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Johan Nel Apr 22
my smile
my now
my home

my smile
slight inside
half magic

my now
resting here
right here

my home
the breath
in out
© Johan Nel 22.04.2019
Johan Nel Apr 4
Black Little angels swim in the pastel sky
Soft pink and light blue
Swirled together in a warm glow
I take this moment in, I simmer on low
The sounds of the city's song
Barking dogs and cars on twilight roads
The hiss of the night
Slowing down
Seeing what is right here
Right Now
© Johan Nel 2019.04.04 18:16
Johan Nel Mar 1
I imagine expiring in the dark, the wick snuffed out.
The tick and the tock, both stop.
Fear dissipates, so does joy.
What is the one if there is not the other?
Nothing, reality unknown.
© Johan Nel 2019.03.02 01:54
Johan Nel Jan 23
I wish to impart my mind on a page
When I observe the stars and the sea
Then think I of the world as a cage
And dream I to live boundlessly

Free of convictions to which I sang along
Untethered from the maternal cord
Shed I this skin, what was right is now wrong
No need to preach anymore of the Lord

Sundays are for my heathen's slumber
The world, undiscovered possibility
Books will I read, absent of number
And live as Observer with no eternity
© Johan Nel 2019.01.22 21:52
Johan Nel Jan 17
I remember the first bike ride when I was about nine on a dirt road.
I pedalled furiously in the mud, as soon as. I opened my eyes every morning.
Some kids taught me who were supposedly family back then.

When I was on my own after I got my new bike, the adventure of the streets took over.
How much life was lived back then, in the memories of a childhood not more than average.
So much love and life was taken away from me.

Today as a man, my years melt into many and I do not understand the rushed nature of life and tim
©Johan Nel 00:32 2019.01.18
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