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Jeremy Fernand Aug 2014
Broken glass on the floor.
What once was something beautiful
Now shattered into tiny pieces.  

Broken hearts everywhere
What once was a person,
Now shattered into tiny fragments.

What becomes of these pieces,
Can they ever be beautful again.

Some questions have no answers,
Some events have no reasons.

Whatever happens, happens.
Jeremy Fernand Aug 2014
One missed call, one ignored message.
Thats all it took to change everything.
One moment, and nothing was ever the same again.

What if he had answered that call;
Maybe everything would be different

Maybe, If only, What if.
Now all that remains are unanswered questions
Jeremy Fernand May 2014
Did I make the right decision?
Did I take the right option?
Some answers we will never know,
But our search for them – on it will go

There comes a time when we all face a choice;
A time when we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.
It seems like we’re being tossed from the frying pan into the fire,
and there is no seemingly easy way out of the mire.

That’s when we have to take the plunge,
To make our choice and stick by it;
we have to face the repercussions of our decision,
And pray and hope we had the right intuition.

Many a mistake will be made along the way,
Far too many people hurt by what we choose;
what option do we have though,
that fine line, we have to toe.

So on we soldier, through it all,
Making our choices, living our life;
We mess up, then from our mistakes we learn,
and back to making choices we return.
I wrote this after having to make a particularly hard decision about a couple of friends.

— The End —