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Loh Jia Tyan Mar 2015
your apologies
wrap around me like the hugs
you never offered
Loh Jia Tyan Mar 2015
you've always flown too
high, no roof could contain you
but your wings don't last
Loh Jia Tyan Mar 2015
it is daybreak and neither
of us have slept  in days
watching the red of blood spill
into the spaces between houses
a tear in the fabric of tranquil
night air segueing into a new
beginning – the separation of
two, grown so close that we are
virtually entwined, siamese twins

with the first birdsong breaking
the frail glass barrier of silence
between us, there is an absence
of speech – what used to be comfort
and solace from harsh reality
now turned into calculated discomfort
as we plot out our paths to
make sure they never cross

maybe there is such a thing as
too close for comfort,
when it's too difficult for you to
leave, or detach yourself
from someone else and you
risk whatever you have for
the sake of holding on to something
that cannot be kept from
slipping away
Loh Jia Tyan Mar 2015
we are damaged goods
cargo tossed in stormy waves
salvaged from the shore
Loh Jia Tyan Mar 2015
hope is a fragile
dandelion - it disappears
with one breathless sigh
Loh Jia Tyan Mar 2015
you blazed like the North
Star in the night sky - but you
showed me the wrong way
Loh Jia Tyan Mar 2015
the walls are closing
in on me - my heart is trapped
and i cannot breathe
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