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Expirl05 Feb 2020
like the sun for the first and for the end,
bring all the light and the dark in different time,

no other place safer than eyes closed and a lantern
Brace all the light in soothing dark
and the wind blows your soul into another realm

Then let it reset your daylife.
Expirl05 Oct 2019
Pada dasarnya, langit bukan tempat untuk bulan bersandar dan bulan bukan satu-satunya tempat untuk berbagi.

Mereka hebat dengan karismanya masing-masing dan takluk dengan kehebatan satu sama lain, saling membutuhkan.

Bersama menghasilkan keindahan yang terkesan tidak diperdulikan dikala hilang.
Menciptakan sekitar damai dihiasi sunyi malam yang tenang.

Cerita sama yg dimiliki matahari.
Expirl05 Sep 2019
All things we do have destined,
You make smile and tears in between

We're the sky and the sea
Wider and deeper, when you treasure it
Different, if you follow the edge
Perfect match, if you see the line where they meet
And perfect blue indeed

One thing they should know
Thunder amid the storm always be friend with big waves
Great power yet imperfect match
Expirl05 Jun 2019
So here,
We're not trying to ****** the time
Instead conquering the secret darkness.
Like seeing all the stars,
Reaching one by one,
Noticing all
Only learn the destined stars
Expirl05 Jan 2019
Never lost in faith yet,
Ever had the temptation to run from it,
Ever felt suffocated by the air,
Ever felt lost the beat of life,
and the universal stops from my mind

I'm still okay,
Thankful for the Owner of mine,
For His well controlled in beneficial way,
For me, surround, and beautiful future ahead,

And now,
Can I state this as my first stone of mine?
Like other's...
All with Your permission for sure

Bismillah :)
Expirl05 Sep 2018
Be careful of what we're facing

Sometimes what heart does feel is not the real one
Ask him that brings everything up
Sometimes what ear does hear is not the real one
Ask the mouth that talks what he's humming about
Sometimes what eye does see is not the real one
Ask your conscience that experiences the old

So, who should you believe over yourself?
Expirl05 Jun 2018
Let the night find the true you
Take a deep thought, what's inside?
Think that you're on the right track,
What is right? We all have our own answer
and suddenly you lost everything

Disappointment, definitely.
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