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Jeremy Apr 23
I’m tired of all back and forth politics
It makes me sick
Like spring
When the pollen hits
Words get manipulated
Bend like contortionist
How unfortunate
That we speak the same language
But entirely different dialects
This is not a test
And if it was
The answer wouldn’t be no or yes
Fill in the blanks
To what you think is best
No wrong answer
So you try to guess
No wrong answer
But your Incorrect
Jeremy Dec 2018
It’s not difficult to put two and two together
To know it won’t go the distance
But insist we still measure
Like if we pretend that we care just enough
We could possibly do better
But I didn’t want tomorrow or a just a few weeks
I was in it for forever
Then everything got misconstrued
The man I said I would never be
I ended up becoming worst then that dude
Trying not to jump to conclusions
But i would always conclude
Trying to stay to true to self
While trying with you
Was impossible
When you were in an impossible mood
Promises were always broken
Lies were beautifully spoken
Doors to our skeletons that were shut closed
Were now exposed to the open
Leaving me to find the right words
To bring us back into focus
Words that don’t exists
So why do we persist?
Even though
We know there is no meaning to this *******br>
I’m back to writing again
Jeremy Aug 2017
There has been so much turbulence
It took me a while to find calm skies to finally be circling
Obstacle after obstacle
My body was fatigue off the hurdling
Only thing that kept me going
Was the good memories
But even those were in jeopardy
As I found the nightmares more nourishing
I found myself not wanting to drive no more
Rather be chauffeured by all my demons
Who manipulated my feelings behind closed doors
Hard to argue when they were always better on the track  
Even though stops signs were ignored
But I was down for the ride
Seatbelt unbuckled
Drinks I had a couple
Quiet was the tunnel
Loud was the collide
My life rolled like film right before my eyes
Out of body experience
I was delirious inside
And I was disgusted on what I saw
I mean the tickets were free
But I wanted to refund it all
So many regrets piled on regrets
Playing Russian roulette with my life's crystal ball
Just because I was too weak to form a fist
Too spineless to stand tall
But that was the old me
A *****
It took a near death experience to final wake me up
and push me
And it felt amazing to revolt
To take the noose that strangled and dangled across my throat
And use that piece of string to find footing
Like touring on tight ropes
The same monster that tried to **** me
Now gives me hope
The same place that broke me
Now shows me the truth through the smoke
Jeremy May 2017
I will never die

I will forever reside

Between the delicate whispers

And the roar of the battle cries

To never fold

Because I am gold

Forged between the tamed

That became the uncontrolled
Jeremy Mar 2017
I see
With such clarity
Every stitch of every seam
Every wake of heavy dreams
Every ray of steady beams
I see
With such clarity
The evolution of man
Pearls conjured through a sea of blood
To die on empty sands
I see
With such clarity
Events so muted and small
There said to have not existed
But I witness it all
I see
With such clarity
Life against the lifeless
I see with such clarity
But I yearn for the blindness
Jeremy Feb 2017
Call me

Not by my name

But by the memories we made

The feelings we enslaved  

And the songs that we played

Just call me

Not tomorrow

Or next week

But call me today
Jeremy Dec 2016
I lay awake
My soul solar flared
My eyes moon baked
The folds of my psyche do nothing but excavate
Dreams and aspirations who face each other to annihilate
The bodies in the bodies of water that suffocate
From the gases of the masses of the pools I hydrate
To restore the lost of concentration when I fail to levitate
I love the evolution but the revolution breeds the hate
And evil deeds plant seeds that blossom to ones fate
Stuck In in the middle of these shifting tectonic plates
Being told I'm right on time
Knowing that Im late
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