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 Sep 2016 Jessica Evans
you told me you love me but
your eyes never shown interest,
your lips cracked as if it's
telling a broken promise.
you told me you cared for me,
but your body sways for her;
your brain works for her.
tell me everything you need,
but let your body lie for you.
When the world around you crumbles
And all your bridges burn
When your heart shatters into pieces
And there's nowhere else to turn

When life is full of hurt
And love only causes pain
Then we must begin all over
We must start again.

Falling only makes it worse
Giving up is not an option
Stand up and count your blessings
Move forward with caution

Know that just beyond this turn
Lies a fork in the path
If you don't like where your life is going
Try making a left
She weeps not for the shore
As distance creates a shadow
She embraces the current
Becoming the wave
And gently pushes her sea home

She chases not the sun
As the day is put to rest
She is the moonlight
That cradles the stars
Tightly to her *******

She yearns not
Her pain-streaked tears
That fall below her feet
She is the soil beneath her toes
Her pain now colors the tree

She worries not
The flowers' bloom
Or the leaves that fall like rain
She is the wind
That will kiss the ground
And sweep it all away
while getting high:
imagined my heart
blooming inside out
 Aug 2015 Jessica Evans
Welcome to the South,
where we teach
Christ's compassion,
rather than put it into action.
Where we honor the
Red, White, and Blue,
but only want to share it with a few.

Welcome to the South,
Where our values are just as backwards as our deep fried diet,
and our minds are
just as closed as our hearts.

So pull up a chair,
or a double-wide,
Grab a peach
or a pecan pie,
'cause ain't nothin'
gonna change,
till DixieLand dies.
The original works and writings of Jason Deegan.
All Rights Reserved. ©2015
 Aug 2015 Jessica Evans
The nouns of my life are fading.
I'm left standing at an
uncomfortable cliff.
And the winds of
change keep
"Do you
fade or
The original works and writings of Jason Deegan.
All Rights Reserved. ©2015
That's why I love to write
I can make all things possible
Even us.
She loved him
  So she said yes
Tears of joy stream down her face
As he put the ring on her finger
Under the tree where they met
Birds singing lullabies surround them
Wishing them a forevermore

Years pass

She loved him
  So she hid the pain
Blood streams down her face
As his knuckles kiss her lips
Shattering his fragile promises
Together with her bones

Weeks pass

She loved him
  So she set him free
A smile forms on her face
As she pulled the ****** knife from his body
A pool of blood forms on her feet
Joy and grief filled her soul

Days pass

She loved him
  So she went with him
A blank face was all that is left
As she hanged herself from that tree
Birds singing lullabies surround her
Comforting her troubled soul
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