head
Stands Up Tall On Softened Bed
Resurected As Winter Dreams
Primrose Smiles Or So It Seems.

Hope To Catch You All Next Week.
Enjoy The Weekend And Thank You All.
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