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Feb 8 · 255
Jim Musics Feb 8
We are lost in a lost world
Leaving us doubly nowhere
But how is it,
In this nowhere of ever increasing separation,
That we can find such intense un-felt intimacy?
whole, half, half, whole
Jan 31 · 174
Quite Quiet
Jim Musics Jan 31
The woods is wet and still
And cold, just at freezing
There's no pretty snow on the ground
No birds talking, just a tiny white and tan feather
On the tiny still brooklet
My thoughts are quiet, quite unusual for me
I feel no pain, no sadness
I feel too dull to long
'Sounds like a drug did this
It didn't
I don't mind this
Maybe I just forgot to push, forgot to care
For a little while
'Only thing missing ~ warmth
Dec 2019 · 173
The Days are Short
Jim Musics Dec 2019
You've left me cold, in the gloaming
I feel that You'll never warm me again
My outlook in dim, my vision; dark
The night's so long, where You used to belong
Will you ever come back?
I'll light a fire, a bier for joy?
Or beacon of hope?

What's that? Oh no my sweet,
It write for Sol
Not of you
Dec 2019 · 155
Jim Musics Dec 2019
Is it-
always a slap
or unwanted ***
or a glass ceiling
or no loan
or no admission
or a leering look or remark

might it be more subtle-
all the phony laughs over the phone heard from the next room
not showing up for the small “important” events
the drip drip of passive-aggressive remarks, made in the exact cadence of madness

does that count,
if you're just a man?
don't ask
no need to answer, it's a rhetorical question
Dec 2019 · 313
Snow Evening
Jim Musics Dec 2019
The snow storm moved from over us
To the Northeast
The West was turning orange from blue and gray
The clouds to the South were many, many rough, small, (for clouds), circles of white
On blue
It's been gray for days
The moon is a waxing crescent, emitting poetry, as always
The white white woods are orange this moment
I know where I am
These are today's simple colors
can you, did you see this?
Nov 2019 · 242
Here a writejus poem
Jim Musics Nov 2019
Nice write
Means nothing
Is nothing
Ignore this
too late!

Look at the freakin' clouds
But it's dark

Not gonna cut myself
Not gonna take a bunch of pills

Let me center justify this
That way y'all know it's a poem
whole, half, quarter, eight
that's all
that's as fast as i can go
Nov 2019 · 237
Jim Musics Nov 2019
The scent of the petals
Leads me to the mossy place
There I find heaven within
Carmen Jane pointed me to this mossy place
Thanks again CJ
Nov 2019 · 521
Jim Musics Nov 2019
To hear your kind dreams
Is a strengthening Soul drink
Glimmering dew drops
Carmen Jane helped me hear this
Thanks CJ!
Nov 2019 · 413
Found Moment
Jim Musics Nov 2019
Toes in the warm waves
At the Ocean's foamy edge
Timeless reveries
An Elena motivated haiku
thanks Elena!
Nov 2019 · 76
Jim Musics Nov 2019
I'm singing my heart out
'All you hear is the wind
My tears write the poem
My emotions are skinned

The notes that I'm playing
Fly to a peaceful place
Fingers on the strings
Want to caress your face

I'd tell you a story
But I don't think you care
The low groan you sound
Leads me back to nowhere

I will still read my poem
And I will sing my song
One day you'll hear it
Perhaps you'll sing along

I know that life's busy
I know you have your dreams
Let's sing together
Put our sorrows at ease

With love for each other
This way will lead to joy
Harmonies of hope
We will gladly employ

I'll just whisper my words
And try listening more
I hope you can see
It is you I adore
Carmen Jane & Jim Musics
50/50 on this
So much fun, learning and joy for me while doing this
Nov 2019 · 127
The Jar
Jim Musics Nov 2019
Watch the jar on the window sill,
It sticks to the light of the passing sun,
The jar pinches dark and green,
But holds the purer-than-white.

The flower is aware that it will die.
It chants its beauty while it lasts,
Then it falls from the jar,
Reaching for the last of its color.

The flower's dirt is sick from use.
Finished.  Just ugly.  Dirt.
Neither bugs nor light live in it.
The jar protects its uselessness.

A paper flower with a paint-green stick,
And the musty dirt,
Mock growth and sincere-green.
Only the old and too young laugh.

Time fades the fake.
It crumbles soon  (sooner than real),   to become dirt,
Even uglier than the first.
It tells the first of light.  The flower dirt smiles.

Man is taken away.
Earth starts to be earth again.
Structures fall.  The jar falls.
Soon all is growth.

Only one unnatural thing remains.
A piece of glass on the ocean ceiling.
Unrecognizable in the reflecting waves.
It is the person that means that much to us.

( Only found if we cut ourselves swimming
              toward dark green islands ).
written in 1967 when I was a junior in HS
Nov 2019 · 511
Jim Musics Nov 2019
we sing
out of earshot, but vibrating
we can feel it
we love
out of sight, for now
Thanks Jean Fisher fueling these words
Oct 2019 · 174
Jim Musics Oct 2019
tree branches are the most utterly beautiful things
in silhouette, against a pink dawn
an orange sunset
in total darkness
or against a blindingly grey sky
Jim Musics Sep 2019
The two Black-eyed Susans had endured a brutal, pelting rain
With winds that left them with no pollen
The bigger one tried to cover, with an embrace, the smaller, more abused one
I have a picture of them, together, after the storm
They are battered, but whole, stronger together

The grass is greener after the torrent
Deep, shiny green
Saturated with color
If feels as if it will never dry, never turn brown
The skies forever blue

The letter of recommendation; “Evergreen”
But of what value from a thief?
The age old pines that fall, invasive insect ravaged.
The hope that is easily evident in Spring
That struggles to endure in our Winter hearts

The brown patch where the flowers stood
Looks dead, barren, hopeless
Yet we know better, shall never forget
The little fliers will be waiting
To feast on those tiny dark florets
Inspired by Eloisa outlook
Jul 2019 · 289
Goodbye, (Again)
Jim Musics Jul 2019
How many times will I be able to say it?

I'm not sure if I gain callouses
or if I loss heart

Each time

The horizon gets further and further away


Far away
not fair the well, but travel well, I love you
Jul 2019 · 805
Morning Dew Society
Jim Musics Jul 2019
Long ago
I was a Freshman in College

A small collection of kind women and men
Gathered informally, when we could
We were looking, clear-eyed
For our world

To one, I talked of a Society
No leader nor agenda
Just the idea of getting together on the lawn
We, with our little jars, collecting droplets of dew
From the tips of the curved grass blades
Combined, the precious liquid would be sipped by one of us
We'd take turns

We'd say beautiful things to the sipper as they sipped
We all loved that person, each of us were loved that way
In succession
Hopes and dreams were thought of
Some shared, some too close to be shared
Even though we loved each other so dearly
So desperately and longingly
Our world was being usurped by hate and greed
We worked hard for Love
Some died for lack of Love
I miss you so my dear friends
I can't stand to think of it
(I'll finish it for you though)

For peace and equality
For compassion and passion
We hoped for, longed for, cried for
These ideas

For each other
We were helpless
We would not admit it
I don't admit now
But we were not hopeless
Perhaps pitiful at times
Maybe most times, some of us.

This happened only in our talk
All those years ago,
(I cried when George Harrison died in the later years)
It remains a dream
My life: dreams and words
And work for a few dollars
Just enough to keep me busy working
While greedy guts gorged on my product

But now, although not with you
Not close enough so that I could look at your eyes
So that I could take your hand and help you up from the sweet ground
Although you don't need my help with that
We could share Morning Dew sips
One day, gathered from the red Bee Balm leaves
A most delicate, cool Oswego tea
Another, tiny clearest droplets from tips of Lilies
Grape leaves, Red Raspberry leaves, Blueberries
Will you gather with me
In my lifelong daydream?
I will hope
I will share
Jim Musics Jun 2019
Sunshine of Your Love – Cream
(did they really mean sunshine?)
'Ain't no Sunshine When She's gone
(ain't no clouds either)
You are my Sunshine, “...please don't you take my sunshine away...”
(don't tell me what to do!)
Wasn't there a jingle about some yucky artificial Sunshine Orange drink?
One about dappled shadow patterns on your nearly unbearably beautiful face as you sat on the cool moss on sunshiny day
One about how it how bounces off the sea and you think that's what made you fall in love
Some songs about unrestrained dancing and love making,
Some have no words and you put whatever ones you want in them
put some nice ones in OK? Maybe a verse about how you might love me if I were__, whatever it is that I'm not
Songs about Orange Sunshine LSD
before and after I met Allen Ginsberg, who never advised me to take drugs and he told my girlfriend that he didn't want to have *** with her even though she was wearing a snake bracelet on her bicep
Around the time of that great cultural enlightening, these things were realized more clearly:
Women are treated badly
Music is important and lifesaving
Black and Brown and Gay and Progressive and Freedom Loving people are treated badly
At 16, I knew these things already
But then, at 18, I really knew them
I still know them
I know more too
but it's hard to tell you more right now
ask me later, be kind about it. Thanks

There will be Sunshine on me tomorrow
'Wish you were here
To see you with early morning dew on your toes

I'll be more upbeat, I promise.
Like a beat poet at the joyous wedding of his best friend
Like a good bass player
Like a passionate singer
Like when I ask my guitar to try to tell you all this
In the morning
Like I was that morning when I was 18
I promise
Jun 2019 · 294
The Canvas
Jim Musics Jun 2019
Colors looking like they were applied excitedly
with random abandon
are seen to be beautiful as they dry
They were well planned
It is serene
Satisfying even to gaze at
again and yet again
the infinite white to red hues, all those infinite pinks
encircling the centering theme
As peaceful as bare skin on damp green moss
on a warm Summer night
Jun 2019 · 1.4k
Spell Unbroken
Jim Musics Jun 2019
I'm inclined to dance
But the peace of the moonlit
Should not be disturbed
Inspired by Eloisa's "Under the Spell"
Thank you !
Jim Musics Jun 2019
People and maybe other animals, have names for the Full Moons
Some poets may think the moon makes people fall in love  
Perhaps “Lovers' Moon”
The Moon is in all our skies
Half in day, half in night
It's always the same Moon, call it what you will and I hope you do

In the time of the evening when lightening bugs flash the most
In the heavy warm night air,
As I walk down the short section of the path, heading Southwest,
Feeling almost close to a human touch that's out of sight,
Completely out of sight, over the horizon,
Behind the hills, which are in a different direction,
Hidden among the tops of the great Oaks and frail Pines
Or none of these

I willingly, wantonly fool myself
Then become practical minded for a brief while
It doesn't stop me from longing
I don't want it to

But it's gray tonight, no Moon in sight, but I know where she is in the sky
Oh, but there, seen for a moment
The high and yes, the translucent clouds
Let the moon show through.

It looks to me like a big beautiful gray sunhat
Seen from a perch, high among the slightly enlightened leaves
Of a scared old Oak
But in an other good direction
Above and below
Below and above
Jim Musics Jun 2019
Pain, in time with the cadence of the heart
The run-up to ecstasy

How I forgot, for some moments
How I remembered, but now with a tiny joy

It had been soon long. Is that why I cried?
* Recalling all those cold months of alone?
* Fearing the thing, the powerful presence of loneliness, would revisit me?
(I still dream that sometimes)
* With release, blessed mutual release?
(Worthy of more flowing to be sure)

Again, I don't need to know the answers
It's enough to share this feeling
Thank you so very much Eloise*, for the title and conversation that led me to this poem.

*A poet here, (among many others!), well worth reading, if you haven't yet. had that pleasure.
Jun 2019 · 95
Pessimist~Hopeful One
Jim Musics Jun 2019
Two people I know

One Half dead
One Half alive
1/2 and 1/2
good in coffee
and quiche
Jun 2019 · 108
Honey tasting thoughts
Jim Musics Jun 2019
Our dream awakened
In damp morning, warming hearts
We're real, in these forest scents
May 2019 · 453
No Comment
Jim Musics May 2019
No Comment (Silence)
No Heart (Heartless)
No Thumb up (A+)
No Thumb down (F)

Reciprocity = Respect and Encouragement
Lack of such = " I'll just say fair thee well"

Deadline; World Oceans' Day
the least one can do
into the void of fruitless comments and likes shall I go no more
May 2019 · 383
Vivid Mysteries
Jim Musics May 2019
It is such a vivid mystery
a flowing constant change
It would be somewhat scary
but for your perceptive soul

Soured smooth vivid mystery
A flowing eternity
A stranger who is somewhat scary
Smooth-sailing journey.

Why is this dream still so vivid
And displaying in my night brain
Over and again over decades.
In a surreal setting that melds Times Square and The Grand Concourse.
With buildings mostly dark
Street lights reflecting off shiny pavement
and sidewalks
I walk in the empty streets
I'm alone on the night streets
'Glad of that, 'don't want a dangerous stranger lurking

My legs are strong yet tired, but I have plenty left
My legs are my greatest physical asset, for better or worse.
I don't know where I'm headed
But I want to be there, 'keep walking at a good pace.

Dusty aired steep shadow
Shoes heavy reigned
The empty place in
Time to search my night brain again
Ponder the walks behind my shoulder

Vivid with gushing candour.
I came home just when it started to pour
Timely shaken feet
Shifting close by the livid door.

Waking with the dream fresh and clear
As is the air, (it rained so hard last night)
Out with me goes my dog, to be
Among the clear crystal voiced Thrushes
In their Woods, which is theirs for this half of the year
I wonder what they say
I know they've never sung in Times Square
They're not singing of those smallest white violets
That grow in the wet
With their tiny purple lines on their bottom inner petals
Or about me
Or Sam
But probably about each other
About how lovely their songs are
How good they'd be together
Not about the crescent moon
Or about where I didn't know where I was going

I don't need to know their mystery
Or how the violets grow in the same place every Spring
After being under feet of snow and inches of ice
For the other half a year

Is this the other side of the dream?
The dream?
How do you know to say it differently?
Better? Vividly?
Joyfully co-authored with Teri Darlene Basallote Yeo
Jim Musics Apr 2019
At the end of the line_
Because you're tallest?
Last name starts with Z?
Got there late?
Lowest score?
Best for last?
Saving the Last Dance for Me?

It's a good place to be
All in front marched off the cliff
the last shall be last
Jim Musics Apr 2019
Talking to you now is like starting over
Not a new start
but starting from nothing

What's the back story ?
There's too much back

Too many words
Never enough

Tomorrow's a new day
not you
Jim Musics Apr 2019
Don't  miss that
You're better off

Tell yourself
Until it's true
Jim Musics Apr 2019
Saturday night
It's almost over
not raining though
Jim Musics Apr 2019
Can I come over? said she
Oh please do! said I

Two and a half hours later
As I'm walking out the door, heading to the junction
There she is

Wow look at you, so beautiful and sweet, said I
Can I drive you somewhere? said she
Nope. 'Got a ride thanks, said I

Ah... the good old days when I didn't have a car
And had more time
Jim Musics Apr 2019
The rain and wind shredded some inaptly named Veratrum viride
Last night back in the swamp, by Owl Brook
It's a portend
500, 1,000, 5,000 weather events
All seen in my shorter-than-that lifetime
Maybe it won't be mold.
Means False green
Like the color of the imagined Senior Prom date's dress which was perfectly green
Jim Musics Apr 2019
I'm a New Moon baby
hot and dry, on the white sand
by the Ocean, who knows me by my respect for her
This rain
So much rain
drops without apparent end

I love the morning dew
the song, or even more
The loving group of us, The Morning dew Society, sitting in a circle
Tasting single drops from the blades of grass
On our tongues
Giving us great ideas for the day
We have all day

I'm not meant to have mildew on my
New Moon flesh
When the Ocean warms
I'll wash it off
Some small fish will nibble the mildew from my
New Moon Flesh
Jim Musics Apr 2019
Fiddle Head
I'm not messing with it
But lauding it, (yeah I know, but I couldn't think of a less snooty word here right away. I writing with some urgency. It's almost dinner time)
The head, the fingers, the instrument, the all of a particular violin player.
And the music that comes from the precise, heavenly coalescence
A very beautiful picture of the seven green fuzzy heads
A septet
I hope it speaks those thousand words or so
insert picture here:
Jim Musics Apr 2019
Sorry little tan spider
I didn't see you there
Under the cross brace
As I was staining the shed door
Dark brown

Maybe you can find the bright of this
You may be mistaken for a Brown Recluse
And you days of being bullied will be over
Plus, you can easily hide on the door
A true story of life in a New England Swamp
Jim Musics Apr 2019
Beautiful little white and pink May Flower
Will you remind me of someone someday?
Jim Musics Apr 2019
Do you think this is going to be a devil poem?
'Depends on your point of view
I know there are devils, I knew some
still do
I'm not one

Some think me not good sometimes
maybe even a devil
I'm not
I know who and what a devil is

don't be afraid, just ask me what I'm thinking
a devil lies, but there is no reason for me to
don't bother

I'm still not a devil
Jim Musics Apr 2019
all those wild Lily of the Valleys
two days they were underground too
now, so many we can't count them all
more than the number of White Pine cones that fell this month
which is a lot
These cones, I spelt “HBD” on the path
and took a picture
sent it to my son
who is far away
we were both born on a New Moon
Jim Musics Apr 2019
“Will you come here, by my side?”, (I ask you in my mind)
“Hear the little brooklet beneath our feet
It's underground and invisible”

You say, in my mind, “Yes, so perfect a sound.”
As you lean close to me and weave your left arm through my right
Jim Musics Apr 2019
How can you be so harsh on a day like this?
Sure, it's wet, but it's warm
So what's on your mind that can't get out?
Except by way of your nasty talk
Do you think we're all against you?
Maybe now, but we didn't start there
So what can we do to redirect?
We'd we happy to, if only for our own sakes
Can I get you a coffee or tea?
But I fear it may not be to your liking
What are we to do, just walk away?
But you are apt to attack from behind
Jim Musics Apr 2019
I know it's too late
And you were doing what you were told
But I've paid for my sins over and over
So You didn't have to
But thanks for thinking of me and the others

Sometimes I have dreams
I would have thought they were sins in years past
They are not sins
I don't think you ever thought so either

I think it was cool the way to said, “Love is greatest of these”
They were dumbfounded, deaf and dumb too
Not those guys who benefited from your miracles, that was really nice
I try to tell these now-a-days evil suckers that they're making hell here and now
I won't stop telling them
Jim Musics Apr 2019
15 things that I don't want to write a poem about today:

That it rains here far more than it used to
A lover who turned way from me
A dead lover
Glistening new leaves
Eternal wars
Dead friends
Black and white rainbows because there are no such things
How music saved my life
How music almost killed me
Jean said it was OK to "steal" her idea of list as poem
ty Jean
Jim Musics Apr 2019
Last evening the clouds were, “Racing with the Moon”
On the face of it, it sounds like a challenge
That's silly, as the moon is so far away from the clouds
Whoever was racing with Her would have all they could handle if they caught Her

Long ago, on a warm Summer night
As She was waxing gibbous so beautifully
And I was alone, naked in a warm perfect lake
I made a special connection with Her
She was amused and flattered I think
As I said all the best words that my heart had learned – the hard way
She called me to Her
Saying, “Fill me up each night until I'm full
Bright and shinny glowing that creamy white
That makes lovers crazy with passion
But as I wane, stay grounded.
I'll want you again in about 15 days.”
Jim Musics Apr 2019
'Day's too nice sit
Poems must reside in my head
Dreaming of deep greening growth
Jim Musics Apr 2019
**! It's Spotty time!
Oh my you beautiful black and yellow spotted Sally
You make me glad
Gaia knows I need a slimy toothless smile these days
Or a toothed one
Or a hand to hold,
(yes thanks for that, thanks I say with almost a tear)
How did you get so lovely living underground?
(Though gorgeous, Ultra Violet was just a little less so)
Look how you walk, like you hardly ever do
(You don't)
Like a horizontal Sumo wrestler
On your way to mate underwater
(I did that once, it didn't take, that was fine)
Good luck
I love you
(and I'll leave you alone, just as you like)
be careful near the vernal pools
Jim Musics Apr 2019
There they are, his nieces and nephews
Emptying Uncle Richard's house
There goes the WiFi router
The big boxes of dog biscuits
(Sam got one every day unless he went to the deck and barked for more
and he'd always get another)
Four full big trash bins on wheels lined up neatly on the side of the garage ready for Thursday trash
Some trouble getting his car running, but it was driven away in awhile
Two pickup truck loads of stuff driven away
This will take some time...
are there warm hands to hold?
Jim Musics Apr 2019
Rain rain
Water of life, it floods today

I could stand in the pouring
Look up,open my mouth, (I should hydrate more)
While I sink deep in the mud

Silt and living soil  
Wash away
Yet my sense of loss holds fast

Holding your hand
Warm, tender and wet
This is how I can forget
Jim Musics Apr 2019
Here comes the music
Get lost inside
It changes your soul
Will bridge the divide

Some say there's Angels
It's probably true
Sometimes you see them
Flowing and blue

I have to be happy
And not go afreak
I'm hoping to Gaia
I have a good week
Jim Musics Apr 2019
Look at all these faces in pictures!
Don't ask who among them still walk this Earth
You'd see me try not to cry

Yet here we are, living family and friends
Still dancing together
When I sing my song
Will you dance with us too?
Jim Musics Apr 2019
This guy

Scared off big bullies
Dead-lift champ of the state
Husqvarna chainsaw tat on his arm
Darned near life-sized

Wife and son, his dearest loves
Then fairness and clarity of thought

Far too much space has been made in the world this month
If I have to lean, I'll fall
Jim Musics Apr 2019
Time and Love
Sharing them
Makes it feel like they last longer
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