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F    Poet always and musician
Pádraig Ó Dálaigh
28/M/Paris    I study Philosophy and write poems in many tongues in my free time. Il n'y a pas de soleil sans ombre, et il faut connaître ...
20/F/new york    college student, plant mom, and wannabe poet
Vashisht O'Valerie
25/F/India    profession of numbers and passion of words
37/F/A Dream    Creative writer, dreamer, make-believer...INFJ...I started a poetry blog, and since then poems seem to come out of a place so real yet imaginary. Let's please ...
20/EARTH    Entangled in this world of cacophonous harmony. I seek to find enlightenment in all aspects of life, down to the trivial things such as a ...
M    Poet, writer, and artist. Follow my website:
Infamous one
Hello friend! My name is infamous1! I've been writing for years, its my voice. I'm being more creative no longer self destructive. I started writing ...
23/M/India    Nature always love us for being a better person as best as possible.
Sarita Aditya Verma
45/F/Pune, India    A work for home, woman, mother Happy in my space :)
Sameera Krishna
20/F/Hyderabad, India    Aesthete. Yad Bhavam, Tad Bhavathi !
Samantha Cunha
Los Angeles    For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks
F    My name is Donna and I’m married to the love of my life, I also like to read Spike Milligan and Doctor Seuss fun poetry ...
Benji James
30/M/The Batcave    Hello, I am Benj. I mostly write lyrics. Sometimes I attempt other forms of poetry and writing. Always like to keep those creative juices flowing. ...
Lior Gavra
My new book, "BitterSweet," has hit #1 New Release on Amazon's Best Sellers List, I hope you can grab a copy! Sample stories in the ...
Hank Helman
Only art can save us.
24/M/South Africa    Writer | This is ancestral, past-life reading; this is meditation & prayer; this is future telling. always becoming. The undying soul in a decaying case. ...
Ramin Ara
Sea ..., Dedicated To Ernest Hemingway (((The Old Man and the Sea))) A fish can learn The worth of the sea When it finds itself ...
black butterfly
Phil    I just wanna know why.
the moon and disorder
loneliness is a crowded room
Chicago, IL    I breathe fire out of lipsticked teeth and reflect prism filled sunbeams.
@spontanecurls on twitter @spontanesoleil on instagram Hello, I'm a poet and I don't sleep. Have a good day :)
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