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Jo Pietersen Nov 19
for the first time ever
i’ve had *** with my
and bones

you made love to my being
instead of my body
Jo Pietersen Nov 16
i’ve always wondered
does life get better
or do we get stronger?
Jo Pietersen Nov 16
and for some reason
unbeknown to me
im still clinging to
the insane idea
that in the end
it’s me and you
If i can accept
and love the *******
in the mirror

I can accept
and love
your ******* too
My new philosophy
Jo Pietersen Nov 14
there was a time
when we’d just laugh
and let happiness radiate

the reality that is adult life
is just disappointing
and not as thrilling as I’d hoped

I’m just trying to
fall in love with
my life again
Jo Pietersen Nov 14
she is fierce
she is brave
she is bold
she is successful

she is everything the world told her
she couldn’t be
she is all that i aim to become
she will be me
Jo Pietersen Nov 13
you have taken me
and held me hostage

holding me beneath my craze for you
begging for only my true feelings toward you

my confession of love
is your ransom
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