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Jessa M Saquin Oct 2019
horrible feeling
like the only person
you need
need you
Jessa M Saquin Oct 2019
the saddest part is
I still care

Life is unfair
you now care for someone else
been years but im still here
Jessa M Saquin Oct 2019
What the world doesn't know is
You sometimes linger in my head
What happened taught me more than you could imagine
I cried over that war of pain, I thank you for my brand new me.
sometimes acceptance is key
Jessa M Saquin Oct 2019
I felt lonely lately,
everything seems so sad.
Jessa M Saquin Oct 2019
Its been a while
I trusted someone with my heart
took me long to realized
that's happiness can disguise

what is good in lies?
they can be much better than truth sometimes...
what is good in goodbyes?
they can be the best action of letting a hidden crime...

this heart has been through so much more than you thought it could
but this won't be the last time, I'll love somebody again...
someone who deserves and I can share my life and love for good...
no matter if we fight as long as we can mend each other's pain...
happy to be back here, it's been a while and it felt good to finally be able to share my poems again... :)
Jessa M Saquin May 2017
I will take all the chances i can
Chance to hold your hands
Chance to make you smile
Chance to see you look at me
Chance to love you eternally
But that does not end in just a few chances
Cause chances are nothing when youre in love
Because this chances can come true with the power of falling in love.
Love can make you do things
Things youve never done before
Things youve never felt before
But we're too scared of new, so was i

I was scared and still.
Being scared can make your wishes fall into pieces. So was i.
I was scared.
Scared of loving her. Loving my bestfriend.
I was even scared of calling her "my bestfriend".
I was scared being judged.
Being judged by loving someone who is also like me.
A girl.

So, here I am.
Hearing my broken heart breaking each time
i hear your name,
see your pictures,
its just too painful too feel.
If you ever see this letter i wish you will feel it was me, your friend. letting you know that you caught my heart.
So im begging you.
Please dont play with it.
If you do, im okay as long as you still hold it just please dont let it go.

I came to your life as a friend, a girl best friend. I wanted more but i know my limits so i sacrifice my heart and let it burn to numb the pain.

I miss you, ill see you next school year. As a friend.

Your secretly lover, bestfriend.

Ps. Besh pag mali mali english sorry nag mamadali mag type
Pss. Tamad ako. Tamad. So sorry talaga
Psss. Mag momove on na ko. Hahaha char.
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