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389 · May 2016
JJRKelly May 2016
Conquered man that I am
I give the tribute of
A thousand affectations and
Adorn your beautiful with fluos
And befitting ardent adorations.
And conquered man that I am
I give the nightly accolade
Of one thousand plus kisses
And touches.
And finally to my champion
The tribute of love ever endless.
385 · Jul 2017
Love Poem
JJRKelly Jul 2017
I write poetry
Cause I've never been
Good at photography
And I want to create
The same vivid imagery
In your mind
With the words I write.
Though written for all to see,
I write deliberately with
Secret words the meanings
of which I hide just for you and I
To warm your heart,
Rekindle and stoke the fire
Because when I'm away
And my lips and fingertips,
Words, and goofiness,
Can't keep you warm,
I feel a great and growing
Longing for your presence.
That's why even now
I write this love poem.
376 · Feb 2016
Losing Myself.
JJRKelly Feb 2016
The crook of your neck,
The smoothness of its length.
The rising of your collarbones
As you take in breath.
The shallow depth
Of your sternum notch
These things with love do I watch,
These things with rising excitement
Do I gracefully with soft lips touch,
But I do not forget to caress your lips
With my own. Your cheeks, forehead,
Your soft temple, your crown,
Your eyelids, your eyebrows,
Nose, ear, chin. Every inch of skin burning,
Do I lose myself in
As your spirit intoxicates me.
Thinking about the moments when I'd lose all awareness of the world. Moments when she was 100% my focus.
372 · Feb 2016
How Long
JJRKelly Feb 2016
How long to forget
A memory?
How I've comforted,
And consoled many.
But for myself there is
Still a vast sea
Of regretful pasts
To conquer and release
For only then,
May I find peace.
368 · Sep 2016
JJRKelly Sep 2016
I'll soon enough be
Drifting into sleep
And waking in dreamland.
A place where I'm at peace
And can count the grains of sand
And the stars  that spiral
Without a care.
Would you dare
To take my hand in yours
And join the sweet fantasy
That is continuously shifting
Twix illusion and faux reality.
With lights off and eyes shut I
Head into that world ever so
352 · Aug 2017
JJRKelly Aug 2017
rain falls on the window
Sill as, pondering invisible thoughts, you
stare out at gray weather
looking as though you yourself
once upon a time
fell from on high
like these drops of water
to soak, and saturate
my life.
My thoughts run smooth
As I regard you.
alike heavy watercolors and inks
on paper you dye me.
And when they ask
about the changing colors of my canvas.
I'll answer that raindrops
fell as I floated down
down the river of time
and so of course was soaked.
Thought of this while listening to Cavanaugh - Rain on the beach
351 · Jul 2017
Real Thing.
JJRKelly Jul 2017
Ain't nothing like the
real thing
Nothing like your voice,
Your visage, body,
Nor touch.
No fantasy worth having,
No dream worth sleeping,
No woman worth the flirting.
Only time worth waiting
Til you're back in my arms,
Only distance worth traveling
Because I'll run near or far
To hold you again,
Kiss you again,
Make Love again,
Pray together again,
Whisper once more,
Set butterflies and bubbles loose
Deep down in your core.
Ain't nothing that can
match the feeling
Of the real thing
Between you and me
350 · Aug 2017
De la Nuit
JJRKelly Aug 2017
I want first to explicate
and delve into the many ways
that I will love you
through ever so many days.
And afterwards to situate
the softest, and warmest touch
of lips like a painters wet brush
onto new canvas.
To seep into you like
a vocalists voice into new lyric.
To flow with you akin
a dancer gliding through the motions
of a grand romance, an
oeuvre cowritten by you and I
performed through the night.
the works of a painter, composer, or author regarded collectively.

De la Nuit
Of the Night
337 · Feb 2016
Baby steps
JJRKelly Feb 2016
Eye's open to an over-bright light
as your introduced to the outside.
Energy's received as you suckle against
The special being of warmth and nourishment.
The one who cleans you up, heals your rash,
heals your sick,
keeps you safe in every waking moment.

Laughs at the silly figure in
Front of you with the sweet scent
And the comforting presence.
Cries when you're disturbed,
and without that quiet pleasure
of being with them.
Being a comfort, or a pain,
when they're in distress.

Laying on your stomach.
Putting into appendages strength.
Rocking back and forth,
placing your hand forward,
one after another.

Balancing against a tall object.
Pushing up against the pull of the flooring
with your small legs.
releasing the supportive object
to stand.
One foot in front, then your other.
You wobble, but this time you're at your best.
One, two, three.

Baby steps.
Let me know what you think. Critique it away
334 · Dec 2016
Just a little.
JJRKelly Dec 2016
We say, it hurts a little,
When our heart gets broken,
When our trust is lost,
And the world keeps turning.

We cry just a little,
When it gets to be too much
To supress in or hearts
The little hurts that tear us apart.

We get confused and frustrated...
A tiny smudge,
When people don't understand

It ****** us off just a pinch,
Angers us just a smidge,
We hold on to forgiving
With the strength of finger tips
Right before we give in.
And then we get ******.
Only a second though.
Just a little moment.
Because in the end,
Regardless of whether or not
They understand.
Our sadness is insignificant.
And in the end,
It's just a little.part
Of ourselves.
This is a poem for
The types like me
Who get pushed around
And only get a little
332 · Nov 2017
JJRKelly Nov 2017
You are a vibrant pink lily
with starlight at your center
floating on my calm waters;
beautifying my stormy waters.
Anchored to my soul by the
red string of fate fastened
between you and I
332 · Mar 2016
He Held Her Again. (Prose)
JJRKelly Mar 2016
For a brief moment, he hoped, he prayed that his suspicion turn out false. Only to in the next second, hope and pray that it be confirmed.
He stared hard, his heart beating hard enough to burst, and his mind reeling enough to send him into a coma. And then she turned, deep green eyes immediately burning down the defenses he'd set around his heart just for this moment.
                   It'd been years since he last saw her, and longer still since he'd last heard her voice, since her beautiful visage had graced his eyes. And now the unexpected occurred, and only one thing was in his mind. Almost running, he leapt from his seat and to her, grabbing her arms as though she'd spectre away if he didn't hold her securely, and in that single space of time, and a million years passed.

                     “Hi,” she said, in that special soft voice. The single syllable word was more a breath than a whisper. They both knew that no words could ever express the emotions that each felt, and her jade irises flicked back and forth between his hazel's that burned so intensely into her own. Her greeting had only started the avalanche of freed memories that would flash like bursts of lightning across their mind's eye and after the minute that felt more like a millenia, she suddenly, almost shyly leaned forwards. It took only an instant his lips locked with hers. They used action in the stead of words, and the action matched perfectly what was happening in their hearts. They intertwined, arms finding their proper places, hers around his neck pulling his face down to and against her, and his around her lower waist, pulling her soft yet tight body up against his own so that they were flush and seemed one mass.

            He pulled away and looked into her eyes only to find that she had begun fading into times past. He fell to his knees, reaching for her only to have her move back away from him like the alike ends of a magnet. It was too much for his mind to handle and with a gasp that could push back the darkness of the long winter night he awoke, tears glistening in his eyes and refusing to drop.
326 · Jan 2019
JJRKelly Jan 2019
When's the last time the person
In the mirror called you beautiful?
Or is loving what you see
In the reflection still difficult?
323 · Feb 2016
JJRKelly Feb 2016
Up and down your hills and valleys,
I search every crevice,
and sniff e'ry rose and e'ry lily.
I study and ponder the beauty I witness
in your moonlit nights and helioluminous days.

I frolic with the birds and bees,
And shower in your rains.
I sink beneath your tidal waves,
And taste the ozone of your lightning storms;
Then bask in the light of your star in the dark
Sometimes I'll listen to a sing and click, the switch for poetry comes on. This poem is a product of the song "Bad Blood" By NAO
316 · Mar 2016
JJRKelly Mar 2016
Your words taste of refination,
and your thoughts are laid before me.
You've undressed my mind.
unstrapped the armor of my heart.
Beautiful, intelligent woman that you are.
And so conquered man that I am,
I give unto thee your dues.
With a painters touch I trace your scars,
with a poets abstract I paint thee.
With a musicians freedom study you,
and proceed to pluck your strings,
I proceed to follow your beat.
For an artist am I.
And unto you belongs my artistry.
311 · Feb 2016
Soul Artist. Soul Canvas.
JJRKelly Feb 2016
You are love,
Vous êtes inspiration.  
The focus of my heart,  
L'objectif de cet art.  
Love. The chocolate of your skin,  
Love. Votre douce voix.  
Loving you could never be a sin,  
Vous rendre la vie le ciel pour moi.
With your lips sweet you paint,  
Vous peindre mon âme rose.  
With your love life will always  
la Vie en Rose.
310 · Nov 2019
JJRKelly Nov 2019
Don't force yourself to forget.
leaves still fall in Autumn,
And flowers still bud in spring.
306 · Jan 2017
Facts and Fate
JJRKelly Jan 2017
It's a fact that
There're light-years between stars
And the universe is slowly
But surely spreading apart, galaxies
Moving farther and farther away
From each other
And it's but fate
That here on tiny earth
There's naught but what God
Has placed between us
And that is love

303 · May 2016
Lovers Embrace
JJRKelly May 2016
What is a lover’s embrace? 
There are many definitions 
but I believe that by far 
that best articulation is this. 
It's the type of hug where 
you wrap your arms 
around her waist 
and pull her close and tight 
against you with no space 
betwixt you and her. Flush 
Together with her arms 
Around your neck 
And your forehead 
Against her forehead, 
Lips yearning for the inevitable 
Kiss, but you withhold for 
A moment, enjoying the moment 
Of sharing your presence, 
Bathing in her sweet scent, 
And the feeling of her softness 
Held right up against your chest 
Eyes locked into her starry nights. 
The type of hug you relive for days 
afterward, mind full of every second 
of that moment of connection 
as you breathed in her essence. 
This is the lovers embrace.
297 · Jan 2017
JJRKelly Jan 2017
Set me free,
From nightmares
And haunted sleep
Pulled me into your
Ever deep
Ever never land
Up in the clouds
No sight of land
That's why I'm your
Number one fan.
Among the millions
I'm your one man.
Song lyrics for song I'm composing for piano
297 · Jul 2016
JJRKelly Jul 2016
I ****** and nibbled her nectarine
And was rewarded by the liquid sweet
Filling my nose with aromas thick/warm
Akin her heavy and breathy
Intoxicated and pleasurable moans
Voicing the excitement at her soul
Where love has settled deep
292 · Nov 2016
JJRKelly Nov 2016
Dearest I...
Lovely I....
Wonderous love, try
As I might I can't
Seem to last
When patience is
A part of the equation
And I want you with
No reserve of resistance.
To smell your scent
To drink in the sight,
To burn my fingertips
To taste your high,
Is to want you in every
Single possible manner
And never want to release.
This is why I never want
To ever let you leave.
286 · Nov 2016
Promise Ring
JJRKelly Nov 2016
The slip of slender silver
that encircles my right ring finger
Tugs and weighs with the weighted
warmth's of love that fills me unabated.
I feel it even when the light metal band
is not resting on the third finger of my hand.
I feel the dear promise of delightful passion
and I look forward to that day of December 10th
With resilient patience
283 · Feb 2016
You Are Beautiful
JJRKelly Feb 2016
Dearest One,

You are what you don’t think you are
no question about it.
From the soles of your feet to the
Tips of the hairs of your head

Your hips, thighs, *******, eyes
Lips, nails, ***, skin, thick
Hair shoulder length
your presence is sublime
You are simply divine

Your embrace warm, and delectable
Your scent is intoxicating
To hold you in my arms is gratifying
The contact of your skin electrifying
Your sweet voice, sweet laughter,
Makes my heart beat hard and fast,
And the wings of my soul beat faster.

You’re exquisitely, wonderfully,
Perfectly charming, full of beauty,
Desirable, ****, scrumptious,
A luscious, and allure ebony goddess.
You are the very definition of
In that you please all my senses.
Once a diamond in the rough
You've reached perfection
You are smart, and delightful
Foxy, classy, and bewitching
You are, Beautiful
Old poem I wrote for a dear friend of mine.
282 · Mar 2016
JJRKelly Mar 2016
I want to take you,
to the place you send me at a smile,
at a touch,
at the thought
of your love.
Sweet heaven, head in the clouds
April showers and summer sounds
for my tongue
mind constantly on the run
chasing my imagination.
Chasing your reality
Longing for your warmth on me.
Don't you know I wanna to be,
Don't you know I wanna see,
Don't you know I wanna,
Well, a number of things.
Satiate me.

(Chorus x2)
I want  to take ya,
Aboard my spaceship
For a trip through magic,
See the stars shining up
Close in the heavens

I want to take you dancing.
The way you leave my heart
just from the way you're breathing,
From they way your defying gravity
pulling me up high to the heights.

I want to take a chance,
I want to take a stand,
I want to drop a knee,
I want to open your eyes to see
The greatest man that I be.
even under pressures greater than the deepest sea.
I want to treat,
you to the oceans at my heart,
the treasures lying there at the center
I want to show you my spread wings.
And every one of my dreams.
I want to show you what I see.
Stand at a mirror and see that great woman,
see that crown that belongs to my queen.
Longing for your warmth on me.
Don't you know I wanna to be,
Don't you know I wanna see,
Don't you know I wanna,
Well, a number of things.
Satiate me.
Show me your infinities.
Lyrics. Let me know what you think
281 · Mar 2017
evening rain
JJRKelly Mar 2017
It rains
And it pours
It thunders
And it storms
Lightning flashes
Across the evening sky
Dusks shadows descend
Into a starry night
Where water droplets
Still roll from leaves and windows
Bricks and flowers petals
And darkness makes invisible
The beading sweat the slips
Down the sides of your thighs
And down your stomach
And onto my skin
With each passing moment
And intertwined motion.
279 · Aug 2017
JJRKelly Aug 2017
She combs and braids my hair,
And I braid my lips and tongue with hers.
She sends me sweet goodnight texts and
I keep her awake for the moon and stars.
273 · Feb 2016
JJRKelly Feb 2016
I am a deep sea,
A vast ocean of many things.
But who can say they've truly
Conquered the Atlantic?
I certainly have many aspects
That I have yet
To control and understand.
And I feel at the bottom there rests
A chest of a somewhat forgotten past,
That slips open sometimes
And sets free traumatic
Memories that remain for me
Unreleasable. In the torrent of
Emotions from that time long ago
I become so turbulent,
Caught in the tides of emotion
If but for a moment.
Of that chest, is there any way to let go?
I don't know. I don't know.
268 · Aug 2019
No Song
JJRKelly Aug 2019
song because
These are the kind of words
That no one sings.
This is a theme
we shouldn't repeat.
What we have is
Just a passing moment
Only a short poem
I hope you never see.

There's nothing beautiful about this
Nothing beautiful about sin..
But you make it look so heavenly.
Tainted so my broken heart bleeds
Symphonies in every beat.

Every word's a sword.
Is it suicide then
When I tattoo myself with my pen;
Write my pain into permanence.
My late nights spent stuck in bed;
Yearning for a warmth that you never send.
I watch the coming dawn from the safety
Of my covers I-I-I'm tired from a sleepless night.
Happy that None can see me cry when the sunrise greets the new days sky
And I'm not feeling right
Cause I been left alone
To face a world

If I called you'd answer right?
If I text you when the moon's high,
And the darkness has settled,
And my mind meddles
With the idea of you,
You'd reply right?

I told you I need you…
Is that too desperate?
Rhetorical question
But I understand your objections
Of who I am.
For I now know
Know why the caged bird sang...
And why he fell silent.
263 · Feb 2016
You Fell for Different
JJRKelly Feb 2016
I ain't got em.
I can't flick a switch
And produce the characteristics
Of your ideal one.
Who'd you fall in love with?

I do believe it was the poet
Who wrote of your world
Something timeless.

I do believe it was the artist
Who painted in the pink excitement
That your life was lacking in.

I do believe it was the musician
Who played the strings
Of your heart something pleasant

I do believe it was the man
Who caused the words to slip
From your delicate lips.
“I've never loved like this”

I do believe you fell in love with me,
And not your ideal man.
In other words,
You fell for "Different"
Never forget the reason you fell in love. It plus a vastly important role in the course of the relationship. Whether it fails and you move on, or it continues to grow strong, or even balances and reaches its height.
261 · Mar 2016
Bit by Bit
JJRKelly Mar 2016
Candlelight to caress,
along with fingertips,
and soft lips.
A little champagne
to go with the intimate.
We progress through the moment
increasing the heat and passion
Just a little bit by bit.
259 · Sep 2016
Words of a Harpist
JJRKelly Sep 2016
In the words,
Of an enraptured harpist.
You are
More precious
Than my fingertips.
And the reason for my music.
You are my woman of Song of Songs,
My sweet and dear chanson
De nuit.
My woman from and of God.
You love and envelope me without cease.
And just the same, I love thee.
259 · Nov 2019
JJRKelly Nov 2019
I have no tears left for grief.
Instead I write
Them down in pitch black ink.
I have no more tears to cry.


I have no voice left to weep.
Instead I pluck Harp strings
that sigh
Soft songs into the lonely nights.
Have no voice left to cry.
255 · May 2016
JJRKelly May 2016
I can't sleep.
My mind thunders and lightnings
At the thought of you not near me;
There's an ache in my heart.
You scent still lingers on my skin
As do your phantom touches
But that's not enough to satiate this
Yearning within, yes,
And I hate the idea of being apart.
You're sleep and I'm wide awake
Tonight and I can't stand the weight
Of this wait so I stare at the stars
Blissfully wanting to be with you.
No, so long as you're not near me
I can't sleep.
254 · Feb 2016
What I see
JJRKelly Feb 2016
I see.
A little box of poems and
Letters that I never sent
To those I wished to be recipients
I recall having written out tokens
Of many and various emotions.
Mainly love and similar concepts
But from the opposite end of that spectrum
Poetry from my bouts with depression.

A Little box of poems written by a
Young and not quite wise poet
Who only wrote when truly
Impassioned to express
His ideas and emotions
That were either romantic
Or intensely amative.

A Little box of letters
That were quite emotive.
That put into words my ocean
Hidden deep within.
That remind me of the fetters
That laid heavy on my heart
Set by unrequited love and
The following scars.

I see.
A Little box of me.
252 · Apr 2018
JJRKelly Apr 2018
I'm partial to my Black Queen.
Been partial ever since the time
When she added her stars
To the universe of my mind,
Shined light on places I never seen
About myself, good and bad.
She's an African American dream.
Confident, fiery, loving, sweet.

Hair; dark brown,
Thick, strong, curly, long, full.
Body; dark skinned,
Thick, strong, curvy, soft full,
Fierce, strong, gentle.

With knowledge and growing wisdom
Her brown eyes pierce me deep.
I gasp for breath when
I'm diving through her deep.
The double entendres
In the words I speak
Only by my Queen.
Spoken only in the ears
Of my Queen.
I wrap her in my words
And twist her around the syllables
That generate in my mind
When she's swimmin in my mental.
And now
Transcribing her visual
Has become a pastime
And for my Queen
I'm always partial with the
greatest of all commodities.
250 · Mar 2016
Not Your Average Ordinary
JJRKelly Mar 2016
"With an extra bit of “umph”
I'm not your average ordinary.
It may seem a lie but it's the truth
I'm out this world I'm otherworldly
Not to boast but when you step
Into my world it's rather unique
Something different bout the
Lifestyle like an extra heartbeat.
With a flare of flamboyant style
I'm quite the oddity.
Im rough with no fear of getting ***** with work and other things
That I've been created for.
And the mindset of disregard for
What average ppl think
Sets me apart for more
Than what the world believes
Should be me at the core.
I'm ever changing, ever growing,
I'm not one for bore.
Growing in my beliefs,
My person, my musicality.
And I'd rather share my
Eccentricness for others to see.
That truly, in all the world,
(Thank God) there's none like me. "
Quick poem I thought up while doing some laundry. Thinking about how God made me 100% unique in all the world and how I'm different and have no problem showing it wherever I go... Most times anyways
248 · Feb 2016
We're Okay.
JJRKelly Feb 2016
I sip of your unsung song,
And untainted waters.
I revel in loving your wrongs
And rights under the shelter
Of the umbrella where
Despite the stormy weather
That surrounds us we
Remain steadfast.
And we outlast
The storms of tomorrow.
And we stand
On the horizon borrowed
From Eros.
And we remain
In the aftermath of the momentous.
And we're okay.
Yes, we're okay.
247 · Mar 2016
We love.
JJRKelly Mar 2016
Te amo.
y nosotros conocer amor.
la luna y sol
se conocen aquí en
nuestros corazones.

Your strength is my own,
and vice versa.
All that we are is shared
between us with nothing hidden.
nos ser estar en amor
the reason for which my world spins.
nosotros amor.
So, recently I've been learning Mandarin and Spanish and decided to use my growing Spanish vocab (and a dictionary for the harder words) to put this together.
247 · Feb 2016
Dear Reader
JJRKelly Feb 2016
Dear reader,
Have you ever hidden yourself
Deep under the heavy blankets
In somewhat vain attempts to feel once more the warmth of embraces
Given by the one you loved?
Do you remember squeezing tightly
And forever hating to say goodbye to them
When it was time and the day had turned to night.
Can you recall looking forward to the next time?
Heart full to bursting with trust
That there would be a next time.
Do you remember how
Your heart had never beat stronger?
And the first kiss with your lover?
Losing yourselves in one another?
I remember, and continue to create
The memories that are stained
Ever so heavily, and thoroughly
With the tastes, the essence of love
That was shared between us
Throughout the trials we lasted.
Every moment worth remembrance.
Dear reader, do you remember it?
246 · Jan 2017
Morning Magic
JJRKelly Jan 2017
It's strange magic.
Some kind of fantastic.
A granted impossible wish.
When I open my brown eyes,
And the hazels staring back into mine
Are his.

From her p.o.v
244 · Mar 2016
Don't forget about me.
JJRKelly Mar 2016
Don't forget about me.
If we haven't made some memories
Together then it's best to move on
But if you want to start creating
I'm more than happy for procreation
Of future nostalgia and recollection.
And if already we have them,
Those precious mental photographs
Then cherish them
And hold them tightly
For you never know when
I'll be leaving
And you can say you knew me.
If we've put the time into
A friendship and fostered
Something real then
Know I'm not forgetting you.
So make the vice versa tru
241 · Mar 2016
They taught freedom.
JJRKelly Mar 2016
To be kind,
She taught me.
To listen and speak gently.
To tell no lie.

To be fierce,
He advised me.
To take humility in one hand,
and in the other hold victory.

To be strong,
they taught me.
Vim, Verve, and Vitality.

My Parents.
They taught me to be free
240 · Sep 2016
JJRKelly Sep 2016
I want and need.                                                    
You can see the look in my eyes
and the knowledge of my desire
triggers and sparks your inner fire.
Your inner heat.                                                      
It's in every contagious sigh
covers every inch
As I procure every penchant.
You're intoxicating.                                               
And I fall deep with every bite,
every kiss and pull on your soft
lips that envelope me until I'm lost.
In the sensations                                                   
Tha­t travel up your spine.
It's lightning between intertwined
Pent-up-clouds that travel through electric skies.
Thundering and raining until
  The end.
240 · Jun 2017
JJRKelly Jun 2017
Voy a amarte
As the sun rises and sets,
As the rains and snows fall
Through nil or stormy winds.
As the blades of grass grow high,
The flowers bud, and fruits ripen.
As Rivers flow unhindered
And clouds grace mountain peaks.
Je vais t'aimer
As the world awakens and sleeps.
Love you as I breath in deep,
Love you as you spin, leap
Forever the sole dancer
my soul şarkı
Ben aşk sizi dans
Amor você como o brilho das estrelas
And we spiral through the galaxy.
Love you as time stands still
And I'm at loss for words.
Love you as no serenade remains
Within this harpist fingers,
As I can no longer to press my lips
Against and caress your skin.
As I close my eyes and forever slumber.
Love you as my Maker I meet.

Jecelahay weligiis
239 · Mar 2016
I've Loved You
JJRKelly Mar 2016
I've been to the moon.
Skimmed the surface of the sun.
Withstood the fiery atmosphere of Venus.
Had the privilege of loving a goddess.
Seen the application infinities sum.
Stared at the the roses bloom.
I've loved you.
236 · Sep 2016
Ars Nova
JJRKelly Sep 2016
My sweet
Chanson de Nuit
The focus of
My Ars Nova.
My madrigalism of love
Forever inspiring
My harps word painting
As we rise together like the blazing sun.
235 · Oct 2018
Your Fool
JJRKelly Oct 2018
My heart become expendable,
Used up to and past the point of being dependable
I have no use except as a pin cushion for all your anger.
My expiration date has long passed overdue and
yet here I am, with my heart falling to pieces,
struggling to pick up the shambles,
my mind a lightning storm as I scramble
to make sense of this deep and eerie sadness.
What can I do to relieve myself of this anxiety
this pain this death,
there are no solutions left
only one question left to ponder.
When did I become your fool?
235 · Mar 2016
thank you
JJRKelly Mar 2016
I love your bright eyes
and your full lips.
The sound of your voice
is perfect music.

I love the feeling that
you give me when
you come into my embrace;
When you look into these
unworthy eyes and conversate
about the things in our lives.

I love that you care.
Thank you for that dear.
The poems we write when we're young and unmatured are so full of raw emotion that's spelled out in a not yet matured style of poetry are definitely worth reading every once in a while. This is a poem from a younger time.
232 · Oct 2016
JJRKelly Oct 2016
I love thee.
Your warmth permeates
Throughout me,
And every cell of mine
Vibrates in anticipation
Of the contact of your skin
Against my own.
Indeed my spirit and soul
Tremble and stir with ardor
At your loving and endearing words,
And at your voice,
And the light
Deep but bright within your eyes.
That I love thee
Upon your heart.
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