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JJ McCoy Dec 2019
How could you know?
How did you take
All the right parts
Kind, gentle, and sweet

What did you learn?
What made you able
The first time you tried
To make our lives complete

When did you know?
When did the stars
So neatly align
To bring wonder into our world

Why is it us?
Why did the heavens
Choose people like we
To parent our precious girl
For my daughter
JJ McCoy Dec 2019
Live your life in such a way
That the person you truly are
And the person you wish to be remembered as
Are the same.
JJ McCoy Dec 2019
Often I set my eyes distantly
When in evening the sun sinks low
The weight of the day pressing down

Considering whose vengeance is just,
Who in six days made all I see.
What trial awaits if I vex His patience?

If our days are so shortly numbered,
Meet the night with reel and song
For it would bring needless sorrow
To waste even one.

— The End —