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jesse packard Jun 2018
Oh Loo, sweet loo.

How I long for you.
After my morning coffee,
When my gut starts to move.

Oh loo how I long for you.

As I sit on your plush covered seat,
to take a morning poo.
I notice that you are so sweet,
waiting for my number two.
Oh loo how I long for you
jesse packard Nov 2017
Two lover lying beneath the innocent sky.
Looking at the moon in heaven, in the
silence of the bitter cold winter nights,
with stars painted across the innocent sky.

Hanging on to every word spoken,
as if this may the last time they speek.
The emptiness provided a mark of better
understanding, for the promise made.

There will be a time where he asks you
Just follow you're heart and never ever.
mind helping me pick a name for this?
jesse packard Nov 2017
Psilocybe mushroom you are the best.
in death there is life, as a psilocybe.
You conquer all that is around you,
and fill my mind with craziness.

To think you are so small, and pack such a punch.
With you're purple brown spores,
and youre wavy margins and a pellical draped over you.
A stalk so small and strong to hold you're weight.

I think the way you work, makes me a better man.
Remembering the stuff I lost long ago.
thank you my little tiny friend,
but I have to go.
jesse packard Nov 2017
I lead myself to greatness.
Though it shall never come.
To leave this world of vastness.
When i'm dead and gone.
jesse packard Jun 2016
I sit around waiting for something you say is going to happen, but never does.
You say we will be together, yet I don't see it.
I want to believe you, but my heart won't let me.
I say I have no time for you anymore and you ask.
Why must we wait for the beat thing but they never happen
Lucid dreaming is the doorway
        to the unconscious.
So dream.
Do not stay closed
        behind cement barricades
        blocking the moon
        from shining.
Each second is for you.
The tumbling of life
         does not promise
In one breath
you can have
        a time table
        handed to you.
A distinct framework
        of how much
        longer you shall be.
Stay in illusion.
Keep in mind
that very little
is worthy of
being screamed about.
people games
        are not
         the substance
        of existing.
Picture colourful images
         that flutter
            across the
           mental horizon.
A traffic light
red, yellow, green.
A noise
        will dominate
         the shading sky.
These mean nothing.
Moments of distraction
         gone away.
Focus on fantasy.
Allow yourself
the freedom to
        the essence
        of harmony.
When you die,
       it will be
         your dreams
         that are
It's just
      a bad day,
      not a bad life.
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