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Johannes Coetzee Aug 2017
like a late winter afternoon
as the sun heads for the west to its final resting place
daunting and confused here I am
faced with questions
the beat my heart used to skip turned into dead rhythms
no longer yearning for it,
the forbidden fruit and the lustful desires
now I am faced with empty looks and deserted thoughts
the warm blood that used to rush through my veins, long gone and now left with a cold shivering body
my prayers held back by the walls of my empty thoughts and,
my faith now fatal
emotions scattered, feelings bleeding and thoughts running wild
this golden heart turned rock and cold
naked, scarred and bruised
cold ******
Diary of a Lonely Teenager
Johannes Coetzee Apr 2017
When my days were dark
and my friends few
With only the thought of you
Do you remember?
When I knocked on your door
seeking for your warm embrace
Do you remember?
How things used to be, the good morning texts and the random daily texts
Do you remember
We once promised infinity to one another
What I would like to know is, Do you remember?
Johannes Coetzee Apr 2017
Forever moving
never ceasing
Forever seeking
can't find it
Searching, hoping, pleading, bleading, crying
Black and bruised
On my knees
Head up high
Prayers unheard
Forever believing, never stopped hoping
Forever running, breath seeking
Legs numb
Heart pounding
Warm blood rushing through my cold body
Eyes wide awake
Something inside of me, kicking, screaming, pleading, bleading, crying
Forever moving
never ceasing
Forever seeking
can't find it
Diary of a Lonely Teenager
Johannes Coetzee Apr 2017
forever seeking
an isolated star, hovering unattached
effortlessly moving at times
yearns, desires, wants and needs
vulnerable, hesitant to resist
weak at times if not all times
feelings scattered, emotions deserted
passive actions
still seeking can't find it no more
praying to father god as though my prayers unheard
loud cries to the outer world blocked by the walls surrounding me
effortless attempts
still believing
never stopped hoping
yet bound by disappointments
Diary of a Lonely Teenager
Johannes Coetzee Apr 2017
"Rejoice" for time has brought me to you
Wandering in this world, swifting in circles like a deserted boat on a long forgotten island
Still yearning to harbour myself, as hope strengthens my believe
A star upon this great skies lead me to you as on the night our saviour was born
The gap between my heart and yours filled by our coloding thoughts
"Stay" for it is you I want
Tempted by temptations of forever desires
Revolting against time in this forever moving wave in this stormy seas on my way to find you
Mihlali "stay", as I "rejoice"
Diary of a Lonely Teenager
Johannes Coetzee Oct 2016
Unbounded by faith
Untamed by time
Distilled at times
Distined by miles
Synchronized heart beats
Like a ticking time bomb, so is  our love ready to explode
Adrenaline driven
Not yet sinking
Impossible at times
With the possibility of separating
Then we stand to think of what me and you stand to lose
Loving unconditionally to the infinity and beyond measures
So is our love
Diary of a Lonely Teenager
Johannes Coetzee Sep 2016
If angels were real
as you are a vision from above
Your sweet melodic voice sounding like music to my ears
Your snow white teeth complementing your golden brown eyes
Your lips at it's juiciest with red lipstick on
Your face reflecting your well crafted body
Those magical kisses and lustful stares
Heart pounding moments and passionate desires
Your image imprinted in my mind reminding me of the God send vision you are
As I pray to be released from the prison of my own thoughts with you as the prison guard
If this is just a dream
Please allow me to effortlessly scream
In your spell is where I am caught at
Diary of a Lonely Teenager
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