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Julia Brennan Oct 2020
it's 1 am and I am wide awake

missing, yearning for you

missing the way you laid your head on my chest
as I held you in my arms

Relishing our hearts pressed together
beating side by side
beating in tandem
drumming into lovers oblivion

I miss those deep brown eyes
Your plush lips
The way you smell and taste
I got high off you

I dare even mention that

I love you

and will continue to love you
from afar

I've always heard when you love someone
Let them go

and how this keeps me up at night
Julia Brennan Oct 2020
disposable contacts
flat-faced to night stands
rims upturned on the bathroom counter
crumbled in my jean pockets
the evidence is clear
your mark is forever left on me
my ex left his contact lenses all over my apartment. sometimes, i would even find them in my clothes.
Julia Brennan Feb 2019
roaring river

deep inside

rush forth

flow fiercely

radiate strength


hooked in a riptide

direct me

a new adventure

another challenge

a second chance




i surrender
to you

to ultimately determine

the destination
Julia Brennan Dec 2018
I was lured to the diversions of paradise
by the lethal gleam in your eye

Swaying to rhythms of the wild isle
I lost myself in your embrace,
seduced by freedom and simple desires

I cried out for you in pleasure
as your tongue caressed my inner thighs,
completely disarmed
by the ****** unraveling

And I enjoyed every ******* moment.

If it not for reality,
we would fly among the stars
Julia Brennan Dec 2018
Why is it
that I
feel closest to you
when this
simple timestamp
appears before me?

Can you explain this digital phenomenon
that verifies your existence?

That you do
breath and eat and dream;
that radio silence
the most empty sound of all?

Why is it
that I
feel closest to you
when this
simple timestamp
appears before me?
A poem in "Draft" that I thought I'd share
Julia Brennan Nov 2018
Good morning, Sun. It is good to see you

You wake me ever so gently
and call me to begin this new day

I like the night you see but something about morning
calls to me

Perhaps it is my love for this quiet valley
and the feeling that while everyone is still asleep,
I am sewing  intentions for an extraordinary day

And before your golden rays kiss the sky
I believe even
wake before you

Good morning, Sun. Let us begin
Julia Brennan Nov 2018
i bathe in serene
sleepy mountainside ledges
kissed by lips of fall
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