Mei B Oct 2018
On the outside I'm happy, I look like I've got it all.
Most people don't know I'm nearing the end of my pitfall.
Trying to keep it together, almost as if I'm bulletproof.
The inconvenience was brought up because of you.
I'm overwhelmed and not as strong as people think I am.
Honestly, I'm beginning to think this is all a scam.
Doubting if you really are the man.
Leaving you is a task I just can't.
Not only this, everything in my life is too overwhelming I can't quite place my finger on what isn't right.
I know I have the strength in me to keep on fighting.
Putting my focus on unimportant things is something to stop trying.
For now, I need to stop lying to myself.
I still don't know all too well.
I'm just going leave the rest of this story for time to tell.
to the inner me, it's ok to be hurt and confused sometimes. allow yourself to feel and stop pushing the negativity away.
Mei B Sep 2018
In the forest of my mind, I don’t know what to do.
My heart constantly tells me I shouldn’t be near you.
There’s a plan to be followed in order to achieve, the happiness that’s been painted and too good to believe.
What I hold deep inside, it can’t stay there much longer.
As the years have gone by I’m starting to question whether your intentions were ever fonder.
When I look at other couples I truly see their authenticity and sonder.
Too fast we were going, it has gone way past deep.
I have to be honest and I have to be true to me.
The fruit is in my hands I want to eat it so badly, I’m frankly tired of hiding it sadly.
It’s prohibited but calling my name.
I don’t know if I’ll have the will to act out in vain.
This is driving me insane, temptations are the one to blame.
I am only just a little bit ashamed.
Real ness is what I craved, but we’ve reached a point where it is too late to be saved.
for myself. so I can come to terms with how I’m currently feeling and to serve as a reminder that I can’t push certain emotions away forever. to the me that wants to get out but feels so trapped. you’ll get out soon.
Mei B Aug 2018
Sometimes I want to drift away, but deep down I know I’ll still stay (with you)
I can’t help the way I act, I know my anxiousness can sometimes make me a fool.
The way you react, I don’t appreciate the tone, at the end of it all I still feel so alone.
You’re supposed to be my side, a shoulder for me to cry.
I want to rant to you but I can’t help but feel shy because you tend to be a cocky guy.
I wish you could look into my eyes, and speak more gently while telling me it will be alright.
I have to let this out I can’t hide it any longer, but sometimes I wish you’d take me more seriously.
Then maybe the feelings I have for you would be a lot stronger (like how it used to be)
At times I think if any other guy would be better to me, emotionally.
Oh, I feel so guilty.
Even if it’s just a mere thought, I just wish you could see and be more aware of what I want.
Little do you know, it’s more compassion I want you to show.
Stop treating all of my worries like it’s a low blow.
for my significant other. I love you so much and appreciate all that you do for me, but sometimes I just wish you could take my “unnecessary worries” more seriously and make your tone more reassuring.
Mei B Aug 2018
You sit there on the other side of that phone screen, with a face so mean.
Envious because I have how you wish your life could be, so you try to make yours better by manipulating me.

Fake and a liar what a true villain. I am the heroine.
Stalking, preying, I wish you would just get out. All I can do is let out is a silent shout.

It’s hard being the bigger person but I have truly gone my own way.
You’ve attempted to make amends but your nasty personality is what still remains.
I’ve turned the other cheek and don’t like your persistence.
So please, get off my back and stay keeping your distance.
for the fake friend that only wants to see me fall and the one I’ve come to truly see for who she really is. a statement to let her know I’m done with being too nice to people who don’t deserve it.
Mei B Jul 2018
One day I'm going to explode.
All of this hate my heart can't hold.
Don't act like you don't even know,
You're the cause of this.
Throwing accusations back and forth,
causing misfits.
Just by existing you start destruction.
Whenever you open your mouth to speak it
feels like a disruption.
Overall, I'm just convinced you're a suction.
All the good energy drains when you're around.
Because of these actions, it's harder for redemption to be found.
for the fake friend in my life that was always working against me...and failed to prove she changed. good riddance.
Mei B Jul 2018
It was that first time when I looked at you.
You started running through my mind.
Everything went along step by step until that one day you’d look at me, and that’s when I knew, I’d always had this feeling when I’m around you.

All your gestures stunned me in a way, I felt light when you hugged me that one day, liked you’d
beg me to stay.
Of course, I’d never let go anyways.

Especially that valuable smile, I’d look at you and you flash it at me.
When I compliment you, your feedback is what I seek, you win.
Always leaving me weak.

What I love about you, there are so many things.
Thinking about it…I’m so glad it’s not a dream.
That’s why reality is here for me.

As I write this poem for you, I’m thinking about you at the same time.
Making words out of the blue to rhyme.

I’m glad I get to know you, and can’t get over your smile too.
This probably seems lame, but there’s just so many things I can’t explain.
for a special moment that I didn’t think would come full circle in my life. for him.
Mei B Jul 2018
Floating, that’s where I am, unexpected as you lifted me in the air as high as you can.
To think, that whole time I was waiting.
You were the direction I was heading.
Energized, high, the rage in my eyes fill with determination as you pass by.
But that wasn’t me by your side.
As the thoughts ran through my mind, I waited for the right time.
Literally. I love what you do to me.
for my pre-teen self....craving his attention and absolutely not knowing what to do when you got it.

— The End —