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Jerome Manzano Mar 2017
I maybe alone, but not lonely
for what I have with me are memories
of us spending our days in the ocean
basking under the moon so bright
no worries or problems to attend
seemingly invincible

Tonight I maybe alone, but not lonely
for our love will always be with me
Jerome Manzano Mar 2014
Sorry if I'm not there to greet you with kiss,
or a tight hug that we both really miss.
But cheer up my Lady for this is your day,
a day to celebrate, and no room for dismay.
Dance and share your smile.
Let happiness cling for more than just a while.
And though we are miles apart,
may my sincerest greetings warm your heart.
Jerome Manzano Mar 2014
share your heart
share your feelings
tell me you dreams
and all its meanings

let the mile be miles of thought
of you and me
and me and you
of all the challenges together we fought

let the tears flow if they want to
it just proves that our love is true
let the feeling of longing linger
til the moment we'll be with each other
Jerome Manzano Dec 2013
Will you sing me another song?
let you voice cradle me the whole night
and make loneliness be just a word.
let your lullabye calm me
and your whisper tickle my ears.
will you sing me another song?
till I fall into slumber
and hopefully dream of you.
O please, will you do?
Jerome Manzano Dec 2013
one man's loss is another man's gain.
known to science as the law of conservation of energy.
for most of us, it is the bitter reality.
an unbreakable law that was made to bring balance.
but instead, cause chaos.
exploited by humanity.
from countries that gains territory in exchange of blood.
to greedy people that wants more by taking from the less.
eutopia will be just a dream...
and maybe afterlife will be the only way...
Jerome Manzano Dec 2013
Put a little soul in your work and it will come to life.
A little smile and make it worth a while.
A piece of you and you may find peace.
A little of something, for some may mean everything.
Jerome Manzano Aug 2013
find a love that LAST
not just love for *LUST
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