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We danced once and became what love means.
I remember the music and that flower in her hair.
We'd talk about things and shared interest
Funny how *** never came into our conversation!
Tonight is one that makes a flower reach out in the frost of winter
So warm inside it blooms as if the moon were the sun
Grow with me, That our fruit will seed Love and Peace
I’ve often sat back and watched others in romantic play
A playful wrestle in a public place
A hand holding walk in the park on a summer’s eve
I’ve seen these things and longed one day it was me
I’ve lost in love and won a few battles too
Giving up on love is not what I do
Now these Songs of Solomon I’ve been following
Have such a deeper meaning
I’ve found that spirit that changes my breathing
Something so fleeting as an inbox greeting
Led to so much more than I was seeking
What can I bring you to make you see
One so beautiful in my view of thee
I know that doubt of the self conscience
I know that inner glow of the self confidence
I not giving you empty promises but I promise this
You can feel my sincerity with as much clarity
As if you spoke these words yourself
And we are both at that stage in life
When lying to one’s self If nothing else is foolish
Now I choose this platform with all these pretty poems
to express how much I love you
I have no need to hover above you to consummate anything
For love is all I bring to thee
A love so deep that I can watch grow and maybe even go
Are you the most beautiful woman I know “NO”
But when I tell you so, it’s more than physical attributes
It’s more than just the right angle from a photo shoot
It’s that raw, with no makeup on
It’s you wearing sweats and a tee and you talking with me
Then I start reciting poetry, then in turn you sing to me
We laugh and talk, I interrupt and ask “Babygirl”, did you eat?
Are you feeling okay, I find myself checking in on you
Thinking about you as I live my day
Have I told you I love you today, not to sound cliche’
I’ve often watched others in romantic play
What I feel for you is no game
And I want you to know there is no shame in being with you
Being seen with you is an honor, you are no afterthought
if something else was for naught
I’ve never bought into that frame of mind
Baby you are my kind of woman
You are the one that should’ve been, before and after
As we master our own destinies yet combine as one entity
We shall enjoy what seems, meant to be
I lost in love and won a few battles too
Babygirl there’s no one like you.
It’s three in the morning and my friend can’t sleep
thoughts flood her mind and she called to me
We began a little text over the miles that separate us
Before long our voices reverberated between us
Idle chatter began a getting to know one another
Then the natural course of us took over
and we flowed with one another
Words from our past
made a future that was meant to be
It’s as if I’d written for her and She’d written for me
3 am and we’re finding where our hearts are
We’ve run the gauntlet of suspicion
just from our romantic bleeds thus far
What chemistry is this, that we should draw such attention
They truly have no clue, how powerful the pen is
Or are we clueless to how strong our bond really is
It’s 3 am and neither of us can hang up
It’s 3 am with a lifetime to discuss
What details do entail our life’s story
What hour is this that our hearts find solace
What hour is this that we speak about the glory
Words of prayer are far from our lips
Words we share feel just like a kiss
It’s 3 am and I’ve not told you how beautiful you are
What you’ve written is a given, but humble we are
Have we fumbled the ball given to us
Do we take advantage  of the position
of where we’ve been ******
All these questions yet to be answered
It’s 3 am and the phone rings
Will I just talk, or romance her.
Forty five degrees of reflection
She stands there
It's not a place she want's to be
Told to, and she knows to be still
Yesterday was peaceful
Today she was deceitful
and honesty placed her there
It's not time yet, only 45 minutes
45 minutes to think of what she's done
45 minutes in hopes he'll come
To free her will takes 45 motions
45 devotions of why
She won't do it again
Corner ******
like granite she stands
Frozen while time spans
Frozen with tied hands
45 minutes she has to hold it
4 or 5 cups of water
what torture is this
what lesson learned
10 more minutes added
Her head was turned
The countdown begins
10, 9,8,7,6,
5,4,3,2,1, oh ****
Corner rules she didn't move
Kind of like Simon says
You may go now
was finally said.
Where do hearts go in the middle of the night when they flee from  the game
How many shallow conversations can one woman sustain
A bar, a drink a tap on your shoulder, a mirror stands before you
No one has ever explored you, no one has taken the time to just unwind
Why now, why this time as the whirlwind is getting stronger
This unpredictable weather will soon be over, just a whisper over night pillows
“Daddy I need you, to help me see this through”
Fear not the wind my pumpkin, you’ve just experienced a man
You’ve been  blown before, only this time your feet has left the land
There’s no need to catch you, go on and ride the wind
The woman in you has finally emerged, and not a wasted moment was spent
You’ll cry tonight my pumpkin, and sigh with a heavy chest
You’ll catch a whiff from a memory, and your eyes will well up again
Don’t hold it in babygirl, for the wind will subside
I can’t and won’t tell you there’ll be no emptiness inside
You’ve been through so much so count it as a blessing
For once a mutual experience without the window dressing
The wind often blows and there’s no need for a wind breaker
You were caught on a breeze and that whisper was much greater
If you think you're lonely now, you probably are
Do you find yourself wishing upon stars?
Friends and family are mere garments for your soul
When the night falls, you're still left feeling cold
Do you find yourself more busy than usual?
Are you occupying your mind with things that are trivial
Will you drown yourself in poetic verses
Let me say this again I don't think you heard this
Will you drown yourself in poetic verses
If you think you're lonely now, there's no app or service
Do you place yourself in a crowd of people
Do you bow your head and pray under a steeple?
Praying your soul to rest and that God may keep you
Yet still among the masses no one can see you
Love lost love never found, the loneliness is equal
When you tap on your keys and reach out overseas
looking for someone to greet you
If you think you're lonely now
You'll feel lonelier knowing they'll never meet you
Oh the disparity of it all, the pain to just be you
Are you praying again, for life to just leave you?
Or will you occupy that single seat at a matinee at the Bijou
if you think you're lonely now, I believe you.
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