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In darknest night.
In shadows of the light.
In coldest winter.
And in wettest rain.
I learn to love you!

On whittest sheets.
And on the concrete floor.
Betwen a conversation.
And under wooden table.
I learn to love you!

Before the sunset.
And after hardest day.
Above umbrella.
And under skyline.
I learn to love you!

With fully heart.
Or empty mind.
With hole in pocket.
And without doubts.
I learn to love you!

It doesn't matter how.
I learn to love you!
I am a person
not to be used
Taken for a fool.
I long to be valued
Somethings  I feel  walked all over.
not  able to  voice  being  taken for granted
 Jan 17 Kelly
the first
 Jan 17 Kelly
i may have been the first
but you don't act like it
so simply coerced
into your arms

say that i'm special
say that i'm the one
but when i love
you say you're done
I don't need you
 Nov 2018 Kelly
Lu Lu
Over it
 Nov 2018 Kelly
Lu Lu
No more.

I deserve better
than getting my
hopes up over
replies that come
many hours later
and a busy schedule
~ all of a sudden ~
longer has
room for me,

longer will
I let you
s t r i n g
me along.
Love* can't be *bought
Neither sold
or earned
Love is not taken for granted.
My love of poetry
helps me overcome my fears.
Knowing that I am able to help others.
Offer hope in Christ.
I write through heartbreak
I draw people like magnets.
from a hurting world.

I point them in the right direction.
Give confidence through Christ.
I let them know God is there to sooth away hurts.
and help them see the light through darkness.
With someone waiting to carry there load.
I bring a ray of sunshine.
To those who feel rejected.
Give encouragment to the lonely and forgotten.
For a brighter day.
Poetry is an expression of whom I am.
 Oct 2018 Kelly
Lu Lu
Since when did your motto
that reminds me to be cautious
change from “boys are dumb” to
“men are trash and probably want ***”?

Where did things change from
worrying about a broken heart to
worrying about my physical health?
 Jun 2018 Kelly
 Jun 2018 Kelly
I'm told I'm bad at lying,
all too often I say too much.
When I get sick of trying
I find I flick from on to off.

The warmest smile can quickly turn
into an icy state;
in eyes which swore they knew you
-you will find there's no one there.

I'd love just like a waterfall
with no fear of running out;
'til from my eyes water would fall
like raindrops in a drought.

Now, the most inclusive laughter
slows right down to a flickering glance.
Fuses cut short
after weathering storms
and we dont know
how long
they will last.
writer's rough patch
 Jun 2018 Kelly
with each word that you speak
i am paralysed with a fear i have never felt
frightened by each syllable because i can never tell if you mean the words that drip like poison from your lips

your eyes send shocks through my body
my bones are cracked from the electrocution of the fear surging in my veins, striking everything it comes into contact with like lightning

you as a being haunts me, your very soul possesses mine and while the horror of what you evoke inside of me is a nightmare coming to life
you make me feel like morticia addams, i crave the fright.
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