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 Jun 2015 jennifer
gregory obrien
The days pass me by,
Can't think of much to say,
I try to tell the truth, but lie,
Why must I act this way.

I've got these feelings inside,
And no matter how hard I've tried,
They will always reside,
I hide the tears I've cried.

The time that I've wasted,
Forever pasted, on my back,
Yet my future is hopeful,
I can save face at last.

But does it really matter,
Does what I say make any sense,
Or is this all just chatter,
Thrown over the fence,

I quite often wonder,
What's the point of it all,
But I'm sure as you also do know,
Its not about the fall.

How do I recover,
From a life filled with pain,
All that I thought I knew,
Is a small as a grain,

Of sand stuck between,
The most obvious place,
And the place, I'd rather not look,
Is in the mirror at my face.

How do I end such a confusing poem,
With the line from Wizard of Oz of course,
There's no place like home.
no more hugs, no more kisses
ever present though
are untrue wishes
no more smiles, no more touch
ever present though
hostility and such
no more words, no more smiles
ever present though
tribulations and trials
no escape, no remorse
ever present
on this course
 Jun 2015 jennifer
the lines of the grates in the radiator
imprint onto the backs of my legs
people shuffle through the lobby,
swishing peacoats and snowflakes
dripping from their hoodies. i curl
my fingers around the phone
and press you closer to my ear.  

i've always wanted you closer.
you're tangled in earbuds
on the bus, arm wrapped
through the straps of your bag.
you wear someone else's grey
varsity sweater, red letters marked
across the chest. you lock
your windows before you go
to sleep, white paint chipping
and painting your nails.
your goodnights are eclipses of
the daring day stepping out
without clothes and reminding me
it's time to stop with you.

"i think i'm going to get help"
you rasp, and i am silent as a family
toddles through, children clinging
onto the swollen mittens at their
mothers' sides. i swallow and
lean against the wall, sit against
the radiator, cross my ankles
over the blowing heat.
 Jun 2015 jennifer
 Jun 2015 jennifer
I get happy sometimes.
Right now I'm happy.
I like it.
It's refreshing.
The happiness fills me.
Right to the top.
I love it.
I'm just happy tonight
on the wind
wild flame is my muse

i write on frozen wasteland
the colors that i choose

i write in the Andes
of mystic glowing things

i write in the deepest ocean trench
of a fish with wings

i write in blackest dungeons
of painted birds of blue

i write on walls of paper

of my love for you

(c) 6/11/2015
A rhyming verse that seemed
to write itself

 Jun 2015 jennifer
Deepak shodhan
I was dating a girl
who always hates me
One day, she brokeup with me
And said that she do'nt want
to see me again
a few months later
She had a change of heart
She came to know that I'd
stolen her heart
She came to me
and asked me to forgive her
Hugged me tight
and asked me to be with her
I said that, only a fool would
take back someone who
hurt them alot
She began to cry;
Her heart was broken
like a ***
But I put my arms around
her, held her tightly and said,
"And I'm one of those fools"

You know you realy love someone when you do'nt hate them for breaking your heart!
Mending my soul is like;
Trying to hurt yourself,
Putting back the pieces
that will never be the same.

 Jun 2015 jennifer
 Jun 2015 jennifer
I peek in
I peek in to your soul
You showered me with transparent dreams
And now I see what you're trying to do
You're trying to win my heart
With loves wicked potion
I write my wishes in cursive
But u can't seem to read between the lines
I'm from a stratosphere unknown
And by wanting to win my heart
I have to commend you
Intentions so pure yet u can't comprehend
Just how  the words of all my wishes are compiled
Like a perfect composition of prestige
When you're done please leave my heart as a monument.
It deserves permanent  recognition for the mark u left on it
You yes you!
You've touched me.
Yes u
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