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Joe Allay Sep 2019
If i die tomorrow
Do remember me not
Shed no tear for a broken soul
I wish to be apart of you
I gave you my all
But i die alone
Please don't step on my grave
I don't deserve your shadow
Not in my lifetime
Not in afterlife
My spirit will carry on
But will not hunt you down
Live your life forgetting i ever exist
Thats the last thing i have for you.
Joe Allay Feb 2013
Let's pretend we're lovers tonight
Hold me close and be mine

Things I would've said but not done
Yesterday's gone... today we're late
Mysteries in our heart
That hurts us both

Wish yesterday again
Won't be late to show you all
Won't die like today I am
Differences, lets keep it for now
Complications, lets leave it all behind

Coz, tonight I'm yours
Don't think about tomorrow
Let the night decide
And be who we are......
Came to my mind while i was in a meeting dreaming about a girl, who I knew a long time ago... yes its true.. i feel like screaming out when all these thing came through my mind.. its hard to say a simple thing like "I like you, I love you" when you didn't say it when the time were true... and later became complicated and hard to spill the beans even if you know the other felt the same way....
Joe Allay Jan 2012
Bury your fears, and let it go..
don't hold back, catch the blowing winds and ride towards the sun..
let the pain strengthen your soul..
hold on to the train of your faith...
Leave the past coz its not worth regretin' to drag you down from the beauty of this life...  
take a breath and fly like an eagle spreading thy wings to reach the freedom bell...
coz in the end ...what you believe is what you get...
Joe Allay Dec 2011
If Im ever going to let you go,
I will bury all the pain we had,
The places we've been,
The laughter and all the joy,
The rising sun and the enduring rain across our lives.
The sound of love in our hearts,
The sound of your name written in my heart,
The stars that we paint under the lovers moon,
the cry of love ringing in my ears...
And most of all...
I'd rather leave this life and free myself from the pain which will
never be the same again.
i miss you.. wish we could be together.
Joe Allay Nov 2011
Sometimes when you feel alone
Someday that I have to go
Not Through my hands
You can't keep looking down
All the things that we have done
Coz I'll be gone someday
To the land of no return

Don't you drop a tear and drown
Close the old chapter
Face the world as it is
Coz I won't come back home

This is a world of loneliness
All the pain that arise
I can't keep this on
To the front door

And now

Don't cry for me till the day
I'm going home to the land of the angels
Burry all my past, leave it all behind
Don't you think of me
Coz I'll be gone to the land of no return

You will never see me
Lying next to you
But I'll always be there
Guiding you right through
So, don't you cry anymore
Burry all the past
Leave behind the times
That ain't gonna help

There'll be times when you feel cold
Holding down what you got
But always remember that
I'm always there with you
My spirit will guide you through
Leading you off the cold
This is a song I have written for my love ones. Yes... life is so unpredictable so I have written this for them to understand that and lead a happy life after I go. And realize all that I wanted for them is to be happy and not think about the things which will not help them.
Joe Allay Nov 2011
Would you help me if I fall
Would you rise when I drown
Will the words of silence be broken
The life that were never lived
Will it be worth fighting for
Is it worth dying for a reason?
Or living for a reason?

The things which you've sacrificed for
Will they be realised tomorrow
The pain that you bore
The life that you've craved for
Will this life let you live
Is there life after death
Or will they burry you with your dreams

When the life you dreamt of
Got drained off with the pouring rain
Will it be worth steping on it again
Or what if you fade away with shame.

They said that life is a test
But what if you don't realise it before the sun rise

If the changing seasons leave me behind
Will love be a lie
Will dying be for living
But no one told me the fact
When the soul departs
Is there heaven or hell??
Why some have to grief out this world of sorrow.
Hope the shooting star will leed me to my home.
People use to tell me im a pessimist.. but thats the only other side of the coin... but life.. if you think too much about it... yes.. there are a lot of bad things surrounding you that you can't deny .. which use to make me think a lot..
Joe Allay Jul 2011
The scorching sun on the bare willow
Under the naked sky in the open world of cry
The silence inside the livid soul
The agony of the past left back
The blood no more bore the pain
Changing weather left it all behind
Cold spine stretched out the flesh
Not a face in the mirror
All left blank and dumb

Crawling for the life to set it free
The darkness descending on the tombstone
Reminds only of the life in pain
All those lies I've put myself unto
All those days counting down the sun
I find no place to rest my soul

I wonder, were they all a part of me
Or am I just letting this life to be miserable
Though the world was beautiful when I owned it
But when it owned me
No flowers to bloom in this life of thirst
The clutches of this world never let me go

Freedom from the agony and pain
Life without remorse
A pure drop of water
A clear blue sky with the lark's spreading the spirit of life
A touch of love
The wings of an eagle catching the winds
The joy in the eye of a child
The smile from a blind man
Were all what I long for from this hollow soul of loneliness.
Life could be full of dreams and imaginations.We don't get what we want.. and we sometimes don't even know what we want... Life is just a battlefield...
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