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Jim Ellis Apr 2012
The light you shine on me is so warming
that I cling to you.
You can always aid me in circumventing
my insecurities.
I've learned to become something new;
half of a whole.
In time we both will have to go
our seperate ways.
Waiting for days to return what we had,
the things we took.
The bittersweet feelings I'm experiencing
(more bitter than sweet)
Are from realizing that I will have to learn
to be alone again.
But unlike the other times I've had
this is special.
What are we even? I'd like to hear
your answer one day.
I like to call us more than friends
with benefits
We're friends that love each other,
and love well
That means we can be whatever we want
or need to be.
7.1k · Sep 2012
Single Mothers
Jim Ellis Sep 2012
Sometimes your man passes away
Sometimes your man leaves you
Whatever the case may be
your children still need you

Its not an easy situation to handle
Its not an easy situation to face alone
Yet you and your children
can work together to make a home

You may wonder, "Why me God?"
You may wonder, "Bring me a lover.."
It may seem like a curse, but
its a miracle to be a single mother
Dedicated to every single mother.
You are the most admirable people I know.
3.7k · Apr 2012
High Socks
Jim Ellis Apr 2012
There's something about that itch
that you can't itch enough.
I feel like when I put on my
Adidas or Nike ankle socks
they just don't do the trick.

My Hanes crew length
feel so comfy on my itchy legs.
They keep my legs warm
when I spend eight hours
in the cold box stocking drink.

However when I wear those
high socks with shorts people stare.
I guess it looks goofy
with my pale skin
that people have to double take.

I bet they ask questions like
"Is that his leg or is he wearing socks?"
I smile though when they stare
because it makes feel noticed
and it reassures me that I'm here.
3.1k · Sep 2012
Jim Ellis Sep 2012
"Constantly criticizing,
annoying agitation,
ignorant imbecile..."*

I hate thinking this way but you give me no choice.
If I don't speak with love, then what is my voice?
I try to motivate and inspire, but you cause friction.
My thoughts and actions are becoming a contradiction.

"Considerate carer,
admirable artist,
intelligent idol.

I love that I say this to you, because it makes you think.
Yet I wonder, "Will any of this message actually sink?"
Maybe its because my poor conviction and dry emotion.
No... it has to be more serious... its my lack of devotion.
can't think of a title for it yet...
2.4k · Sep 2012
Menace and Mogul
Jim Ellis Sep 2012
The teamwork we use
transcends anything
and everything I know.
Despite our sometimes
polar opposite views
the connection does show.
All the loud and bold
declarations you make
teach people to live.
All the simple and kind
motivation I offer
teach people to give.

How can two people
that have different views
be such a good team?
Well, that's because
the one thing we do share
is our ability to dream.
The way our union
works is so complex,
that it's hard to comprehend.
But I'm so grateful
that I know you and
have you as a friend.
This is for a great friend of mine, Kenneth Robinson.
2.4k · Sep 2012
a Transformation
Jim Ellis Sep 2012
Over the following three days a Transformation will occur.
Some may understand and relate, others will not concur.
To those who don't, I apologize, but this has been delayed.
My life has been a monotonous ritual constantly replayed.
Wake up, imagine, pray for success, and spill every word.
This is okay, but I need to change if I want to be heard.
Please accept this evolution of self, and have no fear.
A great thing is happening for a Transformation is near.
2.3k · Oct 2012
Haiku for Someone Special
Jim Ellis Oct 2012
I got butterflies,
for the first time in many years,
feeling your embrace.
2.3k · Sep 2012
to the misunderstood
Jim Ellis Sep 2012
Your actions have reactions
yet we don't know the
hardships you don't speak of...
I can't judge you and neither
can anybody else.

Though you may seem
one way you probably
think completely different...
I don't know how you really feel
and neither does anybody else.

Let me apologize for characterization,
stereotypes, discrimination, and prejudice
for you are a human just like us.
I'm not sure if you are what they say you are
and neither is anybody else.
Dedicated to everyone,
at one point or another
we have all been
1.9k · Dec 2011
Needle and Thread
Jim Ellis Dec 2011
The needle and thread
intertwine and Flow
making the strongest weak
and the weakest grow..

The hands that craft
the project at hand
are the same as the Man
that made the sea and land...

And with that being said
I hope you can relate
because the needle and thread
are held by the hands of Fate....
1.9k · Sep 2012
....I'm amazed....
Jim Ellis Sep 2012
Woke up five days ago,
Steel pressers on my lungs,
Coughing up blood...

Work is a no go,
But not a
"No Call, No Show"

"Walt I'm going to the ER,
I can't make it in,
I'm sorry."

He understood,
and I got Bear to drive
me to the hospital.

Feeling nervous,
but in a sense
like I'm over-reacting.

Then two IV's in my arm
a few oxygen tests,
and some x-rays of my chest.

and you developed asthma
through cigarette smoking."

At twenty years old,
I had the lungs of
a forty year old.

I've been praying for
a reason to quit.
Wow... I'm amazed....

*God sure does work in mysterious ways.
1.9k · Dec 2011
Something little...
Jim Ellis Dec 2011
He says, "I'm not asking for much"
She gives him butterflies with every touch
He notes her on the way her eyes glow
She says "There's things you don't know"
He doesn't force her to explain
She enjoys this through her pain

He tells his friends about this girl,
"She's the most beautiful in this world"
He ignores their laughs and remarks,
"At least I think with my heart"
His friends laugh again and say this,
"Yo man lemme know after you hit"

She cries at night because she truly cares
Her sister shows concern so she shares
"There's a guy and I'm actually interested"
(She's never had relationships with time invested)
Her sister hugs her and they both cry
She stays up all night as hours go by

He continues to pursue his infatuation
She accepts forcing a sad situation
He takes his time to spite his friends
She knew exactly when it would end
The night came when he used the word "love"
She prayed that night to the Lord above...

"Dear Father,
Why did I ever experience this pain
When I didn't even know his name
I still can remember my mouth taped
The night in the alley when I was *****
My faith and hope are only beginning to fade
He won't love me when he finds out I have AIDS"           

The next day he and she decide to meet
On a particular and familiar street
She tells him everything and he looks surprised
Smiling he says, "Remember, when I said I loved your eyes"
She cries because this wasn't what was planned
He gives her something little by holding her hand.
1.8k · Sep 2012
Realizing My Dreams
Jim Ellis Sep 2012
"Dare to let your dreams reach beyond you."*

That's what she told me,
on the opening track
to Common's latest album
The Dreamer/The Believer*

Her words made me
want to live up
to my potential and
realize my dreams:

I dream to find myself,
fall in love, create a family,
be an author, be a teacher,
be a musician, be an artist,
be healthy, seek gratitude,
acquire knowledge,
and find God.

The song inspired me so much.
The collaboration of
Lonnie Lynn and Maya Angelou
spitting wisdom was
literally and metaphorically
music to my ears!
The song is titled "The Dreamer"
By: Common feat. Maya Angelou
Jim Ellis Sep 2012
On this day, 16 years ago, you passed away.
I understand what you mean when you say,

"Life Goes On!"

So even when I'm fed up,
I'll remember,

"Keep ya head up."

I'll keep going,
because I know,
in my mind,

"Heaven Ain't
Hard 2 Find."

Something up above,
is blessing us with,

"Unconditional Love"

I've fronted for
too many years,
for I too have shed

"So Many Tears"

You taught humanity
about humility,
and mankind,
to be kind...

"How Long Will They Mourn Me?"

Well I don't know,
but I'm certain
we will celebrate
you forever!

There's a little playlist for ya,
but his entire collection is excellent!
1.7k · Dec 2012
The Driver & The Vehicle
Jim Ellis Dec 2012
We all have a vehicle
being our bodies...
However, sometimes
we don't take care
of our vehicle...
Though our soul,
being the driver,
is a separate piece
The condition
of the vehicle
will affect
the health of
the driver.
I never realized
this until very
recently, when
in a drug induced
state another driver's
vehicle crashed.
It made me think:
When will I crash?
Why did he crash?
Was it his time?
When is my time?
These paranoid thoughts
spin out of control
making my driver
confused and scared.
And at the perfect time
I'm reminded, that I am
the driver and I am
in control of this vehicle.
From this day on,
I'll take care of my vehicle
and the driver inside.
Listening to him before
anything else, because
he knows whats best.
I encourage you to
do the same before
you crash and your
driver dies...
1.6k · Mar 2013
A Message to Hip-Hop
Jim Ellis Mar 2013
Yo I'm tryna hear some new lines, some true lines
Maybe in this darkness I can see the Blue Sky
Like Common Sense, tryna get us out the dirt my friends
But instead, we choose to listen to those who abuse
Those that sound like an alarm clock snooze
Brainless, in ten minutes we'll hear the same ****
Y'all love to make music? That's not what it seems
Cause its apparent to the people, you had a dream
But betrayed that dream once you saw some C.R.E.A.M.
All that paper for a couple of lame joints and some haters
I wanna hear a rhyme about the government, or at least the truth
Like how it's our time to shine a light for the youth
That way, one day, they'll know that wisdom is what we follow
So they can stay away from the darkness before it swallows
Cause once you get in it, there ain't no escaping
From the sky scrapin', paper chasin, devastation, soul deflation
That can occur with the exchange of only a few words
Its absurd how so many let producers be the choosers
You may win that Grammy, but to us you're still losers
Now tell me, is that how it has to be? Cause actually,
The artist that works the hardest never get credit
What I loved so much is no longer respected
So unless you to plan to change and stop fronting
Do us all a favor and don't say nothing
1.6k · Feb 2012
Jim Ellis Feb 2012
As I look back on the past year
I realize my mistakes
are blessings in disguise
Falling from the skies
like the leaves off of trees
to be buried by Winter's snow
and in the Spring
to regrow
making my brilliance shine
when it becomses Summer time
and when its Fall
the leaves will fall again
creating new blessings from above
for future mistakes to come.
1.6k · Nov 2011
A Road Less Traveled
Jim Ellis Nov 2011
Allow me to inform you of a road less traveled
The road our minds ignore in fear of being rattled
Simple, yet this road we won't walk out
Too afraid to confront and rarely talked about.
The TRUTH is it's title and it's not sought out
Lies become shortcuts and more common routes
Why does the TRUTH have so many confused?
The TRUTH hurts, so the lies become abused
"Honesty is the Policy," that statement only exists in Utopia
Our would consists of people suffering from a TRUTH phobia
We tell ourselves the wrong things that seem better
We wake up and our moods are decided by the weather
This makes it hard for us to acknowledge the TRUTH
Some will travel, work, or go to college for the TRUTH
To discover it and uncover it
Seeing what it's encumbered with
A gilded body, because the lies numbers win
I'm a weary soldier walking fatigued and intrigued
down the road where the TRUTH was conceived
In the midst of discovery I'm confronted with a lie
Unsure and uncomfortable I ask the TRUTH "Why?"
I find out the existence of the lie I cannot deny
So I face the lie looking it in it's eyes
I state, "Before I believe you I'd rather die"
Holding my head high, I walk into battle
A protector of TRUTH on a road less traveled
1.5k · Apr 2012
Dear Lauryn Hill,
Jim Ellis Apr 2012
Dear Lauryn Hill,

As I listened to your album
I know you weren't concerned with the outcome
It was more of a way for you to vent
But it was still worth every cent
I'm poor now but your words make me rich
And I feel like my whole life I've been in a ditch
It's time I get out and really see the world
It's time I stop worrying about finding a girl
Because in time she will come to me
And two individuals will go
From "me and you" to "we"
You showed me love isn't easy at times
It can hurt so bad; I hear this in your rhymes
Although I may never meet you, I do know this
"The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill" reaches the top of my list
I never knew such beauty could exist
I had to write this poem, I couldn't resist
At times I see the world and shake my head
Saying forget everything else and get myself ahead
But you reminded me that's not what it's about
L-O-V-E, Love!!! Love!!! Let's all shout!
Because if I can, you can shout too! You can too!

Jimmy Ellis
1.3k · Sep 2012
the truth about addiction
Jim Ellis Sep 2012
Whether it be money,
drugs, ***, or power
we all have addictions
we face every second,
minute, and hour.
The truth of these
addictions is this:
We must be brave
and admit, that
its possible to quit!
Dedicated to all my peers
facing addiction everyday.
1.3k · Oct 2012
The Lever
Jim Ellis Oct 2012
So everyday I walk by this lever
I know what it does if I pull it
It changes everything
My whole lifestyle will change
I will become the person I want

So everyday when I see this lever
I imagine the process of change
Both good and bad change
I will become a great wise man
Yet I will leave some behind

Today I sat by the lever and cried
Knowing it would be my last day
The changes start now
Happy for the things to come
Sad for the people I'll be leaving behind
I first discovered the lever on October 16, 2011.
For the past fifty weeks I've sat by it delaying the inevitable pulling.
Today I became a man.
1.2k · Sep 2012
Jim Ellis Sep 2012
These little blue pills;
spheres labeled:

synthetic heroine
cross w/ *****

Well.. they ripped
a new *******
in the youth.

Some say,
"they make
you feel

Some say,
"Nah man,
I don't
mess with
that ****"

I didn't ever
get involved
with it

But I still
got to see
what they did

A few kids I know
went to rehab
and back

The smart druggies
say, "it's the rich
kids' crack"

Once you in,
you are in,
there is no hope

Once you broke,
no pills,
just straight to dope

My good friend
from home
is starting to use

Now all he
thinks of is
snorting them Blues
1.2k · Oct 2012
Jim Ellis Oct 2012
I had my first legal bar experience last night.
I went to Kildaire's Irish Pub in West Chester,
and it was definitely a low key night,
which I liked a lot, because I'm no drinker.
Started it off with a Vegas bomb,
then a Yeager bomb, three red-headed *****,
some Soco and lime, two green tea shots,
and ended my drinks with a bud light.
I made it out of the bar without puking,
which completely surprised me...
The most powerful movement I felt though
was through the karaoke machine,
There was a marvelous energy booming
through the bar, whether the singer
was good or terrible everybody enjoyed.
It made me realize that I want to try
something with my poetry... Spoken Word.
Thank you God!
Today is my 21st birthday, this is a little recollection of last night!
1.2k · Mar 2012
Humble King
Jim Ellis Mar 2012
When I was a boy
My ego was small
Then I was annoyed
And it became tall

A pedestal sat in front
Tempting me to stand
Creating something so blunt
Is what it had planned

So on it I stood
And what was bad
Had now become good
Turning me mad

My honesty was altered
I began living a bluff
All that I had to offer
Was a man trying to be tough

Then my mother saved me
She showed me what I'd become
Harsh words had made me
Realize what she wanted from her son:

Honesty mixed flattery,
with the energy of a battery,
to power a generator,
for generations later,
A latern of peace,
Treating others kind,
Searching for a piece...
A piece of mind.
Jim Ellis May 2012
I ain't no superstar.
Just a twenty year old boy
trying to be a man.

I wonder if I'll get far?
For this is the path I've chosen
to execute my plan.

It's been a weird few years.
I've done a lot of stupid things
that I'll have to answer for.

I've shed so many tears.
My motives were corrupt
and my heart became sore.

But recently I've seen a light.
A rejuvenation has set course
and I have a new attitude.

I've been wrong and I've been right.
I'm only human but I'm finally
on the right path towards gratitude.
1.1k · Aug 2012
Jim Ellis Aug 2012
I'm having a dreadful moment with reality
The dreams are starting to fade away
I have assimilated to the change*
There has been so much of it
Constantly open-minded
But now its different
Now I've realized
That this pen
Has ran
1.1k · Nov 2012
Shadows Holding Hands
Jim Ellis Nov 2012
The only thing that could be seen
was a pair of shadows holding hands
on the wall next to a bed.

She had long hair, an hourglass body,
a little taller than him, and with a firm
stance one could assume she was confident.

He was thin, with hair that touched
his shoulders, and by the shaking of his
hands, you could tell he was nervous.

She pushed him down onto the bed,
climbed on top and kissed him on
his forehead.

After performing, the laid down for hours,
and all that could be seen was a pair
of shadows holding hands.
1.1k · Apr 2012
Mom, you showed me how.
Jim Ellis Apr 2012
On October the 15th
she gave birth to me
A man with good morals
is what she trained me to be
She showed me the meaning
between right and wrong
In return for that
I wrote a tribute, this song
Most importantly
am I greatful for her love?
Her passion, her concerns?
No, all of the above
She's my hero, role model
and my idol
She would cheer me up with prayers
and verses from the bible
As corny as I thought that was
I now admit
That they stuck with me forever
those words I won't forget
I've been truely blessed
to have her as my mother
She kept me warm when life was cold
She was my cover
In her I have something
a lot of people are missing
That's a parent that truly cares
and is always there to listen
She keeps me on track
when I lose my focus
She inspires me to rap
She's the reason i wrote this
And now as I open
the doors of my life
Some have been exposed
some were kept shut tight
Like the week I turned ten
my mama went blind
I wish I could go back
but I know I can't rewind
I can't fast foward, I can't pause
I remain on play
For now we'll have to
remember those days
Before being laid off
she worked three years without sight
If you triple that
that's nines years she showed me the light.
And showed me the way
to live my life right
So every single day
I continue to fight
I continue to write
and continue to pray
saying: "God, give her back her sight one day."
Until then I'll try to envision
what she visions
And do what she always does
remain optimistic
this might sound bad
But it was good, through it I learned
to grow up so fast
She did work in this time too
She learned to play guitar
She wrote a book, ran a marathon
She's a superstar
She preaches now
and teaches me so much
I can't deny the struggle
Going through it was tough
I used to cry when I was young
Saying, "God I've had enough."
Everytime I gave up
She lifted me up
I'm going to change the world one day
Really make her proud
I'm a "Mama's Boy!"
Not ashamed to say it loud
There's some irony
about my mommy dearest
Even though she's blind
to me she sees the clearest
She sees the good in people
and understands the bad
She's so real and so pure
her struggle makes me sad
But like I said, be positive
like the blood type
When she sees again we'll rejoice
and get up hype
Her love I'll recycle
I'll make it everlasting
Treat it like a song
headphones on with it blasting
I'm going to have a wife
and love her the way she loved me
When we have kids
I'll raise them the way she raised me
She taught me about love
She taught me about life
She taught me how to grow
and how to treat people right
She told me not to quit
but when I'm wrong to admit
She taught me about women
said, "Jimmy simply listen."
She said, "Just cause you dropped out
doesn't mean you can't learn.
The soul is a fire
and it will always burn."
She taught me everything
and forever I'll vow
I couldn't have done this alone
Mom, you showed me how.
1.1k · Apr 2013
Jim Ellis Apr 2013
The phony has been played
by an all-star known as James.
(Yes, I'm referring to myself).
The phony does everything
he knows he shouldn't.
The phony is everything
but himself.
The phony won't even
dare to look in the mirror.
The phony is a hollow
being incabable of dreaming.
The phony doesn't get hurt
because he lets no one in.
The phony is an exhausting
role after a while.
The phony eventually dies
like everything else...

*However, once the phony dies
the genuine you is born.
And life truly begins.
I've resigned from my role, and have no intentions of returning.
1.1k · May 2012
Shining Mind
Jim Ellis May 2012
It's as if the light just flicked on.
Something in my head just told me,
"I miss school and I want to go back."
Boy was I frontin'.
If only I hadn't wasted the last year.
Money well spent on experience;
Money wasted on education.
However, I can't help but admit:
I've learned more in the past year
(about life)
than I have in the nineteen years prior.
I think, no I know I want to be a writer.
I want to shine light in dark alleys
and nourish minds of parched valleys.
Thanks Common, you taught me that one.
Being a poet is not only a responsibility,
it's a fantastic reward.
I will represent this, till the day I pass.
And you can pass this on,
to whoever you'd like.
1.1k · Apr 2013
Confronting Myself
Jim Ellis Apr 2013
I have no other way to say how I feel
Emotions I showed, I now conceal
The bottle is filled, about to overflow
The volcano will erupt and soon explode
Anger, rage, and pain burn more flames
I have no blood,  just molten lava in my veins
At any moment, I'll spontaneously combust
I only have myself, and even that I don't trust
1.1k · May 2012
Graveshift Prayer
Jim Ellis May 2012
I'm not a creative soul,
I'm a brainless zombie
with aimless hobbies.
I wonder if I'll ever
make it with this
mind frame..

Can I escape this prison,
this box they've kept me in?
These chains have weighed
me down to oblivion
and I'm so weak now.
Mental pains.

My heart is screaming for freedom
Yearning for a bit of joy
But my head tells me
the money is what I need
Yet another victim that fell
to greed...

Only a few more days
of being held captive
I'm on my last few strides
The Devil trying to take me,
but God said, "he won't,"

*and I sure hope he don't.
1.1k · Dec 2011
Jim Ellis Dec 2011
You walk
your head
held high
and then
all the
came a
You smirk
and mutter
under your breath
he pulled
out a gun
you went
from under
the sun
to being
placed into a

You think
your life
is rough
one day
you meet
a guy
that's tough
on the
but feels
he lives
in the alley
while your
the valley
your dad
and mom
are split
both are
this man
you met
know his

You are
on top
of the
world when
your car
breaks down
and you
get lost
in a
bad town
your scared
of all
the sounds
you look
and judge
all the
you see
you say
to one
"why do
you give
me that
look sir?"
he says
back to
you "be-
cause you
look scurred"
you lock
your doors
and wait
for help
for hours
you fell...

I walked
to class
for a
year and
a half
I could
take it
all back
for all
the dumb
i made
all the
debts I
still have
not paid.
I get
high or
drunk all
the time
and i
feel good
when i
write rhymes
Can I
and this
of pain
or give
a try
this shame
Looks like
I am
a sad
cold man
who once
will be
of the
cruel act
of the
1.1k · Apr 2012
Pieces of Me (broken mirror)
Jim Ellis Apr 2012
The shards of glass
    seem to be all I see
on the floor.

             I smashed the mirror
      very ****** with my fist,
             but what for?

I'll pick up each piece
     and try not to cry
as I explain.

          My mind exploded
     looking fast into the past
          revealing my pain.

I've lied, stolen,
     cursed, but the worse
was the repetition

       My mind was
healed from the concealed
   acts of reminiscing.

The past two years
     have sped as I fled
from my youth.

                     Now I'm here
                confused and amused
                         at the truth...

It's been a hard time
     coping while hoping
to be at peace.

                     I plan to go
                        far away one day
                            after the last piece.
1.1k · Feb 2014
It's Hard
Jim Ellis Feb 2014
It's hard when you don't know what to do.
Facing the crossroads, the old and the new,
and don't know which path to choose.

When your whole life has been a lie,
and you don't understand why.
After all, aren't we just living to die?

When you neglect the wise thoughts,
grasping hold of everything you brought.
Still lingering, is the temptation you fought.

Or when you realize that its been a full day,
and you're stagnant thinking of which way.
Right in front of you, the true answers lay.

But it's even harder when you know what to do,
and for some odd reason you don't believe its true.
Achieving nothing because you're too afraid to choose.
A valuable lesson perspective has shown me. Though life may be hard, and in the madness we may want to deny the obvious truth, we must continue to live, learn, and love.

Dedicated to all of my friends. May you find the strength to seek fulfillment in your daily lives.
Jim Ellis Sep 2012
I'm interested
to see who actually knows:
**What is going on?
1.0k · Jul 2012
Pandora Saves the Boy
Jim Ellis Jul 2012
Rummaging through boxes,
seeking truth in a large house
a young boy is in panic.

The house's gloomy basement
only brings our boy fear
sending him up to the attic.

Beyond the dust clouds
he sees a very small box
and hesitates to open.

A quick prayer is hummed
as he turns the top *****
of a box that is broken.

Opening his eyes
he sees an empty inside
and wonders how to cope.

The sight of emptiness
blesses the boy with joy
for he is rewarded with hope.
1.0k · Mar 2016
The Day the World Ended
Jim Ellis Mar 2016
Though it may not have been as beautiful as I imagined
The day we watched the world end was my favorite

You painted the scenery and I sang you limericks
Our hearts never could understand society

I think this was the moment we were waiting for
A place where there were no more expectations

As the fires waged, your brush strokes replied
Every shout and cry could be replaced by another line

I know some may not understand,
But there really isn’t much to

There hasn't been such a simple existence
We had each other, and that was all we needed

Just as Nero played the lyre while watching Rome burn
You and I created on the day the world ended
Happy World Poetry Day! :-)
1.0k · Apr 2013
Untitled Freestyle
Jim Ellis Apr 2013
The cypher was real, in fact it was authentic
Everything I mentioned, no doubt I meant it
Though I discuss topics that aren't debated
Everybody in the crowd smiled and related
I guess that's another one of life's contradictions
Kinda like the Qur'an I got for Christmas
But my mama encourages the pursuit of knowledge
Whether it be at work, in life, or in college
We understand the meaning of perspective
And if you don't you should at least respect it
Cause though you rap, and I write poems
We both have the power to enlight domes
The two are closer than it may seem
It can be underground or mainstream
Just be true to you, and be humble too
There's no telling in things you might do.
Jim Ellis Jan 2014
I happen to remember a writer
One that didn't hide from creativity
And that scribbled his chicken scratch
Whether it was shame or glory.

I happen to remember a writer
One that dribbled with a ball point pen
On the court of composition
And his unique game was his story.

I happen to remember a writer
One that was afraid to speak
So he wrote his thoughts on pages
And it didn't matter if it would flow.

I happen to remember a writer*
One that shared his voice
With the world and helped others-
I wonder where he decided to go?
1.0k · Dec 2011
Jim Ellis Dec 2011
Dear Eliza,

It took me years to gain the courage  to write you
In those years I haven't found a person like you
I miss you more every day
I think about you in every way

I think about your beautiful eyes
that pierced into mine,
and your long golden hair
that first made me stare

I remember our first conversation
And our first confirmation
being our first kiss
All of this I miss

I remember when you left for school
and I stayed home to work like a fool
You would call me every night
I regret every yell and every fight

I remember tough times when you got ill
working two jobs to support the bill
I saw you getting worse and I cried
I cried, I cried, I cried, and then you died

I remember recieving the call
Our friends and family in awe
Funeral arangements, more bills, and cries
Years of loneliness and unable to know why

I'm unable to love anyone more than you
I'm unable to stop thinking about you
I see you in my dreams, it gets me wild
I see you even more when I look at our child

You left us, not because you felt the need
but because your body felt weak
However, you had a heart that was strong
And in our hearts you will live on!

With much love,
              Your Eternal Lover
1.0k · Oct 2012
A Letter to Self
Jim Ellis Oct 2012

You have so much to learn and so much longer to go,
and I know that you feel like you should have arrived
by now, but everybody else doe too. Don't be too hard
on yourself man, you are doing the best you can. Also,
you're doing it honestly, and that is so important.  The
one advice I can give you is to trust yourself more,
and believe in yourself. Remember when Mom lost her
vision what she said to you: "We can do this Jimmy."
If she can keep the fight up being blind, you can do
definitely do it. Don't stray away from me, I'm here
for you and I will always be, I'll be waiting at the
finish line....

Love you kid!
1.0k · Mar 2013
5 Apologies (6 Haikus)
Jim Ellis Mar 2013
I need to address
five different people that
mean the world to me:*

        Teachers, I'm sorry
        for not listening to your
        wisdom and lessons.

Friends, I am sorry
for condescending remarks
and hypocrisy.

        Family, sorry
        for poor communication
        and cutting you off.

God, I am sorry
for failing to acknowledge
you and all your love.

        Self, I am sorry
        for hurting and neglecting
        you and your beauty.
1.0k · May 2013
Hungry for what we have
Jim Ellis May 2013
Let's take turns
You know
Exchanging our
energies because
all we think
that was left
for us was the
energy inside
of us

Continue competing,
for this vital
source of life
through submission
and aggression
although another
source exists,
but hey,
we don't know
any better.

You were so down
after your last
which happened
to be with your
parents, that
you go outside
to smoke a cig
and notice
a beautiful daisy
5 ft tall.

Admiring this
beautiful existence
just allows you
to focus well
enough on what
it truly emits-
the same energy
you spend your
days fighting for
with other people--
That's right,
it exists in all
living things,
and you
now feel
Jim Ellis Nov 2012
Paper tabs* and white powder
brings clouds to the mind
and thunder to the body.
**Meanwhile lightning strikes the heart.
1.0k · Oct 2012
Still Waiting
Jim Ellis Oct 2012
My Dear True Love,

Though I haven't been in many relationships,
I know you are out there. I can hear your cries
and your laughter. I can see your smile and
your frown. You see and hear mine too. We
haven't met yet but I'm anticipating the day
our eyes will connect and love will fill both of
our lives. My Dear True Love, I write this letter
to let you know I love you so much, and though
we haven't met yet, I'm still waiting. Waiting for
the day we can finally be together.

Your James
994 · Apr 2012
A Beautiful Crime
Jim Ellis Apr 2012
Scattered thoughts flood the page
With rage, I try to torture my victim
The harsh realities I've revealed
Only show what has been concealed
With the hope that it will all change
One day, things will get better
One day, we will shine
One day, we will inspire
and some days I want to die
The words I leave behind are evidence
to a crime against myself
I had to be cleansed
Things needed to be fixed
The pencil is my weapon
And to me it did this...
989 · Apr 2012
Pep talk with my conscience
Jim Ellis Apr 2012
Ever since I was a child I made each day count
Always staying busy, wondering what I will amount to
But as I grew older, the pressure jumped on my shoulders
I then realized this warm world was getting colder
Because of this I now know how this world works
It's no good to complain when things seem to get worse
Pro-active is what I'll be, and I'll never stop see
I can't sit here and wait for success to come to me
That would be like trying to stay dry with no umbrella in the rain
But I can still see why this thing called life makes people insane
They get deranged and mangled when their **** get's twisted
It's a shame because I've seen talent go to waste from kids that are gifted
I have to admit though, we all encounter distractions
That deceive us because they're gilded and encumbered in attraction
But satisfaction it can taste so good
Whether you reside in the suburbs or in the hood
It's time to make a switch and turn on that light
Instead of getting left, it's time to get it right
976 · May 2012
Jim Ellis May 2012
Birds are meant to fly
Humans are meant to love
and when both of us die
We'll be free up above

So what if a bird is grounded?
And what if a human doesn't want to love?
What if he doesn't know how?
Does that make him wrong?

My mother told me,
"God loves us all"
and I believe her.

I love God, I love life
The part I'm confused with
is loving another life.

I know God loves me
so it should be easy
for people to love me too.

However I'm still questioning
How can I feel this reciprocation?
Loving and being loved
are hard things to balance...

I want to be like the birds,
flying high in the sky
I want to fall in love
and be loved before I die.
966 · Feb 2014
Retrospect For Life
Jim Ellis Feb 2014
Hardly aware of awareness,
he wondered through the City.
Why didn't she answer -he thought.
A taxi splashed water on him,
which only made him more angry.
He rushed into the nearest deli,
Do you have a towel? I'm soaked! he asked.
No, but I have sweatpants
and shirts for sale. I'll lend you some.
the owner responded.
Shocked by the man's generosity,
he insisted he buy them.
Where's my wallet?
I must have left my wallet at home. Nevermind.
Before the owner could hand him the clothes,
he was out the door in a flash.

Walking back to his apartment was the only thing left to do,
so he walked, and thought about all the troubles...
She doesn't love me anymore, I'm broke,
I'm unlucky, I can't keep a job, my family is ashamed,
I have no skills, nor talents, I'm a waste of life...

But he was interrupted by a quarrel between two men.
You ******* ***! You stole my wallet. said one.
I did not, you can search me. responded the other.
The first man threw a punch and knocked the other down.
I have to do something!
He ran to the two men and grabbed the assaulter
holding him against the wall, and yelled,
ENOUGH! This man has nothing and you
can't find your wallet, so you assume he has it!?
You probably left it at home, call your wife, kids,
or whomever and see if its there!
he roared.
Whatever.. was his blunt response,
and the assaulter walked away...

The other man lay on the ground bleeding and coughing,
so he bent down and consoled him,
You okay man? he asked.
Why did you help me? I'm a waste of life,
and you helped me. You're the only person
in this city who ever gave me a chance:
You. Are. A. Hero.
lamented the injured man.
He couldn't respond though. He just shed a tear
for in that moment all his problems went away.
It didn't matter that he was soaking wet,
or that he left his wallet at home,
or that his wife didn't answer,
or that he lost his job.
Nothing mattered,
except that he mattered.
962 · Aug 2012
My First Love
Jim Ellis Aug 2012
I miss you so much
Your stare, your touch
We weren't ready for love
But we knew what it was
We had different views
On every bit of news
Though we were distracted
Opposites surely attracted

I loved your unique style
Your eyes, your smile
Underneath the make-up
And through the fake stuff
I could see innocence
Behind your ignorance
I loved you, and I know
Emotion you won't show

My mind's second guess
Gave my heart less
And I hear your voice
Through my stupid choice
I was told this is my first
But the pain was the worst
We had to break-up, but still
I adore you, and I always will
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