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Nov 2017 · 332
JJRKelly Nov 2017
You are a vibrant pink lily
with starlight at your center
floating on my calm waters;
beautifying my stormy waters.
Anchored to my soul by the
red string of fate fastened
between you and I
Oct 2017 · 119
JJRKelly Oct 2017
The ridges in my fingerprints
Are soaking wet with
A secret inspiration.
And when they ask
What coats my fingertips
To write these hinted poems
Shall I say that they've been
Dipped into ink or honey?
Shall I tell them that it's
Saccharine that's running
Through the quill of my mental pen
To soak sole lovers skin with words?
Or should I keep it between you and I?
The truth of the matter, that is, the reason for which I write?
Aug 2017 · 109
JJRKelly Aug 2017
I am the wind.
Blowing on your wind
The ocean water slipping onto
Your gentle beach during
The tide.
I'm the dew on your
Rose petals when
The sun rise.
And the starlight piercing
Through time
To reach your surface.
I'm midnight ink soaking your
Your blank inches
That await my signature kisses.
I'm fingers on your strings
Musician playing
your music.
You're the muse behind
My bemusement
As I wonder how
You love me.
I am
The floor beneath your feet
When you're dancing majestically
I get chills over my skin.
My pigments sing
When the sensation flicks
Like cloud lightning.
Such is the depth to
Which you reach
Like a well to draw water
From the earth
You tap into my innermost
Just speaking metaphorically
Bout the ornateness
Of the passion leaving
me breathless.
You're like petrichor
After a long rain.
Like a closed door
On past things.
Like a new chapters
New page
First sentence
First syllable
First letter
Exploding imagery in my mind.
Like fireworks in the dark night.
Like a candle flame
Bursting into existence
Without delay
Ardent in every kind of way.
I picture drinking your cocoa
In front of a fireplace.
You're spices and sugar
Strong, flavorful,
Saturate my taste.
Laughter that leaves me
Gasping for air
With no escape.
The island of Aeaea
To my Odysseus.
I'm lost in you
Like a raindrop
Fallen into the sea.
A ****** but for your love.
Such is the intensity of
What I have in my heart
I feel I must have brushed heaven
When your lips touched.
When I first truly looked at you
And thought to myself,
She's as beautiful as
The ruby red sun
At dusk
On the ocean horizon.
And I, the artist inspired
By such pulchritude,
Can't get you out my mind,
How could I express such
No matter how I paint,
No matter the music I play,
Your description is locked in,
The image burns on my mind
Though I write many a
Aug 2017 · 120
JJRKelly Aug 2017
The Lips
That dance over my skin.
How long I've waited for them,
For that delicious touch of his
To meet with mines.
Long I've waited to give love
And he's pulled it right out of me
With those
The touch of his words
Send me into a pirouette
And set me aglow in my very depths.
And although they've
Only touched my surface
They reach so very deeply into the
Very heart of me.
Does he even see
What he does to me?
What he pulls out of me?
Emotions I never knew
Could exist.
He's lips that
Melt away my insides
With a simple smile
But the effect doesn't stop there,
Doesn't hold back, doesn't spare,
Doesn't overlook any inch
Of me that needs the warmth
That's forever emanating
From his lips that set my
Soul to dancing,
Sets my heart aflutter
Till I pointe
Ready to rise high
Feeling as royal as a queen.
Oh how long I've waited for
His lips.
I dream of the lush
Revel in the ardent
Of those precious
Saved just for me
And my palate.
as lovely as dew
In the morning  
And flowers in full bud
Just for me.
His lips.
Aug 2017 · 352
JJRKelly Aug 2017
rain falls on the window
Sill as, pondering invisible thoughts, you
stare out at gray weather
looking as though you yourself
once upon a time
fell from on high
like these drops of water
to soak, and saturate
my life.
My thoughts run smooth
As I regard you.
alike heavy watercolors and inks
on paper you dye me.
And when they ask
about the changing colors of my canvas.
I'll answer that raindrops
fell as I floated down
down the river of time
and so of course was soaked.
Thought of this while listening to Cavanaugh - Rain on the beach
Aug 2017 · 411
L'œuvre de la Nuit
JJRKelly Aug 2017
For you my art becomes somatic.
For you it melds asomatous and adroitness.
My oeuvre is intended for you
and so I bestow with the invisible ink,
of the mind that only you see,
the precious words thick with dreams
and hidden meanings.
L'œuvre de la Nuit
Showcased to an audience of only one
At 3am whilst the world waits on the sun.
Inspired by a masterpiece
My work has only just begun.
And we’ve many more sunset to dawns
To layer my ardor many times over
On your heart.
L'œuvre de la Nuit
Artwork of the night
Aug 2017 · 408
Art Fait la nuit
JJRKelly Aug 2017
Turn me into a poet aroused
by the beauty of your being and I
Feel the increasing need to impart,
to write with asomatous ink, many a stanza upon
the surfaces of the recesses of your heart.
My desire for you transforms me from beast
Into a composer with a symphony,
to compose lush chanson to reach
deep and strong within thee
until you vibrate with a thousand
La nuit commence tout juste.
With such art fait la nuit
is there really need for sleep?
La nuit commence tout juste
the night is just beginning

Asomatous entered English in the mid-1700s from Late Latin asōmatus, which derives from the Greek asṓmatos "disembodied, incorporeal."

Oeuvre de la nuit
Work of the Night
Work meaning the sum of an artists works.
Aug 2017 · 345
De la Nuit
JJRKelly Aug 2017
I want first to explicate
and delve into the many ways
that I will love you
through ever so many days.
And afterwards to situate
the softest, and warmest touch
of lips like a painters wet brush
onto new canvas.
To seep into you like
a vocalists voice into new lyric.
To flow with you akin
a dancer gliding through the motions
of a grand romance, an
oeuvre cowritten by you and I
performed through the night.
the works of a painter, composer, or author regarded collectively.

De la Nuit
Of the Night
Aug 2017 · 90
Pillow Talk
JJRKelly Aug 2017
How much do you love me?
And how about trust?
Can you see the future I see?
Can you get with the fact that I've done
and will do An-y-thing
to make you smile brighter than the sun.
To make you dream dreams of us
Like you're walking on stardust
Speaking of which
It's almost time to sleep
But I'd rather keep you awake with me
And ik that you're not in the mood for this.
After all, you are ******.
And I'm a little fool for this
But these words just kept pushing
And so I have to put them  into text
Despite the context.
I've had you on my mind all day.
Ever since I left the house.
I don't want sleep to take you away.
Don't want you in bed with a frown.
You don't want sweet words right now.
All I wanna do is spit words like a boss.
Ponder, and let my mind wander, asking
Cheeky questions and all.
I'm miles apart from you
but all I want is pillow talk
Aug 2017 · 138
JJRKelly Aug 2017
With words and with music
I form an annulas of fire
Around your heart.
But this is no solar eclipse,
No this is merely art.
You don't block out my passion
But rather, you've enhanced it.
And celestial beauty that you are,
You've reflected this.
You've shown me who I am inside.
Kindled my desire.
Like the moon blotting the sun
You've kept my hottest rays of light
For yourself,
But I don't mind for I'd rather you
Than anyone else
Aug 2017 · 279
JJRKelly Aug 2017
She combs and braids my hair,
And I braid my lips and tongue with hers.
She sends me sweet goodnight texts and
I keep her awake for the moon and stars.
Aug 2017 · 476
JJRKelly Aug 2017
At 4:30 am
I wake up excited to see
The sun rise.
More so excited to be
Enveloped in your starlight
When you do arise
With a warm "good morning".
Your beautiful visage bright
As my delight that you're mine.
As surely as East faces Dawn
Will I forever revel in the mornings
Because you're next to me.
Mind, body, and soul
Connected to me.
Opening my eyes to all the beauty
Within you,
Within me
Within the world
Til I look forward to your sunrise
At 4:30
Jul 2017 · 93
Patient II
JJRKelly Jul 2017
Dear love,
I ask that you be patient.
I've just now realized
I'm holding on to fragments
Of a past before the lessons
That I learned from you
Straightened my worldview
Setting everything in my vision
To pink.
The passion runs deep
So that the thought of being
With you is a constant.
And yet, I'm still learning
To let go of the fragments.
Rewiring my mind takes
Quite a bit of practice.
However I can promise
That the end result will be
Well worth your patience.
Jul 2017 · 210
Double vision
JJRKelly Jul 2017
All I see is double vision.
Tears in her eyes, anger in mine
From my wrong decision.
How do I **** up a good thing
And set out to fix it?
I've got no answers to my thousand
Thoughts and thousand questions.
I've got no solutions,
So my thinking is there's
No remission.
Dear God up in heaven.
I did what I did to deserve this.
But look down at your servant with
Show me the light at the end of this
Dark place
Cause there ain't no satiate
Where I'm at.
Had a good thing,
A good woman from my dreams
And I've undone that.
I'd give my life to have her back.
And I mean every word
When I say that...
Let your will be done
Even if it is this
I don't know how
To keep going.
Cue the insomnia
Dead heart, dead mind
And depression.
She brought me a better life.
And I know it's in the past
But that one time...
Know I did wrong and this has
Got to be payback.
Truth comes to light
Tho I didn't hide,
And now it's like a flashback.
Never again and I swear that.
Never again will I do that.
God. Never have I ever prayed this hard.
You gave me the other half to my heart.
And I want to asked this in Jesus name
Please don't take her away.
Jul 2017 · 382
Love Poem
JJRKelly Jul 2017
I write poetry
Cause I've never been
Good at photography
And I want to create
The same vivid imagery
In your mind
With the words I write.
Though written for all to see,
I write deliberately with
Secret words the meanings
of which I hide just for you and I
To warm your heart,
Rekindle and stoke the fire
Because when I'm away
And my lips and fingertips,
Words, and goofiness,
Can't keep you warm,
I feel a great and growing
Longing for your presence.
That's why even now
I write this love poem.
Jul 2017 · 351
Real Thing.
JJRKelly Jul 2017
Ain't nothing like the
real thing
Nothing like your voice,
Your visage, body,
Nor touch.
No fantasy worth having,
No dream worth sleeping,
No woman worth the flirting.
Only time worth waiting
Til you're back in my arms,
Only distance worth traveling
Because I'll run near or far
To hold you again,
Kiss you again,
Make Love again,
Pray together again,
Whisper once more,
Set butterflies and bubbles loose
Deep down in your core.
Ain't nothing that can
match the feeling
Of the real thing
Between you and me
Jul 2017 · 113
Through the Night.
JJRKelly Jul 2017
Your hot lips
Grace my cool skin
Like morning dew
On blades of grass.

Just as your fingertips
Caress like rays of sunlight
Caress the horizon
During sun-set & rise.

And your deep brown eyes
Staring deep into mine
Light a fire in me that defies
The cold that grows
When you're not by my side.

And musician that
I am,
I create the vibrations
That you dance with me to
through the night.
Jun 2017 · 240
JJRKelly Jun 2017
Voy a amarte
As the sun rises and sets,
As the rains and snows fall
Through nil or stormy winds.
As the blades of grass grow high,
The flowers bud, and fruits ripen.
As Rivers flow unhindered
And clouds grace mountain peaks.
Je vais t'aimer
As the world awakens and sleeps.
Love you as I breath in deep,
Love you as you spin, leap
Forever the sole dancer
my soul şarkı
Ben aşk sizi dans
Amor você como o brilho das estrelas
And we spiral through the galaxy.
Love you as time stands still
And I'm at loss for words.
Love you as no serenade remains
Within this harpist fingers,
As I can no longer to press my lips
Against and caress your skin.
As I close my eyes and forever slumber.
Love you as my Maker I meet.

Jecelahay weligiis
May 2017 · 128
Love letter
JJRKelly May 2017
Write lovely words on my skin,
Dye every pigment with your ink.
Place the characters with your lips,
And the gentle strokes of your fingertips​.
And when you've written a thousand words
Envelope me in your arms
And seal me with a kiss.
Then mail me to heaven
Addressed to Sweet Bliss.
May 2017 · 142
JJRKelly May 2017
I paint a picture
Sculpt a sculpture
Frame your figure
With ink thick and black
That stains this soft paper
Until at long last
your image
Your soft brown skin and hair,
Your deep brown eyes
and heart shaped lips
The curve of your hips
your thighs,
The things only for my eyes,
The intimates only for my heart
The ardency solely for my soul,
The strength of your mind
And heart that beats strong, inside
And outside top to bottom,
projects from words in a poem
May 2017 · 172
Her smile
JJRKelly May 2017
It's not so much her smile
As the process of producing
That special curve upon
Her lips
The makes me fall in love
Again and again.
Apr 2017 · 172
Sweet words
JJRKelly Apr 2017
I never mind
Receiving a kiss
From your cherry lips
Sweeter are the words
I speak
Because the love
Nectar from your peach
Coats my tongue.
Apr 2017 · 182
JJRKelly Apr 2017
I love my bittersweet
Dark Chocolate.
She's sharp and warm
And on my palate
Melts, ever deliciously.
Apr 2017 · 2.3k
JJRKelly Apr 2017
Hazel eyes to take in the beauty,
Rough hands to cup a soft cheek,
Supple lips to plant words sweet,
And unspoken,
Onto scented brown skin.
Writing sensual poetry on your melanin
Until a million choice words grace your skin
Crisscrossing and overlapping one another
To create the perfect lyric,
Where your vibrations settle into cadence
Apr 2017 · 114
JJRKelly Apr 2017
Planted a garden.
Took a few years
To see it's fruition.
Now, through my mind
A goddess walks
To the beat of my music.
Apr 2017 · 197
JJRKelly Apr 2017
We are artists.
A dancer
And a harpist.
We make sweet beauty together.
And in love we became one.
More than music and motion,
More than artistic persons,
More than our expressions.
In truth we became intimacy
At it's peak.
We've weaved a universe
That only exists between
Your footsteps and my harps strings,
And between the electric touches
And our star hearts gravity.
It's a unique cosmic
Where we match frequencies,
Vibrations becoming sensations
That are neon colored vibrant
And I paint a picture with my hands
Of her
Every curve brushed by fingertips
And lips
And I'm caressed by hers ardent.
We fill up our world with art
And fiery passion
With intimate dance
And  sweet music.
Apr 2017 · 192
JJRKelly Apr 2017
I'm slowly but surely
Stepping out of your life,
Yes I'm omitting you from mine.
So when the door closes softly
You won't even notice the goodbye
Until you wonder "why?".
Mar 2017 · 143
JJRKelly Mar 2017
The curve of her naked shoulder,
And the curve of her heart shaped lips.
The curl of her thick ***** hair,
And the smoothness of her bared hips.
A sight privy to his eyes only.
A beauty for his arms solely.
The heart in her chest already his
And vice versa and here there's no words.
Just two souls singing loves melody
As they become one,  coming together.
Brown bodies in a dance
Only they know and whisper to each other
The secret words that they discovered
Beforehand in their hearts and saved
Until action cannot be abstained
And they lose themselves to a sweet,
A beautiful, and intimate thing.
Mar 2017 · 167
JJRKelly Mar 2017
Every musician
has his/her inspiration
For every improv and performance,
And every composer their
Muse for every composition.
I thank God that mine
Is constantly in mind
So I can produce music that can define
Because it's useless trying
With just words.
Mar 2017 · 281
evening rain
JJRKelly Mar 2017
It rains
And it pours
It thunders
And it storms
Lightning flashes
Across the evening sky
Dusks shadows descend
Into a starry night
Where water droplets
Still roll from leaves and windows
Bricks and flowers petals
And darkness makes invisible
The beading sweat the slips
Down the sides of your thighs
And down your stomach
And onto my skin
With each passing moment
And intertwined motion.
Feb 2017 · 146
JJRKelly Feb 2017
I sleep tight
Body and soul wrapped up in her arms
I rest assured
Knowing I'll wake up in her warmth
I'm comfortable in her presence
Fully relaxed I give up all the tension
And sink into her thick and sweet scent
Her soft and smooth moreno skin
And closing my weary eyes
Resting upon her *****
The starry night
becomes a simple perfection.
Feb 2017 · 155
JJRKelly Feb 2017
I need,
And so am found to be wanting,
For the fact of simply not having
My love, my dear, my sweet,
My friend, my heart, and ever lovely
Darling and only. My No.1 queen.
I am ever alone
Who have I to defy this aching
In my soul

Besides you?
It's you who moves me to create
To dance, to pluck strings, to paint,
To act upon my inner desires
And pull out your love-song and satiate
Without pause. To inquire
Your body, heart and mind
And care for them for as long as I

But without you near I
Have been found wanting
And incomplete.
Impatient to meet
And quench my being
On all that you offer to me
And present you my overflowing
Love that longs only
For thee.
Feb 2017 · 141
JJRKelly Feb 2017
I am so outright
What keeps me going
Who are my real friends
I'm thinkin bout if I have any
It's quite annoying
Realizing how limited
My list is,
Full of shortcomings
And I fail to comprehend
What exactly it is
That I'm doing wrong.
This thought process irritates
Me no end.
Jan 2017 · 206
JJRKelly Jan 2017
Snow crystals fall on
And grace her thick
Deep-Brown 4b curls,
On her long eyelashes,
Melt on her brown cheeks
And her bitable lush lips,
Thicker and heavier they fall
On her puffy jacket
On her cold hand in my hand
On her boots and small bookbag.
They adorn her like
Tiny stars in the night.
And I photograph the moment
In this poem
To last til the end of time.
Jan 2017 · 149
Don't Go.
JJRKelly Jan 2017
Don't go
I can't handle
To cry
When you go
And I stay
My yearning increasing
As the miles between
Quickly turn into
Light-years between
Two stars.
I see you and you see me
But our fires, our gravity
They don't quite reach,
Again I beseech,
Don't go.
Jan 2017 · 116
JJRKelly Jan 2017
Im sending kisses.
Though miles away
To spite the distance,
That great amount of space
That seems so endless.

I'm sending kisses
To sweeten your dreams
And warm your bed
And bring peace to sleep
In this cold winter night
Where I'm not resting
at your side.
Jan 2017 · 407
JJRKelly Jan 2017
Fire burns hot
And hotter still
But ardent sweet you are
I've never burned
My fingertips against
Your flaming heart.
Jan 2017 · 155
Making sweet Coffee
JJRKelly Jan 2017
Sometimes I add too
Sugar so the sweet black liquid
And my coffee's spilling out the
Dripping down the sides of the
Until I lick up the rolling
And pour my cream in-
to the deep-brown liquid
Where it rises to the top
And mixes,
perfect for my palate
Just had a cup of hot coffee. It was quite sweet though nowhere as sweet as love.
Jan 2017 · 143
In Order
JJRKelly Jan 2017
To spite
The space and time
That stretches between us
I fill it up with poet stardust
Until it glows bright
And burns hot as a nebula
So that no matter the distance
You always feel my presence
And the heat of my touch
Until we meet again
Two stars on collision
Course set for love.
Jan 2017 · 114
Morning Coffee
JJRKelly Jan 2017
I'm the cream
Mixing into your coffee
For a good cup of love.
With this good amount of sugar
I think I'll have to make another.
Though of course with you
The taste only gets better
And more refined
The more I sip away
At your sweet
And savory
This early morning.
Jan 2017 · 297
JJRKelly Jan 2017
Set me free,
From nightmares
And haunted sleep
Pulled me into your
Ever deep
Ever never land
Up in the clouds
No sight of land
That's why I'm your
Number one fan.
Among the millions
I'm your one man.
Song lyrics for song I'm composing for piano
Jan 2017 · 873
Night Whispers
JJRKelly Jan 2017
Dearest love,
Tell me in my ear,
In the tone of voice,
That only I am privy to hear
How does it feel,
With me inside,
Your heart and mind,
And your body tight
Could it be more real,
When together we lie,
Sweaty skin and fiery eyes,
In embrace til morning rise
My passion unconcealed
My desires brought into the light
And sated with you, each passing night,
In the bliss of your piquant delight
Tell me love,
In your pleasured outcries,
And soft moans,
In your sweet sighs,
And your hushed tones
With every breath,
Every touch of soul and skin
And every spark between our minds,
Tell me dearest one,
How it feels to be mine.
Accidentally deleted a few times. Enjoy!
Jan 2017 · 1.5k
JJRKelly Jan 2017
I gaze upon the beauty
Of the orchid,
And nibble at the sweet, succulent,
Raspberry drupelets.
I breath deep the scent
Of your roses
As your nectar, my skin,
With every sensation
Take me through Eden.
And our travels have just
Jan 2017 · 306
Facts and Fate
JJRKelly Jan 2017
It's a fact that
There're light-years between stars
And the universe is slowly
But surely spreading apart, galaxies
Moving farther and farther away
From each other
And it's but fate
That here on tiny earth
There's naught but what God
Has placed between us
And that is love

Jan 2017 · 126
JJRKelly Jan 2017
At the drop of a hat
Before time is due
You can bet that
I'll be next to you.
Jan 2017 · 117
JJRKelly Jan 2017
It's the hardest thing
To be mean,
When you're sweet.
Jan 2017 · 161
JJRKelly Jan 2017
It's bliss for my lips
When I get the chance
To whisper compliments
In your ear and you blush back
Jan 2017 · 145
Small Talk
JJRKelly Jan 2017
Her: I think I can write poetry...
        On your neck...
        With my lips.

Me: If you can write poetry on my
       On my neck with your lips,
       Consider the rest of my skin
       A blank page waiting for
       The ink of your bliss.
Jan 2017 · 246
Morning Magic
JJRKelly Jan 2017
It's strange magic.
Some kind of fantastic.
A granted impossible wish.
When I open my brown eyes,
And the hazels staring back into mine
Are his.

From her p.o.v
Jan 2017 · 134
Star Core
JJRKelly Jan 2017
I roll into you,
Like strong waves onto
The sea shore.
And you melt my
Body like the mass roiling
At your star core.
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