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Jessie Latham Feb 16
untold riches
sold by the pound

you tucked them within
your shirt sleeve
& I never made
a sound

it's just too cold for a
heart so bold
& all these missed
make me feel all the
more this old


wait for me
by the crossroads
wearing only your bare
brazen skin

& I'll help you to
all the hell that we

lived in.
most I see these days are
while there are some I see
who have given up
on their heart

what a sorrowful sight

for eyes already
Jessie Latham Jan 19
the river made the air
so much colder as she stood
on the bridge
the kind of cold you need
when you are

this numb

there exists an ethereal beauty
sewn into the bleak canvas
of the winters here

but she's spent so much time
in this place
that the place has spent her
with it

& she's misplaced all the
colors she needs to
add life

she clutches to black
as it seeps into
her palm

& says "not yet, death...

'tis the storm
before the
written on the last day of 2020
Jessie Latham Jan 11
I feel as if I am perpetually
reaching for things that
are never there

like stars
that have long since changed shape
or died
like conversations
that have long since changed pace
or died
like people
that have long since changed face
or died

there is no home left here for me

but I’d sewn myself into
the ground
just to grow the strength to feel
& now this whole ******
devil town
grins pertinacious
in my attempt
to escape

did you see it, too?

the sick, sad smiles
of the vacant

& the blue?
didn't they look just
like you?
Jessie Latham Dec 2020
I'll float
& not soar
I won't sing, but I'll roar
& you won't know much about me
but you'll wish you
knew me
Jessie Latham Nov 2020
it's mad season here
& the trolley's
on fire;
her follies were not
strong enough
to keep the car on
the wire

the paintings have
much akin to her
all senses long
since flown
as she broke from
her reality

"it's hell here on
this earth,"
she whispered to
the storm
but on it raged
& on it raged
with no hope yet to
be formed

& she could never quite
forget about

"the lightning may strike,
my love;
but someday it will all
be ours."
Jessie Latham Oct 2020
I can't help but to
lend a bit of
to the things that try
to ****;
the things that try
to deliver
me to my maker in
& ribbons

little do they know
for thirteen years I've
competed heavily against

& I always aim to

but still they come, the
trials and the errors
lilting one by two
by four
by twelve

they wait for me when I
am weak
& my demon takes
the helm

I can never escape
the swell

the raging, burning tide
she laughs now,
edging towards the

& all that aches inside
my blood
could never sate her

and I pray and I pray
and I pray and I pray
and I pray
just to get up
from this *******
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