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Jessica Giles May 2012
Train tracks
strewn with
bits of broken glass
That shimmer in
The cold winter sun.
I think about jumping
In front of
The next orange line train
Jessica Giles May 2012
Alone and lonely
The darkness takes me.
I'm searching for shooting stars
in the night sky
but the street lights
are too bright
and the clouds are
too dense.
The rain falls
slowly, it beats
******* my window
Jessica Giles Jan 2012
eyelids heavy with sleep
as my heart races
and dreams await

but I cannot sleep
because my mind races
and my heart awaits
Jessica Giles Feb 2011
You were my everything.
And now you are someone else's everything.
And I'm sure you'll be another's everything after that.

I'd like to kick you...but really what would that solve?
Matters of the heart cannot be dealt with violence.
One must just **** it up and tell their heart to just forget he ever existed.

The universe just won’t let me forget.
Jessica Giles Feb 2011
Pink petal pathway
Led me to a land far far away.
Away from gray skies, rain clouds
And reality.
Jessica Giles Feb 2011
Loose lips sink ships
And baby,
This ship is going down

I’m burning bridges to the ground
And baby,
I’m not going to drown.
Jessica Giles Mar 2010
A night of drinking and partying
Ended in 2 couches and 3 people.
You playfully pushed me over
Smushing your body close to mine.

I was with someone
but  hadn’t been in love with him
for a long time.
Your hardworking arms pulled me in closer
And you kissed my forehead.

I knew that night I had to end my
Already crumbled relationship

I knew that night that I didn’t want to
Go on forever without ever kissing you.
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