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Jo Pietersen Nov 2019
bad men
will treat you like you mean nothing to them
but want you enough to have you

troubled men
will know you’re everything to them
but not enough to want you

good men
will give you everything
and want you forever

you will attract the kind of man
the man man is drawn to your type
with the aim of fulfilling your prophecy

vulnerable women get bad men
sad women get troubled men
great women get good men

and i guess i’m the sucker
because well
i’m the saddest woman i know
Jo Pietersen Nov 2019
to love
and be loved
are not the same
but they can look awful similar

you can love
and not know how to love

and you can be loved
but not know how to love

neither one
is more painful than the other

both will damage
your heart
and soul
beyond repair
Jo Pietersen Nov 2019
will bleed you to death
when it cuts you
Jo Pietersen Nov 2019
the wrong one
will find you in peace
and end up leaving you in pieces

only the right one
can find you in pieces
and guide you to peace
Jo Pietersen Nov 2019
I grew up in a chaotic household you see
seemed like the only means to silence

here we are now
10 or so years down the line
the chaos is in my head
the silence is buried in my scars
my regrets more present than they were in the past
love has never even seen my bed
i am wired like a time bomb

I always imagined
that by this point
the silence would be in my head
the chaos buried in my scars
the regrets forgotten like high school rumours
love prominent in my veins like electricity in wires
and a hindrance of joy

but as it would seem
life isn’t at all simple
and you were the fuel on my drive to insanity
Jo Pietersen Oct 2019
dusk and dawn
are closely connected
in the same way as the sun and the moon

they are like ships in the night
crossing paths but never intertwining
so closely related
yet so separate in turn

you and I
we’re not too different
from dusk and dawn
or the sun and the moon

perfectly compatible
only when in separate rooms

there’s no freedom in perfection
which is why we’re living in liberty
Jo Pietersen Oct 2019
i guess in the end
we start thinking about
the beginning

when a flower is cut from its stem
it longs to remember the day it rooted itself

however at that time, on that day
that was the hardest thing the flower had ever had to do

they don’t chose
they are just born with this resilience

and as a result
they grow from the dirt they’re left in

so can you
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