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he was so sure
about him and her
until Ouzo came into the picture

Ouzo a Greek
was determined to leak
the secrets of the boyfriend's double life

so before every meal
Ouzo drank a great deal
and stared at his girl with a grin

with anise on his tongue
malice filling the lungs
he divulged what he does when not home

his heart became hardened
spoke all of the garden
that belonged to Michael McGregor

through all the tears
despite all her fears
she listened with solemn reflection

as Ouzo related
how his pride had inflated
and nearly cost him his life just that day

how he just barely fled
how he hid in a shed
and how McGregor had stolen his clothing

so she told Peter then
find a new rabbit's den
there will be no thieves in this home

his head bent low
with Ouzo in tow
he hopped out of his two-bedroom burrow

and never felt better
in this warm summer weather
naked and a bachelor again
drake was showing off
his toosie slide
kicking, tossing his feet
kicking to the beat
all around his mansion

walled in and isolated
in the cramped space of his home
trying to ramp up the energy
trying to enter the
flow of an artist

and perhaps here the ego
did indeed fall away
and every deed of his performance
and every award of his importance
was a testament to positive psychology

just as Mihaly endorses
complete immersion can beget
this aversion to distraction
this sole aim of action
tempus fugit into a fraction
she'll have her Revenge like Tamora
but like Titus I'll have my victory
and I'll sit for my portrait before Raphael
like his Cardinal wearing the red of past misery
she took it all in stride
her chin was up
her grin was wide

because she knew the boy that left her
only wanted what she denied
every morning you greet me
in the bed where we lay
and your small and white figure
demands that i stay
all you have to do
is rub that lamp a time or two
a Genie at your beck and call
to love my Jasmine, my Mahal

take you high above Agrabah
take you to the marble of Agrippa
if you just rub my lamp a time or two
anything you say, i'll do
wake up and smell the roses
you said one summer day
so I went to where the Lowe's is
among the flora and decay

i sauntered past the tulips
meandered through the coleus
pressed the petals above my two lips
and wondered why you told me this
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