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It's called self-esteem for a reason
But how do you change
Your reflection and the way the world sees it
When people's perceptions are all the same

To focus on your worth
It's a hard thing to do
Self-image is always backwards
Because my right is reflected
And is always wrong to you

Mirror's force you to begin
Where normally you would end
This is when you realize
The importance of the hyphen

Separated and apart
Each word becomes their own
The finish was the start
And you are still alone.
  Apr 2016 Jodina Cornista
Liam Handy
People change as they get older
Some get strong
Some get bolder.
But sometimes they change
In ways not so great to others
To others they may seem strange.
My friend today has changed
But in the way that is not so great
A foe they seem to be
In the race for reputation
My friend has turned foe.
There is nothing left of you
I can see it in your eyes
Every single time
It's a fact I can't denie
The person who I thought I knew
He is gone, he died
Now you're just a stranger
Walking around with his eyes...

I lose my ground
When we're standing face to face
'Cause the person who I thought I saw
Is no longer living
He's buried in my memories
So deep that it can't be counted in feet
And I'll keep burying the memories
Until they aren't hurting me...

The boy I meet had the key
To unlock all the love trapped in me
But then you left me in pieces
Now I'm burning all the bridges
But I can't stop the tears I cry
When I think about that guy...

I got burned,
But I learned,
Now I see
That you were never real
I see nothing in your eyes
And the more I see, the less I like...

This should have been over soon
But you keep pouring salt into the wound
Every time that you come around
The pain, it blooms
The boy I loved, he died
Now I'm asking myself, Why
I'm wasting time on this unknown guy
Who only knows how to make me cry...

The hardest ones to love
Is the ones that need it the most
I'll have to remember to tell this
To the next person that I will love
'Cause I am a person
With a thousand old scars on my soul
And some of these wounds
Have just been reopened...

Could have tried to let me be
Now will you please just set me free?
So that I
Can stop hurting
Because of the memory
Which you have buried
Deep inside of me...

Though I burn another page
And though that I look the other way
Then there's still scars left on me
Why couldn't you just let me be?
I guess it's no use
Since I'm born to lose
I'm ******* up every little thing
Which I ever tried to do...

All the lies have made me colder
And the passing days have made me older
Sometimes I don't want to see your face
'Cause I can't look at you the same
The friend who died, is still on my mind
But I try to delete him, all of the time...

Don't know who you are
Don't know who you were
I don't really care
I just want to stop shedding tears
Over the guy who died
Or was he even alive?
So please leave me alone
I want the memory to be gone...

The boy I meet had the key
To unlock all the love trapped in me
But then you left me in pieces
Now I'm burning all the bridges
The person who I thought I knew
He is gone, he died
Now you're just a stranger
Walking around with his eyes...
I want to move on with my life...
  Mar 2016 Jodina Cornista
Leave me,
and darling, let me go.
If you never loved me,
never let me know.
Your smile was my sunshine,
and now it's the pouring rain.
Your laughter sounded like love,
but now all I hear is pain.
The roses have died.
It's petals are decaying on the floor.
I thought the day would never come.
But the stars don't shine anymore.
What if I made things right?
I'd take out the flowers I hid.
What if I made things right?
If only.

If only I did.

You promised.
You said you'd leave me never.
You also taught me

that nothing can last forever.
Jodina Cornista Feb 2016
Isang taon..~
Isang taong sinubok ng panahon.
Na kalimutan ang tulad mo, o sayo'y mag- "move on".
Dahil umalis ka nang walang paalam.
O sabihin nating.. wala man lang pagpaparamdam.
Isang taon.. noong bago mo ako iniwan.
Sinubukan kong magmahal muli,
At nagbabaka sakaling ang iniwan **** pait..
Ay magawa nyang mapawi.
Ngunit ika'y nagbalik,
Bumalik.. na para bang wala kang iniwang sakit!
At bakas mo sa pusong kong may hinanakit.
Napakasakit ngang isipin..
Na ang pagbabalik mo, ay sakit ko.
At ang sakit na'to, ay dapat para sayo.
At kung sakali mang ako'y balkan mo pa,
Ang pagbabalik mo, ay huli na.
Huli na, dahil may mahal nakong iba.
Mahal pa naman kita, pero mas mahal ko siya.
At hindi nako magpapakatanga pa..
Sa tulad **** manloloko at paasa.
Dahil Huli na, tapos na.
Iniwan kaba? move-on, move-on din. :D
Jodina Cornista Jan 2016
I miss you, but whatever.
'Cause I know that you don't care.
You don't love me, but her.
And you want to live with her, forever.
Yea, it hurts.
SEEING the two of you
In a couple shirt.
Her favorite color, blue
But, it was a heartbreak.
HEARING your endearment
Sweetiepie and Cupcake.
How sweet?
Even it makes me fake bloom
SMELLING both of you
With the same perfume
The smell that I love too.
Though, it was a heartache
That you're always forcing me to TASTE
the cook of you in a plate.
that you're always cooking for your date.
And it's dying
That I FEEL your sweetness.
otherwise, my heart that full of bitterness.
That love you're giving her, and being selfless.
It really makes me missing you
'Cause I'm just your bestfriend
But when you're not yet meeting her
It was me, your only!
But, not anymore.
'Cause I'm just your before.
and she is your dream future
But I'm still hoping for..
For us.. that someday it will still be me.. YOUR ONE AND ONLY, BABY.
True to life. HAHAHA. :D

— The End —