I'm in love with the artist
Pretty petals painted across lips
Purposely touch


Her heart my forgiving canvas
Dainty doodles dedicated, I cuss
Desperately grasp



She silently works light lines
Sweet soft swabs and inky tips
Seductive creative



Does she feel this despairing way?
Brushes barely bend, I must
Blankness covers



I patiently wait for our next moment together, my candy coated canvas, I miss you. You're my favourite piece of art

Pulling my own teeth today
Seeing you
strain makes
Me feel this desperate way.

It's pleasantly unusual for me
Needing someone
Than what my eyes can see

No one sees the special way
You sit in
my conscience
Still photo, naked you lay

Ribs carved into your palace
Eres la mujer
de mis sueños.
My heart, my Alice

i love you, okay?

Just a kiss?
Salted cinnamon smacks my cerebral cortex
This is no ordinary kiss

Hearts stop in a broken lift
Two minds wrapped
In a paradigm shift
Deep dwelling desire
My feet seem to drift

This is no ordinary kiss

All natural senses slip away
Secret inspections and
Talks of that day
Love lingers on these
Lips in a mysterious way

This is no ordinary kiss

butterflies, every time

You should be
Right here
With me
Clouds beneath us

Passenger Alice please report to gate 16

I want that dirty adventure with you
Pick up Tom and a drink or two
Find our souls in this shitty city zoo
Fall asleep to the sound
Of a didgeridoo.

I want that sleepless sexual sway
That devilish look all night and day
Careless and curled as you carefully lay
Toasty desire when I go
Down that way.

I want that lost in translation to be
Something that reminds you only of me
Uppers and downers, think you're a tree
Salty endeavors, cold hearts
Lost at sea.

I want that dirty adventure for us
6 cents short for that red party bus
Grab my hand there's no need to discuss
This love for you has no
Fear, no fuss

happy campers
Jim baker Jul 18

Your kisses are like chocolate cake
Sweet soft embrace, guilty pleasure
Your eyes are in the fantasy I make
Right in front of me, hidden treasure

Birthday wishes, sex on the beach
Donuts go down, and daily bread
Every word - i'll listen you'll teach
thoughts of you, live in my head

Birthday wishes and birthday suits
My dream come true, in little books
Ice cream socks and shiny boots
My heart racing, sticking like hooks

A year so fast, love it does make
One more digit for you my dear
Dreams of the day I get to wake
Square slices of pizza, hearts in beer

Because you taste like birthday cake
Jim baker Jul 18

- long is -
- forever? some -
times just one  second.
a moment        inside you
seems infinite            every single
touch takes me            to your wonder
land. Would you               like an adventure
now? Or shall we have tea first? searching for a
life that is right in front of me. True love, curiouser
and curiouser, you take me to places that I can only
imagine. If you don't know where you are going, any
road will get you                                    there.That road
lies with you                                                      Forever in
your won                                                              ­  derland

playing with words from Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland,  
explaining my love for you.
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