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Jennifer Sep 2016
I've missed you
From the ripples of your voice buried under the tidal waves of the concrete jungle
I've missed you
From the oceanic drifts of desire that wades in the pool of mad passion
I've missed you
From the piles of the unsaid lines of scripted words which were not meant to be uttered
Where it shall be silent,
And I will still be waiting
To have missed you.
She misses him, waiting for his return to her palace
  May 2016 Jennifer
Carson Hurley
I slip between the crevasse that parts my mind.
Its an equal split from sanity to the obscene.
I am trapped in the middle, clinching on as the
precipice on either side begins to crumble.
If I slip, I do not know what darkness awaits me below.
I may even fall through to a place of pure white snow.
Yet I hang on tight, hoping for a tall breeze to lift me out.
Divided opinion,
Conflicting beliefs,
Destroying solidarity,
Heart against head,
Trust against paranoia,
Love against rational thought,
The two factions grow apart,
No longer able to function as one,
In bitter hatred,
They turn against sense,
Then within their own ranks,
Both sides host rebellions,
A second divide,
And now four sub-cultures,
Live within one body,
The heart,
Split between love and fear,
The head,
Split between order and chaos,
But in the end,
Their ideals are the same,
Having all experienced the horror of war,
And the glory of peace,
It would only take the briefest moment,
Of simple reason,
To unite this quaternity,
Into one.
  May 2016 Jennifer
George Cheese
I am the sword that splits the world in twain.
I am the shield upon which pain breaks.
I am the storm that rages in your heart.
I am the rain that patters softly across your cheeks.
I am the cheerful madman waltzing down your street.
Written in the same style, almost, and as a sequel to the poem I wrote a few hours ago 'Madness'.
  May 2016 Jennifer
The star splits
Into numerous fragments
As per the will of heavens
The fragments awaken
And choose their possessors
Merging with their hearts
A new power inside them arise
Third part of poem angel
A poem with various interpretations.
Though I'm writing it as a story but still it have many meanings and it means what you understand out of it.

Other parts coming soon...
  May 2016 Jennifer
I can hear it popping.
Feel the heat pressing against my fragile fingertips.
Wanting to escape.
Wanting to be free.
The fire crackles:
The wood has been eaten away.
Most of it.
One piece refuses to split in half.
Like lovers, they cling on to each other,
Unaware of the danger engulfing them,
Burning them,
Splitting them apart.
Still, they refuse to let go.
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