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Jesse Hunter Jul 2013
It's been Everest to climb to obtain this sober mind of mine.
Hi don't I know you? Vague recollection of time so long ago.
The greatest battle to ever rage is the one that's locked up in this bone contrived cage.
Good and evil, peace and chaos, serenity and madness all in one small space.
Entire lifetime of wisdom, is in this flesh and blood prison.  
Continual conscious contact cerebration. Curious.....
Occasionally things make sense,  only to come to the conclusion it's myself that is confusion.
Jesse Hunter Jul 2013
Hey girl, it's been a long long time.
Hey girl, I hope you're doin fine.
Hey girl, ya know you've been on my mind.

I still think about our first date, how it went, and how you made me feel so great.
Things were so crazy in both our lives, but God but us together, just in time.
We walked along the river side, I can still remember that look in your eye.
We never kissed, or hardly touched, that feeling in my heart, I knew it could not be lust.
When we finally parted, we shared a hug, walking away I wondered could this be love?

Hey girl, it's been a long long time.
Hey girl, I hope you're doin fine.
Hey girl, ya know you've been on my mind.

So many questions to things I don't know, why your in my life, and how this is goin to go.
But you're here now, and it was God that put you here, of this one thing, I am sure.
I couldn't ask, for a more beautiful girl, I hope someday, I can give you the world.
Somehow though, I know you don't want anything from me, except my friendship, and a love never-ending.
So we'll take our time, and not rush this, make the most of this precious gift.

Hey girl, it's been such a long long time.
Hey girl, I hope you're doin fine.
Hey girl, ya know you've been on my mind.

Hey girl, I can't believe you're with me.
Hey girl, you just wanna sit around and watch tv?
Hey girl, anything I can do just ask me.

Hey girl, it's been such a long long time.
Hey girl, I hope you're doin fine.
Hey girl, ya know you've been on my mind.
Hey girl.....
Never wrote a country song before, but I had some inspiration.
Jesse Hunter May 2013
Your t.v. is the enemy, selling lies, ***, and material nonsense.
A box of greed, ***, and violence in the home of every man, woman, Silence! I'm trying to watch this!
One is never enough, not for us, more, more, more, we want more says the little girl selling cell phones.
So with our hard earned pay, we go bankrupt, buying all this worthless, mind numbing, junk.
Even in poverty, a child goes hungry as the mother updates her facebook with a link to her ***** bounty.
The rich man with the perfect life, wife, kids, dogs, and a picket fence, aborts born children, whatever it takes to get rich.
Seems success in this country of billionaire heiresses is simply *** tapes on the internet.
There was a time, we as a nation were to be proud, hold ourselves to higher standards.
In this evil day, I can only pray, have mercy on this country, and a debt it will never repay.
Jesse Hunter May 2013
My friend you've once again inspired me, LADB!  This energy, this poetic symmetry, this talent, this gift that you posses, possess me.
I look to your words as I know you do mine, rely on visions that come from our engines, and by that I mean our minds.
Our self destruction and God's good Grace brought us together, at a time of renewal, and a strange new place.
A friendship developed, between people of different worlds, yet akin minds will always think alike.
I remember a day, we took a train, set on the beach, took in the beauty and walked in the rain.
Even in dismay, the following day, after I let the devil have his way, you graced me with kinds words, and you left me with a manly embrace.
Some time has passed, without personal contact, yet we remain friends, with similar visions.
Until the day that we once again cross paths, in this life or the next, your poetic text will be the adhesive of a friendship I hope will always last.
Jesse Hunter May 2013
Our Father, which art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy Name.
Thy Kingdom come.
Thy will be done on earth,
As it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
As we forgive those that trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom,
The power, and the glory,
For ever and ever. In Jesus name I pray.

Lord God, I come to you humbled and sad, this life you've blessed me with was never supposed to be this bad.
I work hard all day long, thinking of you and singing songs.
I think of you when things go wrong, blaming myself for all the harm.
Father be with me in spirit, show me your way, please help me get through this day.
You've given me life, and I've returned that gift with sin, I love you Jesus, thank you for forgiveness.
I think about how I've lived, and all the mistakes I've made, but you never left me, you hold my hand and show me the way.
I see your fingerprints without any dust, your work in my life is so obvious.
Lord, I pray, that you hear my voice, spoken words in my head, by your grace, I am not dead.
So many times you've given me strength I did not have, you've given me peace when I was mad.
Author of life, King of Kings, teach me how to be a good human being, help someone else today that has even less than me.
I receive your spirit, I accept your gifts, how come it took me so long to do all of this?
If it's your will, again I pray, that you will help me Lord mend relationships.
I can't breath and single breath without your saying "yes, my child it's ok."
Heavy is the burdens I carry, please take the weight, I'll trudge through it all while I wait.
You've made me just who I am, for your glory, assured by the spirit, I do not have to worry.
I am yours and you are mine, every second of Earthly time.

I once dreamt of Heaven, castles made of gold, even in my dreams there is so much you left unshown.
Lord, grant me your holy wisdom, for I am ignorant, and lame.
I've wasted so of my life in vain, o' what a shame.
With the days I have left show me the light, continue to work in my life Lord with your mighty might.
And mite I slip, once yet again, please Lord carry me I'm a human born in sin.
In Jesus Christ name I pray, amen, and amen.
Jesse Hunter May 2013
We've been through this all before, I refuse to live this life with you anymore.
I've given you my everything, and you took all without a word.
You've left me broke, homeless, and sick, nothing is worth all of this hurt.
Yet you never gave me nothing but grief in return, every time we are together I get burned.
Because of you I've lost everything, oblivion, suffering, and pain.
Yet I've always came back to you, in your every form, it's like I've been cursed to you, since the day I was born.
You were supposed to bring so much to my life, friends, happiness, success, none of this happened, and now my life is a mess.
You've beaten me down, like Jesus, spit on me with a bloodied thorn crown.
Even then amidst all the destruction, where do I turn, back to you, blackness, it may be awhile before I return.
Up until now you've been my life, you don't even have a *****, you are not my wife.
Your satan in liquid form, but you've underestimated me, I will not be defeated I'm last of a dieing breed.
Relentless as you are, your time with me is through, my higher power says I'm just too ******* good for you!
Jesse Hunter May 2013
He's always there, filling my mind full of lies, lies I want to hear, drawing me near, paralyzing my soul with fear.
These sick thoughts are not my own, born from a mind that is not mine, but a wickedness of the unholy divine.
Suddenly stricken with the realization that these very lines shouldn't be written, like a vampire victim I've been bitten.  

Another lie!

This was meant to set the record straight, to put you in your place, the world should know your not supposed to be common place.
I will not be fooled, nor cower, thats for cowards, I'm stronger than you today, nothing you say will take away the peace that I can have today.
So bring your army of sinners and demons, from very beginning you musta been dreamin, so hears to our victory, we've already won, and just like this stanza your already done.....
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