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jonas ernust Oct 8
there was a bird and there was a raccoon and there was a tree and there was a grey rock and brown shrubs and green grass and a blue soul wandering  lost so very lost
jonas ernust Sep 25
He looked at a rothko and said "any child could do that"


"It's crap, it's not art"

"Yeah it is. It's obviously an expression by the artist and is therefore art"

"Well it's just junk. I hate it. Art used to have skill"

"Well you seem really upset by it so I think it did its job. Rothko would be proud"


Davinci wishes people cared this much
jonas ernust Sep 25
blank for 3 good lines

I went looking for fires in the mildew air In January like leaflets after a holocast
The first to go is the mosquito. I caught you cheatin,
Hanging in the closet are your pearls, hanging in the yard are your swine.
I don't care to know you
jonas ernust Sep 22
A breath at 3:18.
Pull the cover and think of coyotes in the canyon.
rainbow car crash, Nova
Caress, Amsterdam somersault,
October induction.
willows breeze.
Be calm. Be present. be resolved
jonas ernust Sep 22
Do you feel any better when you've been stuck inside?
Do you think it hurts me?
The only thing that hurts me is
a dead bluebird when I'm walking to work at 5 am.
I dont care who you ****, or how you parade yourself.
I'm a man now. Only the boy would have been bothered, because he couldn't bear to be alone with his thoughts, unperturbed, resiliant; he needed company.
Now my thoughts are company.
Now the wind has something to
say, and I listen
jonas ernust Sep 18
Yo, it's 3 o clock, what you doin
Straightening out this bent piece of aluminum for the insects at dawn.
Your face is reminiscent of hepburn.
One fifth left.
5 days left, here, then back at it. It's nice to be here again, seeing the trees and the streets.
I will walk the school tomorrow and see if I've really changed. I'll see if my anarchy carving is still on the bench.
I'll see the mud mound I played football on. I'll see where I got my pb&j in the morning. I'll see where I thought I would never change and where I'd never grow old.
Beautifully naiive and sweet. But I could no longer be sweet. I had to be smart
jonas ernust Sep 11
"write down how you're feeling"

He picks up a pen and draws a single dot .

"This is me, but it's mostly you too"
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