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Jessica H Oct 2018
There’s a hole inside of me the world can't fill
I can hear my heartbeat reverberate from inside
waiting  for the moment I implode within myself
Maybe I’ll burn bright and beautiful
instead  of  this vacuum,  consuming and destroying everything that I touch
my flesh the event horizon
Jessica H Dec 2012
Another loved one gone
suddenly and with surprise.
She jumped to her death,  
picked her last breath
in full control of her demise.
I wanted to be just like her,
beautiful, strong, and wise.
But she's another loved one gone
suddenly and with surprise.
Jessica H Oct 2012
Left with traumas that are immensely heavy, too frail to keep dragging them along.
To flee is not an option
my woes have quick legs to chase me,
I fall to the ground in exasperation,
to wait for an able-bodied hero that will never come
Jessica H Oct 2012
I dreamt of watching you die.
I felt the misery of a world without you.
Now, I fear, I can't wake up.
Jessica H Oct 2012
I held her cold, dead hand
I kissed her lifeless face
Memorizing every moment
Knowing that I would never feel the comfort of a mother's love again.
Her selflessness was her demise
She neglected and gave all of herself
She smiled so big
She spoke soothing words
She needlessly apologized
All in her last hours

— The End —