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O! mighty elements of nature,
each standing out,yet interwoven,
in your orchestration, you include  each human,
give rise to a nebulous magic we know as mind,
created for the universe,in a process,mysterious
hoping each would strive for peace in cosmos.

But the consciousness of nature,
one could guess,now feels
increasingly helpless, terrified too on what happens,
reeling in pains of various kind,inflicted upon her.
This as a result of the relentless attack on her
by the unkind mankind,driven by avarice
in a mad spree to reduce flora and fauna in to dust,
that too at an earliest date possible!

Forgive me now, I am a penitent,
shocked by the vision of what awaits
I plant saplings of trees, repenting
with the promise that these tiny greens
will grow to mighty trees once,compensate,
contribute to the well being of all the worlds
Storm clouds sound their gongs aloud,
call the whole world's attention to the ensemble
of tall,dark,handsome actors lined up for a
performance spectacular
Lightening gives cryptic signals at times,
of the change of scene,rain lashes with a sweet vengeance,
till the clouds relent,and go light and white.
The cloud theater had it's ritualistic culmination,
the expectation of imminent plenty soars,
rushing streams fill gushing rivers that get
swelled,roar delighted all the way to ocean
 Oct 2017 Jim Ellis
poets know
 Oct 2017 Jim Ellis
the artists of words know
its 2a.m. when the words come retching out
after an hour of damp papers
they weren't supposed to come out
not today
no, you can't tell your friends
because only a poet knows
the ****** battle
you are fighting
inside your
keep fighting honey
As I watch the wind
Bend the smoke
And you start to choke
The truth is
I already know
You are the wind
And I am the smoke
Wither to your ways
Surreal appeal
Great in so many ways
I remember so many days
I thought of you
But still didn't call
Just the thought of you could make up for the fall
But I'd have to let go
If it happened  to be so
I'll fall on my own
And land on my throne
Another high moment
 Jun 2016 Jim Ellis
Maddii Lloyd
You left
More then
Marks on
My skin.
When I hear people say
" I want to take my life back to a time when it was much simpler."

I follow up and ask,
"Why in the world would you want to live such a simple life?"

I for one, would prefer to struggle,
find a present solution and cope—
Life is never going to be plain Jane and easy.
Ask yourself, when did something good in life come easy?
If we find truth and acceptance finding the light in darkness we will find success.
If we let ourselves dwell in the past letting it control us
Mourning over what once was and what could have been
We waste days, months, even years trying to relieve the grievances of the past
Dwelling, descending, succumbing, ignoring the realization that

Life moves on within a duality—
Warm and subtle
like blood pouring from a wound
And as cold as the hands
that swing the blade.
 Apr 2016 Jim Ellis
No mistress of metaphor
No star of sonnets
No heroine of haiku
No queen of quatrain,
Merely in touch with the -
Language of longing,
Sanctity of sin,
Din of desolation,
Poetry of pain.
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