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Justin Sep 3
The wind sifts weak the dying leaves
As drawn out sunsets douse the eaves
In light so bright the belly heaves
A gentle sigh of fall.
Justin Jul 28
He was a man of simple taste,
Of bread and oats and tea.
He did his work and made no waste,
A simple man was he.
She was the stars, the moon, the sun.
And in the field they'd play.
He wasn't born such a simple man
Time made him that way.
Justin Jun 29
Ever in my mind as I sleep,
Unaware of the bounties you reap,
And for all of the trouble you make,
You're still always gone when I wake.
Justin May 9
A mask is an external covering,
that serves the purpose of erasing your identity.

Unless you are hollow; then it is your face.
Hello other human! This is my mask =)
Justin Feb 23
Be it autumn summer spring,
wind or rain or birds in sing,
there is just one simple thing,
that puts my mind at ease.

When I feel my smile dying,
Before the numb and bouts of crying
I go out with hopes of spying,
Lamplight on the leaves.
There is  a lamp on my walk to school that is surrounded by leaves that never fall off the tree. When I walk home at night it is a beautiful halo of light that never fails to lift my spirits.
Justin Feb 22
Her laughter is fire in rain,
Poorly timed and extinguished in vain
and she's always lying
about how how she's dying
A death so absurdly mundane.
So lucky the death of a fool
Rusty wire on a rusted out spool
But I heard the rumor
That god sees the humor,
In watching her struggle through school.
Justin Feb 16
The thought of fresh flowers
Brings tears to my eyes,
Like the hedonistic pleasures of man,
They are beneath you.
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