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Johan Nel Apr 16
I am a formless being, hearing the echos of death
The man of time, listening to the sounds of his breath
A vast expanse of darkness engulfs my visual field
I become one with it, and to it, I wilfully yield
To find escape from the stark mad crowds
I am in awe in the magnificence of the pure white clouds
I walk and feel each step on my heel
Bringing me closer to what I feel
© Johan Nel 2020.02.13
Johan Nel Apr 8
I am observing the rain from my balcony up high, life has given me this gift.
The songs of birds bathed in the bliss of the grey white sky.
My elation and content reside anxiously in me, I do not want to let go.
The green valley before me, a serene sea of lush.
Before this day I bow, humbled by the moments of just being.
Fortune finds me, it is to observe.
© Johan Nel 2020.04.04 13:15
Johan Nel Apr 8
Die grys winter gras
Kruip stadig in die groen in
Soos my lewe saam jou
Is daar geen versoening

Ek **** die ***** Koue
Hart van ys, las van die dood
So voel my binneste soms
'n Hart van lood

Tog loer die warm bal son
Skrefies deur blou spookasem
Die warmte sal weer kom
'n Vuur in 'n reënboog lugballon
© Johan Nel 2020.04.08 07:51
Johan Nel Mar 15
The grip of angst
Finds its grasp so easy
When the moment is just right
In a mix of people and the night
Deflating, a blank stare
Then asking myself, why do I care?
The past must not want to die
Even though my many lives have
The jaded story, exasperated by time and repeat
Desperately aware, the need for defeat
© Johan Nel 2020.03.15
Johan Nel Oct 2019
Uit die grot van die grys lug
Drink ek die bitter reën
Elke druppel val hard en bars
Bloed tap uit die woede van Mars
Storm oorloë en harde grond
In jou rooi rowwe stof
Sal die Aarde ontplof
My strome loop uit in die swart see
Sonder liefde of lewe of hart
Net die Verdriet van drank en stikstof
Alles wat ek kan sien maak my blind
Die sterre van gas
Soos lewe veras
Mon 21 Oct 23:42
© Johan Nel
Johan Nel Oct 2019
The Dark hounds of a broken night
They run, and scratch, and bite
Relentless and ruthless fear
Of the haunted past come near
Beckoned after the battle lost
Sly as the cat, torment the cost
Why do you come?
I ask in vain
When do you leave?
Remaining naive
When I lie, I write to him
The Old man of hope left to a dream
The promise of a life lived to the end
But on which day do I then depend?
I cannot know and so I must pass
From this day and night to an unwritten last
Mon 14 Oct 2019 23:31
© Johan Nel
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