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Jenny Van Feb 12
You texted me:
How did you sleep?

I couldn't sleep.
I counted sheeps.

I was up all night
Stared at the moonlight.

I didn't want to,
But I thought of you.

What can I do?
My answer: good.
Jenny Van Dec 2018
I looked nice today
I wish you saw
But it was too late
And you were gone

Here are just fake people
Showing fake love to me
But I did come for you
Just for you, to be seen
Jenny Van Oct 2018
You are made to make
Someones life better
And maybe it's mine
And maybe it's forever
Jenny Van Oct 2018
They made me choose
It broke my soul
And I chose you
I should have known

That we were wrong for me
But nothing felt better
I was finally free
I thought I would never

Told me to run
Told me just fly
Don't know how but
You told me why

I choose you and not him
And time slowly past by
It was at this moment
That I started to die

Set my heart free
And let it fly
Ready for it
It was in time

At his I couldn't stay
And I can't stay with you
They did take him away
And I'm leaving now too

The train arrives
They telling lies
Are paralyzed
At the same time

My rescuer, farewell
I'll now go somewhere else
It's a beautiful place
They will have more to tell

And the train stops
Won't say good bye
Loving killed me
My love, good bye
Jenny Van Oct 2018
I've been fallen for you
And you know it, baby
You're so tenderly cruel
Entertaining, aren't we?

When I say "I love you."
You're answer shouldn't be
"I believe you, Honey."
Please say that you love me

Why can't you see, Darling
That I belong to you
I'm here, I'm there for you
I'm yours, in every mood
Jenny Van Sep 2018
I got shoot
But I say
I'm okay
Is this love
Or a
Jenny Van Sep 2018
You tell me you have mistakes
Society is pressure
And courage is all it takes
Then it keeps getting better

Well, thank you for writing this
On instagram and facebook
Under a pic,edited
That you perfect boyfriend took

Instagram is the weapon
For the new modern women
Pictures look like heaven
But they'll chase you like demons

You can't put your weapons down
Even if you think it's sh**
You can't give up your fake crown
You are just too scared of it
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