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Jill Jun 2018
If good things come to those who wait,

You're welcome.
Jill Apr 2015
I had forgotten how good it felt to drive with the windows down until you flew past me.

Something free in the way your hair danced around your face, with your passenger's face in the wind, and your red truck - like glass wasn't installed.

I will never know you or see you again to thank you for letting your boxer ride shotgun instead of in his crate on the back, but I'm grateful that people like you exist.
You looked like a really good person.
Jill Dec 2012
My thoughts are being served to me like breakfast
Tell me what there was.
Teach me to remember.
Jill Nov 2012
I don't know how to tell him
I'm happier alone
Jill Sep 2012
We are all closets.

Some of us keep our doors closed
Some of us leave our light on
Some people store things in us
Some people hide in us

And some of us walk around
With little Narnias inside that
Other people yearn to escape to
But we're afraid to search for them
Because we don't want to find a monster
******..Another monster.
Jill Jun 2012
I feel like my inability to tie shoes in Kindergarten was symbolic
Because that was the year I learned to cut strings
Rather than to knot them into something elegant

And now I wish I had been taught with all of the other children

Because if I had
Maybe I would have known
Than to take the red string
That kept him tied to me
And cut it

If I had
Maybe instead
I would have known
How to tie us

But I didn't
And I couldn't

And now I'm completely
In my repulsion
For having
Done it

But at the time
It seemed so rational

Because the string was cutting off my circulation

Because I felt trapped
And claustrophobic
And tied down

Because when I was five
I was too busy playing with balloons
Rather than learning how to tie my shoes

And because
When I let go of my balloon at that festival
After I had finished crying
And once it had disappeared behind the clouds
I concluded that strings are meant to be cut
Because when you hold onto them
You disable flight

(I wanted to fly)

But I was only five

And my theory didn't account for
anything that wasn't lighter than air

And I'm heavy hearted
I did it
And now I'm finally free
But I've never felt more
Like I can't breathe
Jill May 2012
I before e except after c
But I wanted to be
Next to you
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