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Your body beneath me
A blade pressed to your chest
Do you trust me?
Sadistic thoughts swarm my brain
Like a nest of angry wasps
A thin line
Dripping crimson honey
Your breath becomes sharp
A dull ache in my skull
Demons speaking into my ear
The knife in my hand is so tempting
I carve another line
One after one and I still ain’t done
The steal comes down full force
Tearing past flesh and bone
I can’t help but to let out a little moan
Hands painted red
Shoving my fingers in the open wounds
Can I make someone so numb feel pain?
Watching the light fade from your dark eyes
I always wanted to be your end
I promise I’ll kiss it better
But now I have you
Nothing can take you from me
The cold metal to my neck
Slices past the cartilage
Feeling warmth drip into my lungs
My vision filled with dark clouds
I mutter and choke out my last words
I love you
Ugh I don't feel good. My brain is somewhere else.
you talk like I can't hear
all the nasty words from both pairs
don't shed those crocodile tears
cause I know neither of you care

life is so much better now
that lick of freedom is sweet
I just can't wait to say "ciao"
proving I won't end up on the street

I felt so caged
like a circus animal kept under it's locks
you wondered the source of this rage
no longer a subject of your soapbox
Going through a hard time at home with my family life, my angsty teen feelings came out.
Your feelings of love seem so distant
I know you question whether they are existent
Cold and alone, nowhere to truly call home
As if you're stuck in limbo, left to roam

Something in your eyes makes me think otherwise
That the things you feel you try to disguise
I want to teach you to love
To teach you **** gets better when push comes to shove

I feel safe within your embrace
And nothing is out of place
From the moment I arise till the nights demise
The thought of you gives me butterflies
A poem for someone while I am wide awake.
ashes fall as I drop to my knees
the cigarette of life burned too short
and beings to scorch my tar lungs
I try to light another
the white lighter's out of fuel
and I begin to smother
I am the rat
you are the snake
wrapping me in a warm embrace
before devouring me whole
I may write more to this.
Forever doesn't mean
my hand you'll always hold
forever means
there's a part of me
that you've stole
written in 2017
It's easier to pretend you ain't real
imaginary friends are easier to let go
I just don't know how to feel
you never had the nerve to let me know

I opened myself to you like a flower in bloom
trusting you to mend my soul
but I let you in just a little too soon
leaving my heart blacker than coal

Kiss me sweetly and never let go
say you love me and mean it
but you left me alone, trapped in limbo
I knew you could never commit
I just recently got dumped by someone I loved and trusted very, very much. So, this is how I express this in a healthy manner.
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