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2.3k · Apr 2017
JJRKelly Apr 2017
Hazel eyes to take in the beauty,
Rough hands to cup a soft cheek,
Supple lips to plant words sweet,
And unspoken,
Onto scented brown skin.
Writing sensual poetry on your melanin
Until a million choice words grace your skin
Crisscrossing and overlapping one another
To create the perfect lyric,
Where your vibrations settle into cadence
2.1k · Sep 2019
JJRKelly Sep 2019
Devoted the time to
Become versed in my
study the pages filled
With ink as I stand,  
vulnerable and naked before you
In all my melanin.
1.5k · Jan 2017
JJRKelly Jan 2017
I gaze upon the beauty
Of the orchid,
And nibble at the sweet, succulent,
Raspberry drupelets.
I breath deep the scent
Of your roses
As your nectar, my skin,
With every sensation
Take me through Eden.
And our travels have just
1.5k · Feb 2016
Loving Your Mind
JJRKelly Feb 2016
In love am I
With the map of your mind.
In love with the lightning strikes
as it brushes with mine.
In love with its solarflares
and softlights.
I play the astronaut
In love with your night sky.
akin the universe, you're never fully knowable.
And that only pulls me closer to your side.
I'm lost in your deep space and theres nothing but you.
your , stars, galaxies, nebulae,
planets and distant moons.
I'm in caught deep in love and that's the truth
1.5k · Feb 2016
Your Music
JJRKelly Feb 2016
I trace your mother earth skin,
And sink myself deep in
your every decible.
I breath in the scent
Of your flowers
and lift my lips to tingle
them against your electric words.
More so than your aesthetic,
I'm in love with your music.
1.1k · Nov 2016
JJRKelly Nov 2016
I trace the stars on your skin
Trail my roughened fingertips
Through the patterns in your constellations.
An astronaut to search your spiraling star system
I map your every region in height, depth, breadth,
Every atom to be thoroughly examined
Until a single touch from me
Sets to a pink blush your galaxy
1.0k · Feb 2016
JJRKelly Feb 2016
A bit of love
With a side of champagne
In our garden.
Just a single taste
Of you and I imagine,
I daydream, of such a day.
991 · Nov 2019
Chapter one
JJRKelly Nov 2019
My fingers tickle against
The soft fibers of the first page
In a manuscript written with
dedicated ardence. I
admire the ink uncials, left behind
By eloquent whispers passed from
Your eyes, to My lips.
From your tongue
To my skin.
Salacious words succulent
That permeate the thick paper,
Like heavy breaths from a prurient
I savor the memory,
Turning over the page to find
Blank linen sheets left awaiting,
for letters and punctuation
Until, poem after poem,
A new chapter again
we commence.
933 · Mar 2016
JJRKelly Mar 2016
They fell in odd love.
But inexperienced man that he was,
She was simply too much
woman for him to handle.
She was well seasoned enough
And so she taught him how, and when
to be tough, sweet, rough,
when and how to be
932 · Feb 2016
Ever Do We Love.
JJRKelly Feb 2016
Ever so smoothly,
we dance to the music
of passion.
Ever so softly
we fall like feathers
from the wings
of Eros and Phileo.
Ever ardent
we bring each other warmth
and affection transcendent.
Ever do we love.
I think I've been caught up in the valentines day vibe.
932 · Feb 2016
JJRKelly Feb 2016
Excuse me miss,
My name's Joseph,
And yours is?
I saw you across the way and just had to do this
I don't mean this to be the average
spontaneous compliment
That you must receive on a daily basis.
And so, may I have a moment of your time?
If yes, let me start with your eyes.
929 · Feb 2016
Lunch Date
JJRKelly Feb 2016
You bring your coquette and charming.
I bring homebread and cheese.
You bring fresh fruit, and spread
I bring romance and eloquent

I bring wine,
And you bring tea.
I've admiration of the old-fashioned kind,
And you've your poised elegance. Sweet
And subtle seductiveness
Do we now practice.
Light and deep conversation,
Peals of laughters
And whispers in the silence.

I don't mind the seeming plainness
of our meeting.
As long as I can enjoy
knowing you're enjoying
Our special spontaneous
Lunch date
Let me know what you all think of this one
907 · Mar 2016
Dear Grandfather.
JJRKelly Mar 2016
Dear Grandad,

I wish I could take cancer,
and punch it in the face;
And every disease and drug that poisons the body and soul,
I wish I could drag to a grave.
See, those are the things that took you away
For years, when you were out of my life.
But I'm oh so glad that at your last,
you won the battle which was your strife.
Jesus there to pull you to his chest at your final breath,
You made amends with a call to the One on the Mainline.

I loved every moment when I got to see you again,
The time between these reunions nonexistant,
Outshined by the joy of spending precious time
with you.
I'm not God but I wish you were here for another chess session.
I wish you were here so I could steal a bit more wisdom.
I wish I'd had that chance to see you hold my children with love.
You were my last Grandad and I never got to meet the other one.
Now you're both great men who've been spirited away by that sweet angel of death,
Only residing on this earth  in the memories of us,
the one's you left behind for to Heaven you've gone to rest.
If I didn't have a job to do here I'd pray for God to take me next.
Dear grandad I'll miss you,
and you'll continue on in the stories We tell your great grandchildren
generation after to generation, every one of your descendents.
Every story about you teaches forever what is best to bet
on in life. After all you've played both sides.
And yet managed to tell my father no lies.
And managed to raise my mother like you, wise.
Truly you were heaven bound and heaven sent.
Through a fantastic wide round trip
you made it to those golden gates of heaven.
And on that note, dear Grandfather,
This letter, like you, will meet it's end.
For my grandad who just passed.
875 · Sep 2019
JJRKelly Sep 2019
butterflies that fluttered
in your heart after our eyes met,
Have bloomed into carnations
Full of stars constellated
With passion between
your thighs.
can feel the heat
of your unseen
As it begins to rise
As the sun on the horizon
until your sensuous reaches zenith
and I witness
Your flower petals kaleidoscope and unfurl
As you release sweet nectar that pearls,
with aromatic efflorescence,
Onto the the surface
Of my stamen
868 · Jan 2017
Night Whispers
JJRKelly Jan 2017
Dearest love,
Tell me in my ear,
In the tone of voice,
That only I am privy to hear
How does it feel,
With me inside,
Your heart and mind,
And your body tight
Could it be more real,
When together we lie,
Sweaty skin and fiery eyes,
In embrace til morning rise
My passion unconcealed
My desires brought into the light
And sated with you, each passing night,
In the bliss of your piquant delight
Tell me love,
In your pleasured outcries,
And soft moans,
In your sweet sighs,
And your hushed tones
With every breath,
Every touch of soul and skin
And every spark between our minds,
Tell me dearest one,
How it feels to be mine.
Accidentally deleted a few times. Enjoy!
851 · Jan 2016
I Want to Be
JJRKelly Jan 2016
I want to be
Your favorite memory
And every fantasy.
The reason for the light in your eye
The one for whom your heart beats.
I want to be
With you in practice
Of futari.
Covered in your ardent
Deep sea.
I want to be your everything.
The way you are for me.
I want with you to simply…
807 · Feb 2016
JJRKelly Feb 2016
You've given me
a couple of infinities,
And a couple forever's
with a side of ethereal treasure's.
And passion you've given aplenty.
flare into my being

Not unlike a nova
you flare, ever assuring.
I find myself
In a constant state of free-fall
I find myself orbiting
your sweet selfless entirety.
Waiting for you to take me in completely.
Waiting for you to take my all,
when you accept
my restless.

Patience have it's due.
Know My adoration is true.
802 · Feb 2016
JJRKelly Feb 2016
Her eyes stared deep into his own
And the starry galaxies within each
Spun crescendo, a little faster,
About the axis of their hearts.
Twas then, when her shirt collar
Slipped to reveal her soft shoulder skin,
And the subtle line of the clavicle within,
That his eyes wandered,
And she blushed. He was fully enticed
By her then, and needed to feel her soul.
And so gave the first kiss, of their first time,
Planting euphoria on her collarbone.
It's funny that, even though I wrote poems  like this, and ****** poetry, I'm in all reality  a ****** in the practice of celibacy
Kinda odd  I think.  Let me know what you all think
784 · Feb 2016
JJRKelly Feb 2016

We are a young pair enjoying
An exchange of pleasantries
over aromatic tea and pita bread.
The ancient sun above has surely seen
Many times betwix youth, enamoured courting.
Beside our plates lemon halves are dripping
sour juices into the bright napery thread.
You've brought chocolate sweets,
Fruits for tasting, and sublte flirting to stir my chest.  
And I've packed wine bought cheap
Some dainties and humor
To cause peals of your laughter to reach
High up into the bright blue heavens.


The sun is readying to rest
and I lay, head in your lap with
face shrouded in your curly hair
as you plant your sugary delights on my lips.

The nights distant bright lights
flare as you lean comfortably into my chest.
The only sounds, our beating hearts
and our soft smooth breaths.
Broken only by soft whispers
Of ardent words that settle and rest
In our souls and minds.
Desires exposed to the dark night
Until at last we must say goodbye.


Late that night I
Recall ever detail, every moment,
From the sound of your laughs, to your coy flirting.
From the way you fed me, to the way you began kissing.
How my finger locked with yours.
And Your faint perfume rubbed into my pores
Leaving me  inhaling deeply for the scent.
I fall to sleep, ever nerve yearning for more
I sleep, desiring you once again.


An afternoon to remember,
And an evening to never forget.
For many a time like that we
In younger days spent.
Even now, that sweet distant memory
Remains ever pleasant.
Even now as my days increase
I remember our untainted
Enamored admiration.
Even now as I fall to time,
The one thing on my mind  is you.
I recall of that sweet youth.
Trying a new style. This actually adapted from a precious poem that I'll post later. Let me know what you think of it!
756 · Feb 2016
At the Moment.
JJRKelly Feb 2016
She was Old Man River
Could I keep up?
Elle a été au-delà de ma portée
Could I touch the sun?
Notice the tense of my writing?
At the moment we travel an untouched
Road just we two, with the present time
And memories of the moment that I
Dared to touch the her burning star.
And we're looking forward to a future of
Many things that have gathered dust.
Where we thrive in engaging with
The forgotten, and the unlearned things
Of the unconquered hearts love.
I wish I could speak French. Feels a little wrong using it without actually knowing the language but it helps.that I've written poems like this before. Poems with another language that is. Anyways, let me know what you think please!!
656 · Feb 2016
It ain't easy
JJRKelly Feb 2016
"It ain't easy being green."
It ain't easy being the wrong
Type of guy to be.
But I laugh in the face of the
People who strive to take the love
Of self away from me.
I am multifaceted,
A harpist, poet, artist, a Christian.
An engineer, dancer, dreamer of fantastic,
Writer, fiction nerd, a fighting man.
A Black man, mixed with Irish and Cuban.
And I refuse to give up my beliefs,
I'm different, odd and flamboyant. Peculiarities I protect with tenacity.
No it ain't easy being green.
But better to strive being me.
Quoting Kermit the Frog.
655 · Dec 2017
JJRKelly Dec 2017
Traced for hours
In the dark of night.
Stars and planets
In a universe known
Only to my sight.
Fingers drenched in stardust
From a world that
Knows only my touch.
Senses overstimulated
By a melodic nebula
That draws in my love.
I could stare daily
Into the light of
That hidden milky way.
Stare evermore
Into the wonders
Of that universe
That you embody
Filled to infinity
With those precious
And forever blooming
643 · Jan 2018
JJRKelly Jan 2018
I denude the skin off your
To reveal the ripe
Hidden underneath.
I realize now that I've,
after that first touch
Of soul and mind,
Become a hedonist
For your lips.
A ****** for that special bliss
That makes you taste
Somehow you set me free
And bind me
My mind unbound ever since
I discovered new appetence
For the taste of your saccharine.
But I'm anchored into you
Cause this sensation occurs
Only when I'm with,
When I give in to urge
And appease my senses,
When I partake,
And I taste
That Milky Way
That is
appetence (ˈæpɪtəns) or appetency
n, pl -tences or -tencies
1. a natural craving or desire
2. a natural or instinctive inclination
587 · Aug 2016
Breeze Orchid
JJRKelly Aug 2016
Little breeze orchid,
To breathe in your scent,
To look upon your visage,
To be in your presence.
Not quite heaven on earth
But there's a great pleasure in it.
And I just want to tell you this,
Thank you for bringing me bliss
In all your magnificent sweetness.
582 · Feb 2016
JJRKelly Feb 2016
I'm not doing so fine.
I distract myself from the anguish
By pouring music into my mind.
But that could never comfort this
Feeling of helplessness felt inside.
Jesus take my heart, take my sighs
And the subtle pain from which I hide
And take me into your arms
Dear Lord take this wandering sheep
God, in your Sons name please
Remove this sadness far
Away from me.
567 · Feb 2016
JJRKelly Feb 2016
I plant my soft lips
Upon yours sugary sweet.
The scent upon your skin
Mesmerizes me. Belle Chérie.

La vie en rose
Explains the way I feel
When you lean into me
Cuddled tight, cuddled right
It's just the place to be.

Ah yes, the way I feel
When you look into
These hazel eyes and I into
Your dark brown iris
Hypnotizing, beautiful, precious
The way I feel... It is exuberance

I'd like those moments to keep happening.

Moments when I pick you up,
Or hold your soft hands
And attempt teaching you to dance
To shake your hips

Moments when I learn about you
Moments of simple conversation
Moments of wonderful kisses
Laughter, embraces, and bliss.
I'd like to continue this,
euphoric courtship
555 · May 2016
I miss you
JJRKelly May 2016
When we last parted
Your lips were warm
And sweet with longing.
And now I lay in bed, over
Filled with intense wanting
For your sweetness.
And every passing second
I miss you more.
549 · Feb 2016
In Her Eyes
JJRKelly Feb 2016
In her eyes
He is beautiful.
He is the fullness of a word that she will never find.
The one word that would perfectly describe
His handsomeness, his very essence,
His charm, and ardent presence.
He is the pink within her life.
His is the warmth that melts her mind
and sets the butterflies in her heart to fly.
Sets the wings of her heart to spread
that she might fly to his light.
He is the Helios to her Clytie
He is the star to which her songbird heart sings.
She is tuned into his key.
She blushes when he puts his lips
to hers and sets her face to glowing.
Sets her heart to soaring.
She doesn’t know the word to describe
the feeling he gives her. The word that
captures what he is to her what he is in her life.
But she knowss there was never a better feeling
before he stepped into her life.
From a time where  I decided to write how a lady must feel when she's with her love. Not sure if I got it right though.
548 · Feb 2016
Beautiful Memory
JJRKelly Feb 2016
I miss
Your kiss.
The sensation of your lips
Soft and intoxicatingly sweet
As they locked with my own
And your tongue slipped in.

I miss
Your embrace.
The warmth that seeped into my body
As I wrapped my arms round your waist
And pulled you flush against
My core,
yearning to become one flesh.

I miss
Your fingertips.
And the curly hair that brushed
Softly o'er my face when
You stared into my eyes
Studying every brown/green pigment.
I miss staring into yours.
And tracing up and down your skin
Whether it was exposed or hidden.

I miss
Your conversation.
Your soft voice and vibe
That has been the focus of poetry I've written
In past times
And even now at this very moment.

I miss you
Just thought I'd write this
Poem that you'll never see.
And as much as I hope,
"All the world's a stage",
And you getting a second act will never be.
You're now just a sad, yet beautiful memory
I love bringing out the memories in words that turn them from bad dreams to beautiful losses and tragedies.
522 · Feb 2016
Lay Lady Lay
JJRKelly Feb 2016
Your fingers brush
Against me and paint me
Anew with a lush

In your arms I am sweet
Relaxed and open you
Make My heart complete

I love resting on your *****
I am like a child
Arousing like a cherry blossom

You tickle my soul pink
Invoking the most ardent of feelings
In a single packed destined for you
Tell me now you wont leave my bed sheets
Laying next to you I feel love true.
520 · Dec 2017
JJRKelly Dec 2017
I cover
Your every inch
Of dark skin
With touches tender
Like the darkness
That we've entered.
With windows shuttered
And the lights extinguished
As anticipation rises
For the caress of
Secret places to begin.

I embrace you,
Like the shadows
That raced to
Cover your skin,
I trace your curve
with fingertips and lips.
My piqued interest peaks
As I feel the trembles,
And the radiated heat
That eminates from your core
To the surface that I search
To bring bright an vivid
The image of your visage
to my mind
Just like reading braille.

Four senses left
I'm just like the blind
And so I
Rediscover every line
Every hill and sweet valley
Projected in my mind's eye
While I listen to your neosoul
sighs and prelude moans
Which, by lack of sight
Become magnified...
Til passions melodies end
In sweet cadence of night's
511 · Feb 2016
Winters Love
JJRKelly Feb 2016
Winter, I love her.
Her cold embrace loving and tight,
She chills my bones and heart
So that it doesn't matter I'm cold at night.

Sh makes me forget this,
Shattered, splintered heart.
She helps me forget the arrow
The flaming dart that broke it apart.

I love her sweet whispers
Brushing over my skill shaven bald,
Over my chest, my bare legs,
She loves that I don't shiver at all.

She doesn't mind the black, the grey, and the deep
Dark blue
Colors of my clothing that match my mood.
She doesn't mind my raggedy look, my darkened eyes
And the stone ice frozen muscle in my
Empty chest.
I love winter because she loves right.
Even though I'm depressed she loves me best
From back in my depressed days.
508 · Feb 2016
Plug in the Music
JJRKelly Feb 2016
Losing myself to the music.
Plug it up to my soul and listen.
The drugs for my psyche.
Call it an addiction.

Melodies to soften the pain,
Bass to pump my blood,
Treble to tremble my brain,
Harmony to Iron the rust.

Enhancing my every emotion
Or vice versa calming me down.
I'm currently *******
So I'm plugging it up right now
500 · Feb 2016
JJRKelly Feb 2016
The sounds of the rainstorms of life
Rolling off of my back.
I am the
Fledgling swan
Floating through the garden pond
Filled with the beauty of life
Trials and all.
But I know the road
And the dice that was rolled.
Knowing these
And having faith, I float
Dependant on Christ for buoyancy
For armor and weapon
In times of great difficulty.
It is He,
Who made the greatest sacrifice
That allows me to spread wings,
And fly swift and strong,
Though in reality I be weak,
Or to through the tumultuous ocean
Go on floating.
499 · Sep 2016
JJRKelly Sep 2016
Dark clouds drizzle
Lukewarm rain
In the late September midnight
And water's seeping into my jacket
Wetting my hair and skin.
And eyes closed I reminisce
On our times of intimate.
495 · Mar 2016
I look, I see.
JJRKelly Mar 2016
It's hard to look,
It's hard to see.
The great pain in my history,
The conflicts within my ancestry.
My past encompasses centuries
and while some did and do,
I've been taught and I've chosen not to flee.
I accept the weight with many tears
and no broken backs.
For it is a great part of the strength that I have.
From across the sea, to the ships of warped wood and mast.
From the stages with spotlights of sunshine and blue eyes
To the places of of the merciless mans leather whip crack.
From the war for our bodies, to the war for our rights.
From the war for our culture to the war for our minds.
The war to take our knowledge, and disgrace our lives.
These things could I ever deny?
To sacrifice for to unborn children, an agape love truly.
Blemished and distorted history that it is.
Made a fantasy trip by those that write the books
from which we teach,
Ours must remain, still, an oral history.
And should I break away, I lose what I am,
and the strength given by those before me;
those strong founding African Americans
Who, for their descendants, stood on their feet.
Never to surrender spiritually.
I look not over the sea for my forefathers.
No, I began with the survivors
who refused to be beat.
From the slave to the free man.
From the mixed child to to *****.
From the hard worker, the soldier, the enlightened,
to the one's that made it to and through college.
To the one's who endured the racist and the hatred.
It may be hard to look, to see,
but it's because of these
That I can look
I can see.
I am.
And I can be.
Just watched a video of a woman character being whipped ( on her arms) for the most ridiculous of reasons and now that I'm older and can understand now, the feeling I get is that much more intense. It's a sad kind of uncomprehending hatred I suppose. Such hatred is hard to understand, and the fact that my ancestors survived just so that I can sit here at this laptop getting my education practically for free... So I was inspired to write this poem. #fucktrump #fuckhatred
494 · Feb 2016
JJRKelly Feb 2016
I swam your deep, hoping
For the treasures at your depths.
But, I failed to take that breath
Of reality and so your surreal took me.
And yet.
I'm not drowning.
Rather I'm, flying on your toxic things
with no hope of returning.
I'm for certain living the dream.
The Atlantean
that sank beneath your sea.
482 · Feb 2016
To My Muse
JJRKelly Feb 2016
Her figure
Puts me in a frame of mind
That subscribes
To the graces of her pleasures.
And I haven't even touched,
Nor shared a word
With my muse.

My relationship with her
Is purely my aesthetic and mental view,
And my heart's intense pounding
When she comes around me.
In other words...

I'd like to get to know you.
Thinking bout the times when I see a lady who's intelligent, which increases her beauty in my view. Only, I can never sayba word to them. Only write a quick poem in my mind that ends up being forgotten.
474 · Aug 2017
JJRKelly Aug 2017
At 4:30 am
I wake up excited to see
The sun rise.
More so excited to be
Enveloped in your starlight
When you do arise
With a warm "good morning".
Your beautiful visage bright
As my delight that you're mine.
As surely as East faces Dawn
Will I forever revel in the mornings
Because you're next to me.
Mind, body, and soul
Connected to me.
Opening my eyes to all the beauty
Within you,
Within me
Within the world
Til I look forward to your sunrise
At 4:30
463 · Mar 2016
JJRKelly Mar 2016
How could I ever whisper sweet nothings?
No, my words are akin to Robert Brownings
Words to his dearest, the eloquent Elizabeth Barret.
I could never compliment you without depth and passion
put into my words that is barely suppressed within
How could I not admire so completely?
No, my adoration, limited by physics, could never be truly
expressed thoroughly though I try. My soul cries to be free,
To join into one with your own.
How could I not long
For thee?
How could I without you be?
461 · Mar 2019
Eternity lost
JJRKelly Mar 2019
Hundreds of poems
Were never enough.
So I gave up writing
For someone who'd
Never understand
Depths; the essence,
The timelessness
Of my words.
452 · Feb 2016
Will you be Mine?
JJRKelly Feb 2016
I never had much
For a kiss and touch
Or those other strange
actions that lovers display.  

I find myself yearning
For your warm colors
And your succulent sweet.

Took a glance for me
To be set afire inside my mire.
Only a single exchange of words,
And a couple of brushes with your eyes
To set my heart on dreamers time.

A day goes by that I don't wish
To be graced with your music
And sweet passion.
Not a single moment
Since then.

Now comes that holiday
And I'm standing in this checkout aisle
With card and flowers
Hoping with all hope that I'll
Succeed with my words
And gifts of affections.

You be mine?
Valentine poem. Tried to keep it deep and sweet. Let me know tour thoughts please! I've honestly been caught up in the valentines vibe.
447 · Feb 2016
JJRKelly Feb 2016
She is a collage
She is a collage of aspects
Too surreal and abstract
For me to really grasp at
But I love her all the same
And I love her all the more
When she opens up the doors
To the library of her mind full of
Experiences and wisdoms
That drown me in a downpour
Of flamboyant and intense colors
That make up her life.
441 · Nov 2016
JJRKelly Nov 2016
The pain I feel throbs
in small ebbs
through the well of my heart.
Reflecting only a small amount
Of the hurt that I've caused you
From the words I've used.
No I'm not perfect but I,
Oh I, wish I was because
There wouldn't ever be a moment
like this one that we're in.
407 · Apr 2016
Ad Infintum
JJRKelly Apr 2016
I miss your touch.
The second it's gone
I, for the tingling sensation
On my skin against yours, long;
Like the budding flower for the sun,
And the dry earth for the rain.
Is it wrong that I want you again,
And again?
That I want you ad infinitum?
Wow it's been awhile since I wrote some verses. Kinda went into a slight depression with the loss of my grandad but I'm coming our of it slowly but surely. Helps to have so many loving people around me. Especially the one who was on my mind when I write this poem.
405 · Aug 2017
L'œuvre de la Nuit
JJRKelly Aug 2017
For you my art becomes somatic.
For you it melds asomatous and adroitness.
My oeuvre is intended for you
and so I bestow with the invisible ink,
of the mind that only you see,
the precious words thick with dreams
and hidden meanings.
L'œuvre de la Nuit
Showcased to an audience of only one
At 3am whilst the world waits on the sun.
Inspired by a masterpiece
My work has only just begun.
And we’ve many more sunset to dawns
To layer my ardor many times over
On your heart.
L'œuvre de la Nuit
Artwork of the night
405 · Aug 2017
Art Fait la nuit
JJRKelly Aug 2017
Turn me into a poet aroused
by the beauty of your being and I
Feel the increasing need to impart,
to write with asomatous ink, many a stanza upon
the surfaces of the recesses of your heart.
My desire for you transforms me from beast
Into a composer with a symphony,
to compose lush chanson to reach
deep and strong within thee
until you vibrate with a thousand
La nuit commence tout juste.
With such art fait la nuit
is there really need for sleep?
La nuit commence tout juste
the night is just beginning

Asomatous entered English in the mid-1700s from Late Latin asōmatus, which derives from the Greek asṓmatos "disembodied, incorporeal."

Oeuvre de la nuit
Work of the Night
Work meaning the sum of an artists works.
404 · Jan 2017
JJRKelly Jan 2017
Fire burns hot
And hotter still
But ardent sweet you are
I've never burned
My fingertips against
Your flaming heart.
399 · Feb 2016
The Love Blues
JJRKelly Feb 2016
I love you.

I love every inch of you. With
Every word that passes your lips,
With every sigh and moan,
My mind goes on a trip.
Meeting you for the first time,
With every syllable I fall in love again.

I love you I do.
But let patience have its due.
Winters settled as I wait for you.
I despise the cold. I have to wrap
In others friendly warmth.
And now you make me blue.
You basked in anothers affection.
Oh Love, you've been to me untrue

Oh, but I love you I do.
If only you'd quit being a **** fool.
From a stressful relationship that ended on a sour note.
388 · Mar 2016
JJRKelly Mar 2016
Arms that wrap about your waist.
Fingers that pull against your lace.
Teeth that tug on your lips.
Skin that burns hot, fevered by electric sparks,
as addicting as dreams.

But there's a truth that shows
In the fire of our souls
That can only be told,
Only made known
In the voices upon the bed sheets that
rumple and fold
beneath our enamored and ardent action.

The axiom revealed betwixt is this.
There's no cold
within this sweet, sweet heaven.
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