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Oct 2020 · 83
From a lost romance
Jim Morris Oct 2020
From her eye lids, she's cold
Inside a body bag, she's dead
I feel so dead inside, but I can't dance
Pretty good grass, Pretty good dance
Although our spirits had no chance.
Aug 2020 · 104
privet koshka
Jim Morris Aug 2020
walking side by side with Satan's mistress
bitter lady of death refused her to fly
Koshka's cutthroat grandeur is waitin' distress
a benevolent soul refuses her wish to die
she's got cosmic blues for the death of augury
forsake from the snake bites, end the mockery
the venomous adder left his mark of pain
Koshka's soul diminishing around the funeral pyre
cursed the one who laden a spell so insane
forgive those who drown in satire
she's down in a hole, a woman who won't let her self be
look at her now, who was she supposed to be?
it's not too late, release the spitfire
end the rain, reign your soul with prominence
otherworldly demons collude and conspire
under the black sky of dominance
forgive them; for they know not what they do
do not be immoderate baby blue
Aug 2020 · 412
3rd eye. Haiku
Jim Morris Aug 2020
Look into my eyes
Tell all that which is a lie
When land meets the sky
Aug 2020 · 318
Jim Morris Aug 2020
At the last, peaketh through a curtain,
And prepare a kisseth, for eyes sadder

the end he croons, Lost lurking
theatrical & mind madder

In mystical robes, a servant
An unearthly serpent
striking and slanting dithery
an ancient brush of mystery
The fierce temperament expressed great design

A glimpse of what she knew,
And Blinks before eyes unknown
Dec 2019 · 91
Pce hoe
Jim Morris Dec 2019
Squeeze this lemon into my brain
My tears will drip acid rain
With your ****** lips, kiss me
bring me back to sanity
All girls are the same
They all say I’m insane
I’m not knocked up by you honey
I’ve been in a strange town with ***** money
Bring out your dead
This is the end
Them bones will be the death of me, surprise
Nine warriors will arise
We live in hell
This ain’t no fairytale
There’s a man comin’ along with a shotgun
And we will have fun
Scorn my lady snake
Light my fire, by the ancient lake
You know you were my world
I love you little girl
Punishment, our piñatas
To the devils sonata
In celebration of the crows
That carry over our lost souls
To the blackened canyon
They’re waiting to take us
Grace, what are you gonna say?
It feels good when somebody gives it to ya
Fat angel from thee other side
I can no longer smile
Rock me, baby
I can’t quit you, baby
Everybody told me
That you’re no good for me
Nov 2017 · 28
Jim Morris Nov 2017
Awhile back, I gazed at the eyes
of a Serpent on a pair-a-dice
Now I've seen paradise
through an Eastern Deity's eyes
The tantalizing shine in her eyes
ignited my burning desire
And not to think I'd be higher
was impossible and impervious next to her fire
She is a vibrant scarlet gem
her beauty is luxuriant

Gentle lips
Serene and enchanting
A furtive smile
Angelic and articulate

She is a work of art

She is a canvas of sheer pursuance, marvelous, breathtaking artfulness

When the real west
met the real east
I cannot guess
where she went in such haste

Mean woman, they're serpents
need no man, we're servants

Tossed back a strange brew
lost in cosmic blues

No sleep to dream
nothing is ever as it seems
Jim Morris Oct 2017
Here I present in a nocturnal theatre
with harmony
here you see
with vibrant excellence
with velvet opulence
swaying to thee electric
revealing truth
with language left uncouth
no sleep to dream
a psychedelic theme
everything is in tune
beneath the full moon
with gentle embracing love
get rid of
our cruel bindings
thee undermining ego
thee primitive ego
honey dripping
essence flowing
burning incense
pick A soothing seat
thee ceremony is about to commence
with a thunder rolling drum beat

Lady Snake
raise glazed eyes
time to awake
lonely shuddering skies
no one is around
in this small town
O' Sweet seductress
under stress
towards­ the stage
of beautiful rage
O' lovely writhe
Breathe....... Breathe
she blithely replied
I will lead you
to thee other side
through and through
a spiraling trance
hold my hands
with A soft kiss to yield
in radiant strawberry fields
dancing with sweet delight
below pale moon light

Gaze into thee eyes
of A voodoo girl
no one gets out alive
reveal the spiral
osculate the great serpent
by thee vast and ancient lake
not to repent
deep blue, beneath thee serene moon
they watch over and croon
lost in trance
a burning desire
to dance
around a diminishing fire
another chance
A new temple rises, same mistake
lost in A romance
Lady Snake
I am fearful
of the coop
A world seen in clear crystal
tangled in A loop
wake dreams, hopeless augury
hideous laughter, drowning in mockery
laden under A spell insane
oh, disdain
we'll meet again

Wake up, it has begun
in dawn of the hot desert sun
there's a wandering man
riding in an old sturdy caravan
on the serpents highway
mornings delightful prey
amber clouds lying still
stalking behind vast hills
arriving at a creaky shed
where he'll have him dead
solid bare hands bludgeoned
his eyes foretold
tormented, his eyes now gleam
on his knees, he begins to scream
having him beg mercy
it's been quite thee journey
for what it's worth
no pity, only mirth
forget about thee ancestral roots
his black snakeskin boots
with spurs of rich gold
now sold
thee end is the consequence
a scarlet carpet of opulence
furled his battered body and set ablaze
traveling through A thick haze
with darkness trailing behind

He who walks alone
thirsty, weary, and roaming
thee unsettled desert
with arachnid dwellers
on this archaic land
dead shrubs all over the hot sand
of A golden serpent
through its shiny cold scales
hung high upon a pine
shivers sent down his spine
from a sudden faint hiss
forked tongue flicks
seemingly disapproved
from its dusky jeweled fangs
from where it hangs
the scorching sun reflects
with flash blinding success
he now roams a path of exile
every **** dire mile
venomous snakes hissing
with blatant hostile rattling
A vagabond in despair

With a shamanic testimony
in enchanting ceremony
ruby glass haze
set ablaze
now, drifting away
without dismay
greet the king snake
by thee ancient lake
black sky of dominance
in fragile minds temperament
pelting tears
surrendering nears
face to face
osculate and embrace
with fearlessness
sheer pursuance
breathtaking artfulness
the serpents eyes
and crystallize
catacombs, mystique's seen traveling
lost spirits envisioned beneath
in thee cold streaming labyrinth

Neon moonbeams enhance
in unbroken trance
a flower child
walks in the vast wild
with incisive eyes vibrant
observing serpents
stoically upright
in thee collective twilight
ancient serpent deity's
one soft pink, another Egyptian blue
breakin' through
in seductive ecstasy
the serpents are attune
writhing to croons
beneath thee Elysium moon
around ancient ruins
thee serene lake glistens
while the spirits listen
and dances in curls
and insane spirals
around his infantile spirit
see it, don't fear it
ancient symbols and fractals
are all around us
his wild hair reaches for the trees
and dances with thee calm cool breeze
captivated with blissful ease
a 7 poem piece, totaling 27 lines, with 666 words total. about my acid, mushroom, and dmt trips.
Apr 2017 · 154
Snake Bite
Jim Morris Apr 2017
She's our Lady Snake
If you take her by the lake
Her venom will be your mistake
Forsake now, before you wake
Or forever live with heartache
Jim Morris Jul 2016
Set sail across the unknown waters searching for another land
White man was his name and his discovery was unplanned
His find in iron grip, discovered a red man
Both not knowing what, knowing who, mistaken for India
You met this red man; you call him savage, *****
You tell him the only good *****, is a dead *****
You take his land, his home, his family, his way of life
You crush his spirit; make him feel lesser than an empty heart, cut with a knife
You **** buffalo for fur and hide, leave blood to soak the soil, mountain of skulls and bones
The sacred lands our ancestors once walked freely on
You corrupt with greed and ****** of the innocent
With no defense against your warfare tactics, carried out with wickedness
No matter what, red man must die for a so called promised land to be built

White man saw that red man had established their own way of life before dawn
Women did the work, men provided safety and food, what is a tax, what is a debt
Why did you think you could improve their quality of life like that?
You **** red man for being a true patriot; you have the nerve to call him savage
You **** innocent women, the givers of life! Children, the future of our people, left to scavenge
But still after everything you throw at red man, you still call him savage
You may **** us but you won’t **** our spirit, no matter how far they travel
You may damage our spirits, strong we are, our spirits won’t be broken, we challenge
You run them to the hills, you organize other tribes to **** off each other alongside you, ravage
You force them into a designated part of land that they must reside, called the reservation

Money is what you throw at red man, hoping he’d take it so he can bring on an addiction, left crying
Possessed by greed, headless chickens running, while white man is behind the curtain laughing
You made red man touch pen which engraved the treaties on paper, only left them with broken promises
You go behind these treaties to deplete resources on reservations and such lands left to them, too hungry for a piece of paper that has no substance
You drain earth for oil, yet you spill it in our waters, you spill it on the lands, ruining communities

You give them blankets to comfort, deceived to receive white man’s disease, a smallpox ticket
You introduce red man to fire water; the taste burns the pureness from the spirit
State of mind lost to the sorrows, addiction with no limit
You start giving rations of food, the hunger sets in, dependent on your system
How did you feel the need to improve on red man’s system?
Red man became dependent on your way of life, too blind to see the victims
You introduce religion, something irrelevant, the creator is our wisdom
You bring books filled with nonsense, red man opens book, told to pick a white man’s name
Your name is now James, “why was I given this name - what was wrong with my previous name?”
Head no longer held high, identity lost, something he’s not, you cut his braid
You **** his thoughts, his senses, who he was, a red man, now in white man’s costume

You introduce him to a school, to get educated, because red man is a savage after all
Tame the wild is how you felt; to fit your standards for the future promised land, but overshadowed
You starve them, sit at this table, your meal for the day, and eat
White teacher sits at her own table, food for everyone, but just for her, repeat
Red man spoke his language, you beat it out of him to adapt to yours, it vanished
You ***** her, you killed him, you beat them, with heavy abuse some weaker than those who managed
Hanging from their rooms, you aren’t forgotten, I don’t blame you for vanishing
For the survivors, I appreciate your will to fight forward and tell your stories with courage and passion
Past generations corrupted, future generations wander without a voice, it’s disgraceful
One thinking they’re better than the next, it’s too painful, it’s betrayal

Red man claims pride, but where is the pride when red man does nothing about what happened
Red man stripped from everything that he once was, left behind
North America what it is now, born onto the burial grounds of our ancestors
Born on the genocide of the red man, and the enslavement of the black man
White man still see’s nothing wrong with what they did, swept under the rug, what a disaster
Told to forget about it, nothing will heal the scars, not death, not time, not money, not words, nothing

What will happen when the last tree is cut, the last river poisoned, the last fish caught
Will you realize money cannot be eaten or repeat history given no thought?
You breed with red man to thin the blood line for future generations
Even after five hundred years of resistance, we shall remain after all the corruption and frustration
One day there will be a new cycle, with nothing to block the winds from blowing freely, water thee earth with rain, nothing to hide the sun,

We still stand here today, a strong nation, nothing can stop us if we unite as one.
A poem about my people I wrote awhile back, got it published in a magazine in North Dakota.
Jul 2016 · 435
Jim Morris Jul 2016
These demons inside the sanctuary
Wrote me a letter
It started off with the line;

"**** yourself, we are waiting for you "
It ended with;
"We are your friends"
Jul 2016 · 1.0k
Thrash Is War
Jim Morris Jul 2016
Marching with Metal Madness
Within the Abyssal vastness
Sightseers' thrashing around
Blood reigning on the burial ground

Join the mosh pit
Bone crushing, take the hit
Snapping necks, skulls split
Flesh and blood plague the streets

Time for the third world war
Battle ground fills with an uproar
Corpses' will appear on the shores
Ocean waters filled with gore

Thee Earth burns into an eternal hell
As the ground crumbles from the cursed bell
This is Judgement Day, humanity will perish
There's nothing you can cherish

Survivors have nothing to gain
Only to mourn, scorned by the pain
Mental decay, agony and vein
Humanity left to ponder the bane

Warriors rise with a tendency
Bones turned into weaponry
Battles emerge with enmity
Death becoming the remedy

Lead your main attack into battle
Soldiers of war collide, combating
Both fronts push, bodies rattling
The weak left scrambling

Surviving souls filled with malice
Nothing but terror and havoc
Corpses' left to rot, eaten by maggots
What once was Earth, now left in Mayhem
My third poem I've written... would like this to become a thrash song one day...
Jul 2016 · 239
Jim Morris Jul 2016
My world is lonely and gruesome
There is no doubt my mind is full of confusion
Do I lay here and weep for a better day
I'm gasping for another say
Pondered thoughts of when to end it
In life we do things later shadowed in regret
My own mind threatens my will to live in vanity
How have I been driven to insanity
I urge to **** only to live in sanity
Four corpses fill my slaughterhouse
If caught, I will enter the jailhouse
Unlike my intentions it's slim to none
I'll run and run like I nailed a home run
Even though the midnight sun
Reveals plans of my escape, it's troublesome
Anxiety is the devil waiting for me to slip
Slam that needle and put me on that jib trip
Reveal the demons within
This pain needs to end, but with a deadly sin
Six to one are thee odds, with my luck three to one
A burden is on my shoulders weighing a tonne
If only I could roam freely in the prairies
I'll probably end up institutionalized anyways
Jul 2016 · 659
Jim Morris Jul 2016
Here I lie, holding onto something you let go of
I can't let go, the projection of you in my mind is enough to keep us alive
I want to talk to the woman I love
We had our differences, we both shoved
By my own fault, how evil Jealousy is, the cousin of greed
The only girl who has won my heart
To find my other half requires a chart
Never been the type to talk the way we did
No one has been able to wake me up the way you did
It ***** how we've gotten to this point, lost in separate worlds
Flying over seas, following the endless roads, searching through the debris
Just to find your heart, no matter how long it takes, I will die finding it
Given the chance, I'd go back in time where we first met
Watching you bake that cake because you were rebellious that day, you wanted to make up for it
Still makes me smile, how awkward it was at first
Still makes me question, what were the odds, they weren't cursed
The faces we made were totally in sync, unrehearsed
The beauty of waking into reality knowing there is someone there for you
And falling asleep into the minds of each, dreams coming together forming us both
I'll never forget the days we spent talking without pause, I hope there is still room for growth
The dreams you had of me kills me because I wish it was reality, given the oath
I never seen someone so pretty, so beautiful, energetic, positive, and unique
Everything about you was everything I ever wanted in a woman, it made me weak
Just to rewind where you first confessed your love for I
I know you don't remember, I don't blame you that night
Just to rewind where I first confessed my love for you
The thoughts in my mind like a crazy train ready for derailment
I was ready to tell you I loved you on a few earlier occasions, I knew you could wait even though I grew impatient
It played out perfectly, because I wouldn't change it for the world
I was shaking, trying to catch my breath, trying to pour out those words
That have never been spoken before, only you deserved to see that side
It lit up your face, your smile, I've never seen someone smile like you from the words I spoke
Happiness is what you delivered, comfort is what I offered
Love is what I gained, Friendship is what we lost and maybe something more
Dreams were born previously, but I guess the thoughts were all that mattered
I want you in my arms like we both wished, sitting at heights unimaginable, gazing at the hazy skies
Hoping your dream would come true, would have been quite the surprise
I seen the fire in your eyes, the intense heat scorched
My cold world and now it's the only place I've ever felt warmth
The spiteful words came out and it turned out terrible
Some day this will all be repairable
Everything is trapped in my mind, urging to escape just to lead you back on that path
So when tomorrow comes with unexpected words, I hope there is another chance
Just remember that each day that goes by, you're on my mind, anyways
Your Initials have been engraved in my mind for that, I'll love you forever and always
Another poem I read at a poetry slam.
Jul 2016 · 457
Jim Morris Jul 2016
Every thought of you gave me an eerie feeling, if you seen me screaming and tearing
Moonlight lit up the sky, I sat on the edge at such a height agaze from that building
Makes me wonder when we were together in that moment, how far we could have went with no sense of falling
And just to think about the diffirent worlds we came from, it's pretty deceiving

Pretty was something you did not realize, your pearls helped me see when I was buried underneath
Anger built from irrelevant matters, I couldn't tell you where my head was, I was overwhelmed
Tragedies happen in everyone's life, yours and mine no different, but we both did understand
Regrets cloud the current state of mind that I wish had never happened the way it did, why did I demand
I may be thoughtless at times, it's hard when my mind wanders for words to truly express these thoughts at hand
Cracks connect as time passes, never found a way to patch it up, one day I'll make my way through no mans land
Insomnia ***** when all you want is to escape from reality into the dreams where anything is possible to withstand
And stupid me, the downfall was right there before my eyes too blind to expand the horizon at command

Death is apart of life, but when we're both gone our memories will be drowned by the nothingness that follows
Obituary is where we will end up being seen last so send me to the gallows
Underground is where we will reside, so place our gravestones side by side so our spirits together will lurk the shadows
Grieving loved ones will never know what this means to me so in the next life, I hope we meet again tomorrow
Loneliness is what I prefer rather than misery, happiness is what we had and sadness was never involved
As for life, we live to grow into a half, searching in life for a love to be a whole
So read between the lines, and you'll understand what I'm trying to say with my heart and soul
A lost love, read this at a poetry slam
Jul 2016 · 475
Jim Morris Jul 2016
when i seen that flame
i haven't been the same
was never my style
finger on the dial
i was on my way
under the bridge astray
to have a las vegas wedding
a kiss that's burning
the blood that draws
after i dig up her flaws
i'll dye a rose black on skid row
and offer it at your show
velvet lingerie and black leather
my seductive oppressor
fire breathing queen
drown me with a bottle of jim beam
light up a cigarette, miss
give me another kiss
that burn feels so peaceful
flying higher than an eagle
love is blind
but it's the mastermind
lust has an imagination
built on that temptation
she's my wife
and it's our way of life
it would be sad to see our hands apart
you've won my heart from the start
as long as you've got the time
i'll find a way to make the dime
Jul 2016 · 966
Cult Lana/Heroin
Jim Morris Jul 2016
As I lay here beside the queen
Curious of death, I continue to dream
Vines inflicting pain has trapped me underneath
In this dark sanctuary I cannot breathe
I feel asphyxia, I've left skin on my teeth
Never saw a light, my eyes here can now see
She sings deep from the soul with that electric voice
Yearning for a paradise
I found a lucky copper penny in the dirt
Livin' like a rolling stone in the desert
In this moment there are no amends
The war inside my head has finally come to end
The road behind leaves a headless gravestone
Trails of skulls and bones
I've observed shooting stars
Schizophrenic tendencies was my every regard
I would never be alone, wouldn't have to impress
A lady in a red dress
Crimson skies in her demented eyes
I was seduced, corrupted from lies
A man in black
I caught him looming above me, tried not to look back
Faceless, but only his eyes..
Here we are now, up close without disguise
Offering their hands before me
Sweet smile on my face, need not plea
His hand on my head as we reminisce..
Her hand over my heart as we kiss..
Voices call to me, as I weep
I hope to die in my sleep
I've finally found my ticket
As I cruise every speed limit
Suicide would be a beautiful last memory..
Because this is the perfect reality..
Where space and time collide, where tears have dried
It's the only place where peace and love hide
Rather live in phantasmagoria
But now I find myself laughing in hysteria
Called psychotic and sadistic, if only you could relate
I was born too late, in a world full of hate
Lana Del Rey on a ****** high.

— The End —